Podia Affiliate Program 2024– Way To Promote This Software

Searching for passive resources of income? Want to try affiliate marketing at minimum investments? So here I am, to discuss Podia Affiliate Program. Also, have a look at my honest Podia Review to learn more about Podia software.

In  this  article, we will talk about:

  • What is Podia?
  • Steps to join the podia affiliate program.
  • Ways of promoting podia with an affiliate program.
  • Best features of a podia affiliate program
  • Payment and payout processes
  • What good and bad, podia has to serve us
  • A sorted view of the Podia affiliate program

podia affiliate program review

What is Podia? 

Podia is a platform specifically designed for creators and learners. It is a platform where you can adopt online courses and also create a course and sell it making them available in your membership plans.

It can be used by almost everyone. It does not have any specific criteria for learners as well as creators. It does not even categorize content under different fields, you can always take up the subject of your choice and proceed whether learning or creating.

It can turn out to be the best source of passive income if you design quality content, while you can simply design ebooks, workshops, workbooks and sell them too. Before diving into the article, read out a detailed Podia vs Teachable comparison.

How To Join Podia Affiliate Program? 

podia affiliate program

You can start by signing up on the platform and then choosing and turning on the affiliate program on the main website of podia.

You can create a program and deliver content. Then you can design the terms of the commission that you will be willing to pay to your group affiliates for the sale of each niche coming from their side by referring customers.

You can either choose an amount or a percentage in which you will proceed with their payments. Your consumers will then become a part of your affiliate group.

They can further join and continue by PayPal email address for joining.

How To Promote Podia With Affiliate Marketing?

Oh, that pizza is too tasty. Can we try it? You don’t even know the taste of pizza personally but you are still going to try just because a friend referred it to you.

The basic steps of affiliate marketing go hand in hand with this basic step or reference, either mouth-spoke by a friend, seen in an advertisement, or seen in someone’s story on Instagram.

You have to learn to be sure about the content you are selling first as the first strategic question should always be: ‘ If I was a customer, would I have purchased and joined the affiliate program?’

If the answer comes yes, then you are much sure and confident about your content and you need to further proceed to learn the strategies of increasing sales and promoting your content.

You can use the email marketing platforms that podia have integrated with.

The next thing you need to do is always keep a check on your competitors, why are you lagging, where should you make improvements, check your conversion rates and rate of reach thereby keeping a track of all types of customers.

In this way, by taking actions accordingly, I am sure that your customers will increase.

Best Features Of Podia Affiliate Program

  • Your content will be moved from one place to another as per your wish
  • There are 11 languages available and you can play around in 22 varying currencies.
  • Live support is available 24/7
  • You can even create your websites and add them to the page
  • It has integrated with many platforms for the more flexible and best functioning of your programs and their organizations.
  • All the layouts are flexible and always look attractive on laptops, tabs, or phones
  • It has email marketing integration platforms that help you to build your network if you choose them.
  • You can always upload content in form of images. Videos, audios courses, and always keep the program updated.


Podia Affiliate Commission / Payouts:

You are marketing and becoming a part of the affiliate program of Podia, what about the payment?

The payment or commission depends on the creator or advertiser as he chooses the amount or percentage to be paid on each course sold or referred by someone.

This program thereby works by converting its consumers into affiliates. Usually, Podia’s platform has the availability of 11 languages and 22 currencies for the convenience of different citizens of each country.

However, majorly Paypal and Stripe are used for accepting and paying through various countries across podia.

Payment Info:

Initially, the users or affiliates should signup on the platform and thereby choose an affiliate program and become a part of such a program on Podia.

They can then start by referring or paying the investments needed. All they have to do is carry out and register in the process by the email address of PayPal.

podia pricing

Pros and Cons of Podia Affiliate Program:

As every coin has two sides, each program has its advantages and disadvantages. Well, in that case, let us check out the pros and cons of the Podia affiliate program listed below. 


  • Unique links are designed for each product and affiliates
  • Each affiliate gets a private dashboard
  • Each affiliate can personally manage their earnings
  • Different commissions can be set according to your convenience on each different product.


  • The affiliates tools are only available for those who purchase the shakers plan
  • You cannot hide any product from your affiliate group
  • However, cookie tracking for affiliates also lasts for only starting  15 days and that cannot be changed.

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Quick Links

FAQs | Podia Affiliate Program 

🙆 What is Podia?

It is an online platform for selling and purchasing courses and content online designed by the audience for the audience.

🙎‍♂️ Does each product have a different percentage of commission on it?

Yes, every product has a different commission.

🙋‍♀️ What do you need to accept and pay on Podia?

All that is required for payments is your email address of Paypal.

🙇‍♀️ Why should I choose Podia?

Podia is one of the leading platforms for selling courses and digital products online. It proves to be a great competitor for online learning.

💁‍♂️ Does Podia offer a free plan?

No, Podia doesn't offer free plans but they offer a huge discount of up to $158 on the annual purchase of the membership.

🙎‍♀️ Is Podia Certification worth?

Podia does not offer online certifications but it has different automation tools connected with Podia for generating online certificates.

Conclusion | Podia Affiliate Program 2024

As a student, I have always been eager about learning and experiencing new things about marketing. I had heard many times about this affiliate marketing but I never experienced it on the ground.

I just had a bookish knowledge of all his but it was my first time on Podia that I actually tried its affiliate program and was instantly astonished by the extra passive income I earned from here along with a good practical experience.

This also encouraged me to create my affiliate groups and I have been earning as well as learning very well since then.

So, don’t even wait, why to even waste a second of time when there is such an amazing opportunity on your table.

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