Live Streaming 101: An Introduction at SXSW 2024

Live Streaming 101:  One of the social mediums that I’ve been most leery of is live streaming content. Be it Meerkat, Periscope, Facebook Live or YouTube Live, there’s just something inherently uncomfortable about throwing out a live stream video link to folks.

It’s probably because I feel ill-at-ease looking at a screen with my face on it — if I’m uncomfortable with Facetiming with my family, how can I get over the fear broadcasting to strangers?

So I didn’t know what to expect or what my goals would be when I walked into Mario Armstrong’s session Can Periscope Equal Profit.

Armstrong, a motivator, entrepreneur behind the #NeverSettleClub and forthcoming talk show host, had that electric personality that not only inspires the room but can put it at ease. An ardent proponent of live streaming, Armstrong’s passion was matched only by his knowledge of the space.

Mario Armstrong talking about live streaming at SXSW 2016.

Below are several things that I took away from the panel that could help aspiring live streamers, either for their company or for their own personal brand.

The Big Two: Periscope and Facebook

It’s no secret that Periscope and Facebook Live are the two main players in the space. The darling of SXSW 2015, Meerkat has taken a back seat to these two platforms.

With Periscope, the video only lasts for 24 hours on the platform. Though you can use third-party tools like or download the video to your photo library to save beyond that time.

Comments are displayed in real-time over the feed and will be replayed at a later broadcast. And for traditionalists like me who prefer video to be viewed in landscape (the way that nature intended), Periscope gives you this option.


This is particularly helpful if you’re looking to repurpose your content across YouTube or similar video player. The drawback is that you cannot get HD quality video from Periscope.

While Facebook Live only shoots in portrait mode, you have the ability to save it as a video to your fan page. Comments are posted underneath the video instead of on top of it like on Periscope.

But the best aspect is that Facebook Live allows you to save the video in HD quality, enabling publishers to push out their content to other channels without losing fidelity.

Facebook Is Rewarding Live Content

Social marketers and any business owner with a fan page know that the algorithm has changed. Posts that once spread like wildfire are now seen by a fraction of the audience. Armstrong said that is due to one major change: Facebook is showing live stream content more than three times as much as other types of posts.

Live Streaming 101 - Facebook Live


“If you’re trying to get content out there, and you’re already using Facebook as a means to do so and you’re not using live streaming, you’re missing out on the biggest thing they’re going all in on,” Armstrong said. Clearly Facebook is wagering that the future will be broadcast rather than written about.


Going Beyond the Smartphone

While the smartphone has empowered anyone to live stream, the convenience is often undermined by the quality. And that can be a sticking point for brands. Armstrong pointed out that YouTube Live is for those people looking to achieve slightly higher quality with their videos.

“YouTube Live is absolutely a game-changer. YouTube Live can now support up to six camera feeds,” Armstrong said. “And the viewer can choose the feed they want to watch, so it’s really changing the whole experience… If you’re trying to higher-level productions that are multi-camera shoots, you should really start paying attention to what is happening to YouTube Live.

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