5 Top Notch Managed Amazon Cloud Hosting Services To Choose In 2021

Looking for the best Managed Amazon cloud hosting service? You’re in luck! The list of 5 best Managed Amazon Cloud Hosting services services is here, and it’s guaranteed to take your site performance to another level.

We advise you to choose your cloud hosting service carefully. Bad performance directly affects the number of your site visitors and its popularity.

Hosting services, that are featured on our top list, offer remarkable uptime records and great performance guarantees for their clients’ sites.

As a result, they have gained their reputation in the industry and are always prepared to serve any amount of traffic upon request.

So don’t waste time! Find your next managed AWS hosting provider from this top list of 2021 now.

Cloudways AWS Cloud Hosting


The #1 choice for Managed Amazon Cloud hosting services is Cloudways. Cloudways offers a wide variety of features that make your website load quickly and seamlessly.

They are exclusively focused on providing excellent Amazon cloud hosting services for websites, small businesses, etc.

Their basic plan starts at only $36 per month with one vCPU. The 2 vCPU pricing begins from $176. You should go for their 2x CPU configurations if you have more than 100 concurrent visits all time.

Otherwise all other types of users can enjoy optimized performance in Cloudways’ servers which comes equipped with many useful tools such as PHP 7 support and HTTP/2 protocol. These are built into every instance automatically without any configuration necessary.

Cloudways are powered by Intel vCPUs and are faster than their competitors. The servers are also compatible with Cloudways’ cache plugin which can be enabled from its management panel. It caches your website’s content and delivers it quickly without any extra optimization needed.

Cloudways have a customer support center that is available 24/7 via live chat, phone call or email. The support team helps you manage your account or answer questions about the platform, so can expect a pretty timely response when you have queries.

They also include different tutorials on how to accomplish various tasks on their platform in case you’re not very knowledgeable about server administration.


  • Automated server & app deployment
  • API for custom scripts. You can integrate with your current CRM, billing or operations management system using the API
  • One-Click installation of popular open source applications such as WordPress, b2evolution, Joomla, etc. 
  • Cloudways is now supporting Docker containers! Your apps will be deployed in less than a minute and runs on container technology. You can also manage your docker servers from Cloudways web console!
  • Transparent Pricing – There are no hidden fees or surprises to hit you at any point of time. Pay only for what you use under pay per hour approach and there are no contracts needed for any of their plans.

MilesWeb AWS Managed Cloud Hosting


MilesWeb offers AWS managed cloud hosting pricing from just 10$ per month, and you can get 2 vCPU servers for less than $40. The company operates out of Maharashtra in India, where they provide native support to Indian customers that want their website hosted locally.

There’s also a Mumbai location available if targeting the Indian audience is your goal. Know this: UPI payments are accepted!

MilesWeb also has a very nice looking control panel.

There’s also an API available, although no pricing is currently listed on their website. The software is Debian based, which we think will be appealing to many.

The support staff are all in India and available for live chat or phone (English) support 24/7. They will put these guys through their paces soon!

All-in-all it seems like MilesWeb could be a good fit for some website owners. They’re offering managed hosting with a full root access server starting at $40 per month.

They’re located where most of your traffic should come from, and they accept UPI payments from India as well as PayPal. $10 per month is cheap if you’re only running a low number of websites.

However, be careful about the lack of SSL Certificate support as well as the potential for downtime – these issues could quickly put a stop to your web development work!


  • On-demand service with hourly basis
  • All major Amazon services supported
  • 24/7 secure access to your garage
  • Pay per use and not by the hour. You are only charged for what you use. No need to worry about running out of credits every month! Pay-per-use pricing structure ensures that only when your data is accessed, we charge you for it.

TEMOK Amazon Managed Cloud Hosting


Temok Company is based out of Dubai, UAE and has offices in Romania, Qatar & Pakistan. If you or your business operates from these regions you may prefer Temok for your AWS cloud hosting purchase as they are certified by Amazon Web Services (AWS).

In addition to this certification, Temok also employs professionals who have expertise with deploying servers across Europe & the United States. So, it doesn’t matter where on Earth your project needs a new server-Temok can help.


  • Offered as a service – No Software to install or maintain. Pay-as-you-go !
  • SaaS Licensing – No upfront capital investment nor get encumbered by licensing costs. Pay month-to-month!
  • Start using TEMOK immediately upon signing up ( 30 minutes free consulting )
  • What is the minimum I need to start? No credit card needed! You can create your AWS account on any of the following: AMAZON WEB SERVICE site AWSECUREAMPSITE GOOGLEAPPSITESITE. Use the “Test Drive” feature in MOBOTIX 3rd party public cloud solution instead, providing you with a sandbox environment where you can test and try their system functionality.

CloudOYE Amazon Managed Cloud Hosting


CloudOYE is one of the leading cloud hosting providers and has been recognized as an AWS consulting partner. They employ experienced, qualified professionals with certified skills in deploying services for AWS. This includes deployment, migration, architecture and security.

With three types of deployments including immutable (or fixed), manual (also called instance-based) or automated through their own data center. CloudOYE can support your needs to get up on any technology within a matter minutes!

CloudOYE offers a range of services to meet the needs of companies looking to manage, grow and protect their data. These services range from private cloud servers, dedicated servers, managed hosting solutions or even a hybrid of simple virtual private server (VPS) hosting.

The hosting comes with additional features such as cPanel and CloudLinux OS optimization. With fast and reliable connectivity, excellent customer service and 24/7 support, we have found that no one matches up against CloudOYE.


  • Integrate existing applications.
  • Service-oriented architecture model to make integration easy with other services.
  • Services provided by CloudOYE:
  • Security as a Service (SAAS) – Support for AWS Security Groups, VPC Peering connections and RDS Endpoints and more.

ZNetLive Managed Amazon Cloud Hosting


ZNetLive offers servers in 69 availability zones within 22 regions all over the world. Like all the above listed best Managed Amazon cloud web hosting companies, ZNetlive offers managed AWS cloud hosting with security, scalability, 24 by 7 support and migration.

They provide free migration if you are convinced to move into their server; they do it through four steps. Consult your requirement (you may fill out a form available on their website), then contact an engineer who will speak to you about what kind of service would be right for your needs.

After the engineer provides the quote, you will be asked to pay for one month in advance. ZNetLive can also do migration to your own server if you don’t want them to manage yours.

In addition to their managed hosting, ZNetLive offers consulting services for clients who need more than just basic cloud hosting. They offer solutions which follow the CI/CD (Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery) development process.

ZNetLive says it can do full stack development, from installing and configuring new infrastructure to replant forming your existing systems. “We help you to implement auto production release cycles for software companies,” said Boris who’s taking care of PR at ZNetLive.

Another service that this company offers is bringing up servers fast; they claim they can bring up a new server inside ten minutes. The reason why it takes them so little time to set up a server is they use an internal library which contain big chunks of ready-to-go infrastructure, like a database server or an Apache server.

ZNetLive offers other services, like clustering, load balancing and fail-over strategies. They also do NoSQL migrations on MongoDB to Cassandra (or vice versa), as well as proof of concept projects.


  • 24/7 technical support
  • AWS Training FREE! on request (up to 20 people).
  • FREE AWS Managed Cloud Hosting for 3 months (for 1st customer only).
  • FREE access to premium tools and services up to $100,000 annually (e.g.: ELB, Route53, CloudFront, etc.)  (first year free with all server purchases)

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does Amazon AWS provide cloud hosting?

Yes, Amazon EC2 cloud hosting services provide scalability, worldwide data centers, and flexible pricing models.

What are cloud hosting services?

Unlike Shared hosting services, your website runs on multiple cloud servers. This ensures that your site is always live and working even if one of the servers is down.

What are the 3 types of cloud services?

Cloud services are classified into three main categories. These are: Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS), Platforms-as-a-Service (PaaS), and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS).


The list of Managed Amazon Cloud Hosting shared in this post are the best one. Although you can find more such companies on the internet, but you can save your time by choosing one from the list.

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