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Online Social Sciences Degree Programs 2023

You’ve made the decision to enroll in an online social sciences program. excellent choice Social sciences are crucial to the operation of our societies in all spheres, from politics and economics to equality and humanitarianism.

There is only one small problem: you don’t know where to start. You’ve come to the right place, so don’t worry! I’ll take you through 3 of the best online social sciences degree programs on edX today.

You may get a sense of the range of options in this discipline as you look through the list of social science courses that are offered here. Social sciences can help you change the world by shedding light on human behavior, demographics, and current politics.

Online Social Sciences Degree Programs

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Online Social Sciences Degree Programs 2023

1. Fundamentals of Sociology

fundamentals of sociology

Long believed to be the origin of social sciences, sociology. As the name suggests, it is the study of human social behavior. It specifically looks into how human communities function. How do we interact with one another based on factors like age, gender, financial level, and race?

There is no disputing that there is a lot to learn about sociology. Do you like to know more about the society of today? Do you worry more about how historical occurrences impacted local community development globally? With so many ideas and views, it could be challenging to find the right starting point.

What you actually require is a decent, thorough introduction to the principles of sociology.

Through this online social sciences degree, you will be introduced to the study of human behavior in society. You’ll discover the main ideas of sociology as well as the variations in socialization techniques.

Following the completion of this online social sciences degree, you’ll know more about what makes societies function. You’ll get the answers to your concerns about how civilizations develop and converge, and you’ll be able to create a timeline showing how actions were taken by people hundreds of years ago have led to the problems we face today.

Fundamentals of Sociology is the brainchild of Professor and Entrepreneur Debora Sepich of Doane University. Her 15 years of experience in business management and education are incorporated into her training.

You can audit this course for nothing as of right now. On the other hand, the audited version only allows you limited access to the course materials. Therefore, check out the confirmed track for just $99 if you want to return to the course in the future without worrying about a deadline!

2. Introduction to Political Science IPSAMOOC

fundamentals of political science

One of the most well-known and prominent majors in social science is probably political science. Given how profitable a career in politics can be, it is not surprising.

On the other hand, political science might be trickier to study than you believe. Political parties and conversations are only a small portion of it. In terms of language, history, and even statistics, there is a lot to learn.

Check out the Introduction to Political Science IPSAMOOC course on the edX XSeries if you believe this challenge is just what you’re searching for. You can get a degree in social sciences online to get ready for a job in politics.

The IPSAMOOC in the course title denotes that this is an online learning course associated with the International Political Science Association. Its goal is to offer anybody who is interested in learning about the difficulties of modern politics a global learning opportunity.

Throughout this online social sciences degree, a group of academic authorities in the subject of political science will be your instructors. They will introduce you to diverse cultures and help you find your political footing.

This course is a part of the edX XSeries series. These courses, which are offered by some of the top colleges in the world, are committed to giving students a thorough understanding of hot topics. For more details on the XSeries program, go here.

Access to the whole Introduction to Political Science program is available for $295. After enrolling, you will always have access to the course contents. Upon successful completion of the program, you will be given a confirmed certificate.

3. Anthropology of Current World Issues

In and of itself, humanity is a mystery. It has a history that is incredibly complex, diversified, and conflicting. Studying anthropology is also a wise choice if you truly want to comprehend humanity.

The scientific study of humanity is known as anthropology. It looks into many civilizations and societies. Anthropologists research the history, biology, and behavior of people, among other things. There are various branches of anthropology, all of which focus on the study of people.

To discover more about why we are the way we are – socially and biologically – and what caused people to be the way they are now, check out the Anthropology of Current World Issues course on edX.

For those who are new to the subject and want to learn more about people from all over the world, the University of Queensland‘s Anthropology 101 course is the best option.

You will develop your own perspective on societal issues and broaden your worldview as a result of this course. To better grasp what anthropology means in contemporary society, you’ll learn about the anthropological theory and take field trips to various civilizations throughout the courses.

This online social sciences degree stands out because of the enormous number of professors and specialists you’ll encounter. You will go to various parts of the world with the assistance of local anthropologists to learn about the challenges these regions confront as well as their causes. This nine-week course offers subjects from countries as diverse as Chile and Australia, which is remarkable diversity.

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