5 Best Marketing Automation Software for Small Business

Your small business needs the best marketing automation software and I’m going to help you find it here. There are so many features out there, but not all of them will work for your specific brand or company size.

The key is finding one that has everything included in an easy-to-use package at a price point within reach for any budget!

That’s why I created this list of the best marketing automation software. All of these offer something different without being overpriced or too difficult to use.

You can start by looking through our reviews on either HubSpot CRM, ActiveCampaign Platform, or Mailchimp Marketing Automation Software.

Take advantage of free trials before deciding which option fits your goals most closely. Even if you already use another CRM, consider giving one of these solutions a try. It might just give your business the boost you’re looking for.



EngageBay CRM is the new solution of choice for many companies looking to automate their marketing and sales processes. How about you?

We are all familiar with how cumbersome it can be to manage a customer relationship manually, especially when there’s more than one person involved in this process.

It allows individuals from different departments within an organization such as Marketing or Sales to collaborate on campaigns seamlessly across platforms. It doesn’t matter what device they’re using!

From lead capture through conversion, Engagebay has got your back throughout the entire process. Don’t wait another minute before taking advantage of these features; do yourself a favor by switching over today!

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Features of EngageBay CRM:

  1. Go through your entire sales process and create workflow rules, forms, tasks, etc including non-field-based activities. This way you can keep a track of every step of your customer’s journey. It is something similar to what Salesforce does but at a fraction of the price.
  2. Create personalized business cards for each one of your contacts listing down all their information. This includes email address, telephone number, and then print them out for quick access anytime anywhere.
  3. Send contacts information to live into MS Outlook using this service! All you need to do is just click here. 
  4. Track leads from any website using this cool Google plugin here. Provide them with live lead information by simply clicking on the “Send to CRM” button. You can also track your prospects’ contact data and activity without having to log into your business software.
  5. Finally, find the perfect meeting place for a small team or even meetings of 10+ people.  GatherSpot- A more productive way to organize events, lunches, classes, etc.



ActiveCampaign’s philosophy on excellent customer experience is one of the driving forces behind its success. They know that an extraordinary and personalized touch goes beyond traditional marketing methods, like email campaigns or banner advertisements.

As a business grows more complex in information channels, locations, products/services offered to customers, it can be hard for these personal connections.

Those ones are easy at the beginning stages to scale with ease as they provide high-quality service to everyone who needs them from day one onwards.

Providing outstanding experiences requires going outside of typically used forms such as emails or banners ads by creating interactive content. With ActiveCampaign, you don’t just broadcast, but also build real relationships with the customers.

A healthy mix of automation allows your company to communicate with its clients on a large scale. While engaging in conversations allows for personal connection and engagement at every stage by using a simple yet powerful approach.


  • It provides an integrated sales and marketing platform to keep the sales and marketing team in sync.
  • It comes with a detailed feature comparison chart making it easier for you to decide on your email marketing software.
  • The pricing plans are very affordable as compared to some of the other popular email marketing service providers in the market.


  • ActiveCampaign does not offer any ‘unlimited’ plans like MailChimp or SendinBlue. The maximum number of subscribers in their lowest plan is 5,000.
  • You lose flexibility when you select a paid plan by opting for ActiveCampaign.
  • Customer support and troubleshooting is an issue that many ActiveCampaign users have raised in various online channels.
  • Even though there are dedicated agents who respond to the queries through chat windows or emails but don’t expect them to solve complex technical issues immediately after a crash because ActiveCampaign is not built to be a support-only tool.
  • ActiveCampaign does not offer responsive email templates. This is something that will give an edge over their competitors like MailChimp or SendinBlue. 



Pipedrive is a great marketing automation software for small businesses in 2021. Its primary features include an E-mail campaign, Automated workflows, and deals.

Integrated calling feature, and Prospector – Buy leads from 400m databases with the option to filter “companies” visiting you or low potential traffic (Web Visitor).

You can start at $15/month!

As soon as I started using Pipedrive it showed me 4 key lead generators that are guaranteed to be successful such as the live chat widget which we all know how useful it has become these days.

The tool also has a free plan which is suitable for broadcasting mass marketing e-mails. I have used it in the past to book speaking gigs and my open rate was always above 20% which at least 2 people dropped out after signing up.

This means Pipedrive’s lead filtering mechanism works well. You can use their reporting dashboard to see some basic statistics or do more detailed analysis via Google Analytics if you are using GA for your site analytics. 

The product development team of Pipedrive is doing a very good job because incorporates new functions and improves existing ones.

For example, they recently added an integration with Salesforce (March 2K17). This integration allows sales reps to snooze leads automatically when those leads.



HubSpot is probably the most popular CRM out there. However, I’m listing it at #4 here because it may be an overkill when we’re talking about “small business” here (and also because it’s ultra-expensive).

As for features, HubSpot lets me: 

Create 3 types of email campaigns, create live widgets, manage tasks and create different types of forms. Setup e-mail sequences as well as automated workflows to design functional landing pages.

All while managing my social media channels too!

The best part? The price starts off free forever or $45 a month ($225 per year) if you want more advanced tools such as analytics which can help with improving conversions on your website.”

Constant Contact


The last one on the list of best marketing automation software is Constant Contact. Let’s check out Constant Contact, a top marketing automation software platform for small businesses. 

The features are similar to what EngageBay or HubSpot offers on their campaign page: 

-E-mail campaigns 

-Landing pages (including e-commerce modules) 

Manage social media channels and ads Create forms (no premeditated templates available). Starting price is $17 per month.

Constant Contact also offers in-built modules for social media management and marketing (Facebook, Twitter, Google +). 

And if you want to run email campaigns and landing pages, Constant Contact is a trusted provider that specializes in small business needs.

Constant Contact scores 7.5 on G2 Crowd.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Which marketing automation is best?

The list shows the best marketing automation software like Active Campaign, Constant Contact, Pipedrive, HubSpot, and EngageBay.

What is marketing automation used for?

Marketing automation is used to enhance sales productivity and workflow. With repetitive tasks on automation, you can save a lot of time and utilize the time to resolve priority issues.


Choosing the best marketing automation software is not easy as there are so many of it. To save your time, I have listed the best ones in this article. Do try their free trials and then go for the subscription.

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