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Secrets to Reverse Macro Lens Photography

If you are trying to achieve higher magnification on your SLR camera, then you should check out lens reversal technique. This technique is really effective for Macro Photography. This is the simplest thing for every expert photographer. But if you don’t know about it, then it’s for you.

Reverse Lens Macro Photography Secrets


What is Lens Reversal Technique?

“The Lens Reversal technique for Macro Photography is a technique to attach your DSLR lens backwards to your camera with a special holder. This will increase the magnification of your DSLR to shoot insects and other small things perfectly.”
If you know about lens reversal technique for macro photography, then we have one awesome post for you, We’ve written this post with some secret macro reverse lens photography tips. With these tips, you can start capturing some awesome things in your DSLR camera.
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Macro Reverse Lens Photography Tips

Choose Lens Carefully

If you want to achieve higher magnification for macro photography, then there is one thing to keep in mind. Whenever you want higher magnification, use the Lens which has a lower focal length. While the lens with higher focal length, i.e. more than 50mm, then it will make things look smaller. Same thing happens with wide angle lenses. If you use any wide angle lenses for Macro reversal photography, then you can observe the subject you want to capture is not magnified well.
So, the secret is to use a lens which has the lowest focal length and mounts it backwards to achieve the higher magnification.

Control the Depth of Field

When you increase the magnification, the depth of field becomes too shallow. Which means, the images will start looking blurry. If the depth-of-field is not controlled, then you will not able to shoot perfect macro shots with lens reversal technique. So, to control the Depth of Field, you should adjust the aperture accordingly. Please remember this tip, “More the Magnification, More the Aperture”.

Reverse Lens Macro Photography Example1

Reverse Lens Macro Photography Example2

Reverse Lens Macro Photography Example3

Focus by Moving

In the Macro Lens Reversal technique, the lens loses its electronic contact with the camera, which makes the AutoFocus” feature of the camera nonfunctional. Also, once the lens is reversed and mounted, you cannot use the Manual focus rings to adjust the focus. So, in this case, you have to move accordingly and focus on the subject. Moving according to the subject and the magnification till the perfect focus is not achieved.


You can’t even think to use harsh camera flash light in Macro Photography. If you are not getting the perfect lighting to capture flawless images, then you should use Soft flashlights. If you don’t have Soft flashlights in your kit, then use a simple flash diffuser, which will make Harsh Flash into Soft flash for macro photographs.


The Lens Reversal technique for Macro Photography is not the best technique to capture Macro shots. It has its own disadvantages. There are many disadvantages like, ‘You will not able to use Autofocus Features’, ‘You’ll not able to use Manual Focus Feature’, ‘Loss of incoming light’ and many others. You have to make adjustments at every point while capturing photos with Macro lens reverse photography. But, this is a fun technique which will be your secret technique to capture wonderful macro shots.
So, these were some of the “Secret Lens-Reversal Macro Photography Techniques”. These techniques will definitely help you to capture best Macro Photos with your current DSLR Camera.

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