OptimizePress Review 2023 : Is OptimizePress any good?

Now, you want to use WordPress to create high-converting landing pages. How do you choose a plugin?

There is a popular plugin called OptimizePress on the market, Here’s what you need to know about OptimizePress 3.0, the new version of the plugin, OptimizePress 3 is a completely new plugin compared to the previous version.

It has been completely rebuilt, but was it worth your time and money? What you need to know about OptimizePress 3 and its focus. Page builders for landing pages are not all that OptimizationPress 3 is. Its primary purpose is to serve as a landing page.

The main focus of OptimizePress isn’t creating posts, although that’s a useful feature. I’m happy to report that.

This is because Plugins primarily designed for page builders are not appropriate for marketers or optimizers. Creating funnel pages (and landing pages) that focus on conversions is what I’d like to do.
In addition, the features on the development roadmap must be aligned with my optimization requirements. I cannot achieve my goals by adding new features such as motion effects and sliders.

However, I find them to be useless to me. For templates, the same is true. I build sales funnel pages instead of website pages (such as an about page or contact page). Most page builders require me to create every page from scratch, which takes a considerable amount of time. I think OptimizePress 3 is a great choice if you’re in a similar situation. Here’s a quick look at OptimizePress 3’s capabilities.

How easy is it to set up OptimizePress 3?

The OptimizePress dashboard plugin is available to download once you register. The OptimizePress directory is where you can find all other OptimizePress plugins (which will increase in number in the future; more details later). If you want to use WordPress, there is also a theme you can use. All of OptimizePress’ other products can be installed with it.

As well as setting up your landing pages, you can set up your email service provider integration, and tweaking the scripts that are loaded on the pages for improved performance. I won’t say much more about this. Dashboards are lean, which is good. Let’s examine one of my favorites features of OptimizePress. The design makes it easier to use

So let’s look at a random template for a lead generation page. (More on templates shortly.) – you can also use a blank template if you like. As you can see, the landing page looks clean and uses a good WYSIWYG style preview. A panel across the top shows settings, elements, an undo/redo option, a preview button, as well as save and close buttons.

Unlike other editors, it is simple and easy to use. You can edit any element on your landing page by clicking on it. The following options will be shown when clicking:

This changes your options bar along the top so you see a breadcrumb navigation bar that lets you easily select other elements and sections to edit. You can switch to granular editing by clicking the blue button on the left (partway down the page). There are more possibilities when you do this:

The mobile settings, paddings, margins, and code can be adjusted. The hideaway menu has everything you need. Hiding the menu can be done by clicking the gray button. This menu allows you to disable some features from mobile devices, tablets, and desktops in terms of mobile responsiveness. I prefer to use a point-and-click approach to padding/margins. OptimizationPress 3 is good at these things:

Could you do a different landing page with different elements?
The following menu appears when you click the “Elements” button in the options bar:

With the help of our app, you’ve got access to all the features you could ever need, such as opt-in forms, counters, testimonials, etc. You can alter the layout of some elements by clicking on their respective “micro” templates.
What if you want to add a whole section without having to recreate the whole thing? A call to action section, an area devoted to a hero, or a testimonial block. If you click on the section icon at the top, you can do that too:

You can switch from a light to a dark background instantly, and there are a bunch of different categories to pick from.
A click on some landing pages will initiate a 2-step popover, where the popover will appear once the button is clicked.
Click on this option at the top of the template has a popover:

A popover will appear on the page, along with the settings from the layout on the left:

What sort of templates will you find in OptimizePress 3?

The value of time is immeasurable. Therefore, a marketing page that can be created without starting from scratch is important.
You do not have to start at the beginning if you prefer. However, using the templates for the sections of any landing page can speed up its creation.
OptimizationPress 3 now comes with 50+ completely new templates.
The fact that they didn’t just use the same templates is refreshing to see.
You can select from the following categories when creating a new page:
Landing pages
Thank you pages
Sales pages
Webinar pages
Launch pages
My templates
There is a selection of conversion-optimized templates in each category (except “my templates”).
Almost anyone can find a marketing page to suit his or her needs. They’ve added a few more since I started working on the review.
In addition to being useful for inspiration, these templates can also give you some ideas for marketing campaigns.
Templates for landing pages include:
Opt-in form templates that are simple to use
Templates for free shipping offers
The homepages of personal brands
Templates for promoting events
Templates for ebook lead magnets
Templates for free chapters
Templates for opt-in to mini-courses
Plus much more.

Depending on the page template you choose, you may have to include similar pages in your funnel as well. You could tweak the design of the page and clone it.
You can also choose a collection of templates from the “Collections” section, where they group them into matching sets.

What I care most about is how well-designed the templates are, how well they fit with the sales funnel I want to create, and whether I can create themed sets.
I consider OptimizePress 3 to be a complete solution.

OptimizePress 3 pricing

Next, let’s look at what OptimizePress 3 has to offer when it comes to pricing.
Pricing is available in three tiers:
Essential ($99/year) for 1 personal website
There are costs associated with this plan, but it offers a lot for the price.
Additionally, you get the SmartTheme included with the landing page builder. In addition to the usual stuff like product updates and customer support. Suite ($199/year) for 20 personal websites
The business plan includes everything on the free plan plus 15 extra websites and these add-ons:
– OptimizeLeads
– OptimizeFunnels
– OptimizeCheckouts
This is a good option because it includes a great landing page builder and some other functionality to help you generate leads. OptimizePress, however, is a valuable plugin. Download OptimizePress 3.0 Today.

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OptimizePress 3 review: what’s the verdict?

I had several issues with the previous version of OptimizePress 3. The latest version has addressed all my issues. The speed is better. It is better to use the templates.

OptimizePress current updates have enabled you to sell products, perform A/B tests, and more with its sales funnel builder.

I have tested countless page builders, landing page plugins, and SaaS landing page builders.
In terms of the new editor found in OptimizePress 3, I prefer it over all others. You can’t get any easier or more enjoyable than this.

OptimizePress 3 is an excellent tool for building high-converting landing pages (and other marketing pages) with WordPress.

In addition, OptimizeLeads offers an additional value with their scarcity plugin.

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