Order Bump vs One-Click Upsells: What’s The Difference Between The Two?

Order Bump vs One-click upsells: What are they and how do they differ?

There are order bumps, upsells, downsells, cross sells, and other types of sales that happen.

What are they and how are they different from each other? How can these be your “secret” to making any ad campaign pay for itself?

What are Order Bumps?

order bump vs 1 click upsell

Order bumps are the deals that show up on the checkout page. Mostly, they’re cheap things that people buy on the spot. They don’t need a lot of explanation. 4 to 5 lines is good.

Checking the box will add it to their order, so they can go ahead with the rest of their order.

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What are One-Click Upsells?

Cartflows upsells and downsells- Cartflows vs Thrivecart

Users see one-click upsells after they click “place order” on the checkout page and before they see the thank you page. These are offers they see before they see the thank you page.

In order to make a payment with just one click, you tokenize their credit card.

One-click upsells vs Order Bump Example

Let’s take the example of Free membership site program. 

To understand why a free membership bump is good, let’s look at why the membership programme is a good add-on. Free Trial is a good way to get more people to buy something, because it makes them want to

Free trials or trials that cost a dollar can be sold for 4-5 lines each. You can say what they get inside and how it will help them.

A simple click on the checkbox adds the free trial to their order, and they don’t get charged right away. After 15 or 30 days, they’re billed, but not right away. It means that people don’t have to make a decision about how much they’re going to pay right away.

It’s a good way for WooCommerce to get more people to buy from them because:

Commitment isn’t very high.

In this case, the Membership Program is a good one-click upsell:

When someone joins your membership site, they have to pay you $37 right now, and then the same amount each month. They have to make a decision. In order to get them to put it on their order, they need a lot of convincing.

As a result, you need a strong sales case and a whole page to get them to buy. As long as they make up their mind, you can give them money off for the first month.

Higher level of commitment?

Needs a strong reason to sell?

So, a membership programme is a good way to get more customers or what we call as upsell.


Bump and One-click can be bought here. We can’t compare upsells because they are pre-and post-checkout offers, so we can’t do that. For this reason, your offer is what makes a good order bump or a one-click add on.

You can have both at the same time. One works to close the deal at a higher value, while the other raises AOV after the deal has been made.


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