20 Mistakes You Are Not Allowed To Make On Your Website

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Are you a business owner with a website?

If so, you need to make sure you aren’t making any of the following mistakes. These common errors can hurt your business and cause you to lose customers.

Don’t let this happen to you. Learn what these mistakes are and make the necessary changes to your website today. It could mean the difference between success and failure for your business.

20 Mistakes You Are Not Allowed To Make On Your Website:

1 . Not Knowing Your Customer

In order for a website to be successful, you must know who your customer is and what they want. If you don’t take the time to learn about your target market and what they want, don’t expect much from your website.

Are you completely sure that you know everything about where your customers are coming from, how old they are and what their general interests are? If not, it’s time to do a little digging.

2 . The Website Is All Flash

Having a lot of animations, videos and sound effects can be fun for you but it is very irritating when you’re trying to find the information that you need. More often than not, people will simply leave your website if they are met with one of these things.

3 . No Professionalism On Your Website

Just because you have a beautiful website, it doesn’t mean that you can neglect the content. A cluttered, unprofessional-looking website is sure to turn potential customers away. If you don’t want this to happen, then take the time to make sure your website is clean and professional in appearance.

4 . No Links Leading Off Your Site

There needs to be a way for customers to navigate off of your site. If you don’t have links leading them in any direction, they will leave and you will lose them as a lead. Make sure that there are plenty of links leading them to all of your social networks that they will find helpful.

5 . No Credibility On Your Site

Don’t expect people to believe in you if you don’t have any credibility on your website. It’s easy for people to be skeptical, so make sure that there are plenty of testimonials and other information that helps them feel more confident about you and your business.

6 . Terrible Navigation

Navigation is key to a website’s success. Without proper navigation, people will have a hard time finding what they are looking for and might leave your site all together. Make sure there is plenty of easy to use navigation throughout the site so customers can find exactly what they are looking for.

7 . Your Site Only Caters To You

Nobody is interested in seeing your personal life on your website. If there is too much about you and what you do, customers will quickly leave. Make sure that only the information that customers will find useful is on the site. Everything else should be hidden or deleted.

8 . No Transitions On Your Site

Having a website is all about catching and keeping the attention of your viewers. If you don’t have any transitions on your website, visitors will become frustrated and leave as soon as they see it. Make sure that there is some kind of transition to keep them engaged with your site until they find what they are looking for.

9 . No Testimonials On Your Site

Testimonials are a great way to show your customers that other people trust you and your business. Without them, customers will think that nobody else trusts you or believes in what you do. Make sure that there are plenty of testimonials throughout the site so potential customers can feel more confident in you.

10 . Complicated Website

Your website needs to be easy to navigate in order for customers to have a good experience with it. If the site is cluttered, difficult to read and confusing, they will quickly leave without looking back. Make sure your site is clean and simple so people will not only stay, but also feel good while they are on it.

11 . So Much Content

Having a website is all about having the proper content. If you have too much of it, people will become overwhelmed and leave your site without reading any of it. Keep your content to a minimum in order for customers to feel like they can trust you with their personal information.

12 . Users Need To Register Before They Can See Any Of The Site

If you want to get the most out of your website, then it is important that all customers can see everything on it. If they need to register first, they will quickly become frustrated and leave without giving you a second chance. Make sure your site is open to all visitors so it will be effective.

13 . Not Using Any Of The Technology People Use Today

It’s important to take advantage of the technology people are using today in order for your website to succeed. If you don’t have any social media buttons or other apps, customers won’t find your site helpful. Make sure that there is technology that is easy to use on your site so you can attract a larger audience.

14 . Not Using Any Of The Popular Fonts Out There

It’s important for website owners to use the right font in order for their sites to feel current and modern. If your site doesn’t have any of the popular fonts out there, customers will quickly become frustrated by the site. Make sure that your site uses current fonts so customers can trust you with their personal information.

15 . Weak Calls To Action On The Site

A strong call to action is what keeps people coming back to your website. Without it, there won’t be any direction for viewers and they will quickly leave without making a purchase. Make sure there are strong calls to action on your site so customers will make the purchase.

16 . No Direct Email Address

Having a direct email address is important because it allows customers to contact you instantly instead of leaving the site. Without one, your potential customers won’t be able to communicate with you and they might not come back. Make sure that you have a direct email address so customers will want to make the purchase.

17 . Bad Fonts On The Site

A bad font is like nails on a chalkboard for most people who visit websites daily. If your site has any fonts that are hard to read, customers won’t trust you and they’ll quickly leave without making the purchase. It’s important to make sure that the fonts are easy to read on your site so people are more likely to buy from you.

18 . Poor Images On The Site

Have you ever visited a website that has poor images? If they are pixelated or blurry, most people will quickly leave without giving you a second chance. Make sure the images on your site are good quality so people will want to make the purchase.

19 . Nothing Interesting On The Site

People tend to avoid sites that don’t have anything interesting on them. If there is nothing for them to look at or read, they’ll leave without giving you another chance. Make sure that there is something unique on your site so people will want to make the purchase.

20 . Poorly Designed Website

Having a poorly designed website is like having an ugly billboard in your front yard. Nobody wants to look at it and they’ll quickly go elsewhere without giving you another chance. Make sure that your site design is up-to-date with current trends so customers can trust you with their personal information.


With these 20 mistakes that ruin a website, you can make sure to avoid them in order for your site to become more effective. Keep these tips in mind when building the next one so it will be successful.

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