Less Famous but Amazingly Good Microsoft Wallpapers

When you open your Windows PC, the first thing you see is the wallpaper displaying on your desktop background. The wallpaper often sets the mood. A cool and bright view the moment your PC may be pretty much pleasing to the eyes. We even change and set the wallpaper as per our mood. There are many types of wallpaper that come in-built with Microsoft. There are few Microsoft wallpapers that even go unnoticed as we often tend to download other wallpaper from the internet. Today we will be talking about some of the less popular Microsoft wallpapers but they look much good when you set them as your desktop wallpaper.

Good Microsoft Wallpapers

Few Underrated Cool Microsoft Wallpapers:

Below are some of the Microsoft Wallpapers, which are not so famous but doesn’t look so bad either when you set it as desktop wallpaper. Let’s have a look at those wallpapers which are quite good.

Featured Wallpapers

  • Fanes Sennes-Prags Nature Park (Italy): A beautiful picture of nature displaying the bright day view. The green hills watching the deep blue ocean flowing and the clear sky above it. This glance of nature’s beauty was taken in Italy.
  • Rainbow Bridge and Tokyo Tower: The bright rainbow lighting of the Bridge in Tokyo at night and the view of Tokyo Tower just at the back of the bridge looks stunning.
  • Gull: A very simple picture of a white flying pigeon bird taken from below also looks great.
  • Dew Edged Leaves: The dew drops beautifully surrounded on the edge of the fresh green leaves looks amazing.
  • Tunnels Beach, Kauai (Hawai, U.S.): The sandy beach beside the green hills, rocks resting under the clear water, and the clouds floating above reflecting on the water makes it look heavenly.
  • Drifting Dandelion Seeds: The falling transparent color seeds falling having a hazy greenish background looks very beautiful.
  • Fairy Chimneys at Dusk, Cappadocia (Turkey): The tall standing rocks topped with a smaller stone looks very much like a chimney. This is a very beautiful place from Turkey.
  • Dusk Lake Tahoe (California, U.S.): Right from U.S. California, a very subtle night view of Dusk Lake, with purple and yellow mixed sky looks very nice when set as wallpaper.

Art (Illustrative) Wallpapers

If you favor artistic images, here are few of them that may be of great choice for your desktop wallpaper.

  • Hummingbirds at Dawn: An artistically designed picture with pictures of humming birds setting down during dawn time.
  • Exploding Objects: A bright orange yellow mixed picture of abstract imaged exploding looks very stunning.
  • Thatched Roof House: A single house with thatched roof standing in the middle of a green field gives a very abstract art look.
  • Blue Wave: A mix of dark shaded with the splash of the slightly lighter shade blue colored swirling picture looks like a wave that almost looks like a galaxy in the sky.
  • Coral Sea: View from the deep down of a sea with a picture of fish flashing light of their own body color in the dark looks amazing.
  • Live Your Dreams: A wallpaper with written lines on dreams can look great setting as a wallpaper since it has motivating lines that will inspire you whenever you open your PC.

Art (Photographic) Wallpapers

  • Ice Cubes: A very cool picture having floating ice cubes with tiny water bubbles will be good as wallpaper if you prefer the calm and light shaded look.
  • Budding in Pink: Many tiny deep pink colored series of flower buds in a branch looks very beautiful.
  • Glowing Droplets: Picture of water droplets that looks very attractive with a blend of different soothing colors in it.
  • Black and White Daisy: Rain on Glass: A simple yet very elegant picture of a white flower in a black background looks great as a wallpaper.
  • Bubbles on Black: Picture of bubbles on a dark background, light hitting it gives it a totally different stunning look.
  • Chocolate: Nothing can look more cool and delish on your wallpaper picture than this picture of the chocolaty image.
  • Golden Beads: A picture of a deep golden yellow picture of tons of beads captured in a frame will also look amazing on your desktop background.

Natural Wonders Wallpaper

  • Spider Web: A half tilted picture of a spider web with water drops on all the edges of the wave lines looks nice.
  • Valley of The Moon, Atacama Desert (Chile): A picture of a valley with the moon gazing from the back looks very pleasing to the eyes.
  • Lightning Bolts: The raw beauty of lightning in the dark midnight sky looks stunning when you set as background wallpaper.
  • Moonset over Bay of Biscay (Spain): A lonely moon in the sky above watching over the Bay Island will instantly give you a calm feel.
  • Double Rainbow (Silt, Colorado (U.S.): Amazing wallpaper showcasing the rare view of a double rainbow in the horizon of the light green field of Colorado.
  • Full /moon Rising, Dunnottar Castle (Scotland, U.K.): An image of a rising full moon in the blue night sky will look great in the background.
  • Icebergs and Rainbows (Jokulsarlon, Iceland): A picture of icebergs and rainbow together makes a great combination of stunning wallpaper.
  • Sunset on the Water: The golden sunset on the horizon of the water during dawn and birds flying adds a very natural beauty to the desktop background.

From the Community Wallpapers

  • Yellow Flowers: A dazzling picture of many tiny yellow flowers together simply looks great.
  • Buzzing Bee: A picture of flying busy bee on the top of flowers looks very enjoyable when set as wallpaper background.
  • Weathered Building (Bodie, California, U.S.): A picture of an old filthy building that gives a very abstract vintage effect looks pretty delightful.
  • Dry Leaves: A simple picture of red and brownish with a slight touch of yellow colored dry maple leaves looks amusing.
  • Butterfly in Yellow Flowers: A butterfly sitting on the yellow flower looks very exquisite in the background view.
  • Rose with Dewdrops: A bright picture of a single red rose with dew drops on it looks simply beautiful.

These are all Microsoft Wallpapers that you may check out and set as your Wallpaper background. They are not so famous but surely are a good collection of wallpapers from Microsoft.

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