LearnDash with WooCommerce 2024: Everthing You Need To Know About

LearnDash with WooCommerce


WooCommerce is a great platform for payments, and e-commerce integrations, while with LearnDash, you get great features to create courses for learners, complete with quizzes and multimedia.

Out of 10


  • Overpowered courses
  • Terrific Tracking
  • Highly Flexible
  • Stellar Customer Support
  • Good learning experiences.
  • Automatic Up-Gradation


  • Some Features Should Be Extended
  • Setup Takes Time


Price: $ 159

Everybody wants to make their lives easier but it’s usually the question of how and through what. Well, the search is nearly over. All you have to do is integrate LearnDash with WooCommerce and you will have a dream collaboration!

This is what you’ve been looking for, this is the future, this is what you were missing. Here’s a chance to kick off your career or your education by using the best in the market out there.

Learndash is an e-learning software and WooCommerce is an e-commerce system both working towards the betterment of the market situation and of course education. This software helps you with most of your concerns. 

The LearnDash software is well built only for the betterment of online education. It lets its users become a part of a giant community by teaching a larger part of society.

LearnDash is a well-known WordPress LMS plugin for creating, selling, and managing online courses. LearnDash provides its own built-in payment capability as part of that feature, allowing you to charge your course participants for one-time or subscription access to your courses.

While this feature is useful in a situation, we believe you would be better off avoiding LearnDash’s main payment mechanism and instead using the official LearnDash WooCommerce interface, which syncs your courses with WooCommerce.

WooCommerce is the most popular WordPress eCommerce plugin (as well as the most popular way to create an online store – even more popular than Shopify). It has a lot of advantages over the built-in LearnDash system for your online course site, which we’ll go through in this article.

If you want to enhance your bottom line, you should use LearnDash with WooCommerce.

Both of these are the stepping stone to a new era where learning and marketing are merged together considering the liking of the larger domain of the public.

So let’s get started and jump right into it!

Bottom Line Upfront:

Learning management system (LMS) plugin Learndash is one of the finest for WordPress. As a result of its many capabilities, it is a fantastic choice for developing the greatest customised courses.

Courses may be created on a website, and whole colleges can be created from the comfort of your own home. No additional fees are required to take advantage of most features and courses.

What’s most painful about this is that you’ll have to build up your own website from begin. This also implies that you are the one who makes the decisions and are in total control of anything that is posted on your website.

A host is no longer required in order for you to continue teaching to a bigger audience. At LearnDash, they understand how important it is to generate learning in the professional sector. Just sign up for the course and get started!

Checkout LearnDash To Know More About The WordPress Plugin

LearnDash: Reasons To Use WooCommerce With LearnDash 2024

What is LearnDash?

When it comes to learning, the knowledge shouldn’t have a limit. Learndash understands that! This is also why it is one of the most leading management tools used for learning WordPress. 



To one’s surprise, Learndash is so flexible that it understands the need of being used simply while getting to spend more time on teaching all your skills to a larger audience. Also, when you get so many integrated functions with the platform, you would think that it might cost you a fortune. But not at all! 

Learndash is one of the most affordable teachings and learning software out there! And with all the functions, you need guidance. Thankfully, you have an excellent customer support team to catch you the second you fall down on the journey with them! 

We have already given an in-depth Review of LearnDash. To know more click here.

What is WooCommerce?

Now, you have all the things you need except for an online store to display your work, and what essentially is that? Well, it is an e-commerce web page you will be needing.

This is an open-source electronic commerce plugin that works with WordPress. This software is designed for online markets mostly targeting online merchants who are going big in that area. This software works to make your website fully functional with just a matter of a few clicks. 


It has one of the best features that are offered by any online marketing platform with prices that are affordable and fair. WooCommerce acts as a store with free plugins and information accessible in just a matter of a few clicks. With a WooCommerce page, your work in business is made much easier than it was. 

Your product, sales, and checkout are all well taken care of. With features that adhere to your liking, you are at liberty to make your own website as wacky and creative as you’d like! There are not many that will actually let you play around with the designs.

The installation and registration into this website are also very easy making your dream of launching your business online a quick and efficient dream that is in the hands of a very trustworthy source.

LearnDash With WooCommerce Integration:

Learndash is a great platform to create engaging courses, and WooCommerce is a great platform to market and sell products. So why not use the best of both, and integrate them into a super-power? With the WooCommerce add-on for LearnDash, this is a possibility.

LearnDash with WooCommerce

WooCommerce is a great platform for payments, and e-commerce integrations, while with LearnDash, you get great features to create courses for learners, complete with quizzes and multimedia. By using this simple add-on, you can get your content out to more people, and create an amazing marketing base. 

Not only will your wallet be fat and full, but you will get your courses out to a lot of customers out there, which will definitely motivate you like I was! Once I realized the great potential of these two tools together, I strived to be the best, and pumped out great content that I didn’t know I was capable of! 

Top 8 Benefits of Using LearnDash with WooCommerce:

If you feel that I have undersold the benefits you could get from integrating the two platforms, let me give you some more! 

1. Map and Associate Courses:

By integrating the WooCommerce add-on, you can easily associate your courses with your WooCommerce products. You can associate a single course with your band, or even create course bundles as an interesting option for your customers.

2. Better Payment Options:

The number of payment gateways offered by LearnDash is quite lacking. Erase away this con, by integrating with WooCommerce, which has almost all the payment options that you can think of!  You can even easily create coupons, discounts, promo codes, and various other money-related features. 

With more than a hundred payment options, as compared to a meager two offered by LearnDash, create flexible payment options, and attract more customers, who will flock to your hassle-free payment methods!

3. CRM Integrations:

Yes, with the LearnDash Pro-Panel add-on, you can get learner statistics, but with customer relationship management integrations, you can do so much more! With CRM tools, you can store learner data, create marketing campaigns through automated emails, and create a better connection between the two parties.

WooCommerce has great CRM integrations, and so you will reap benefits from both fronts. If an interested customer fails to complete the checkout process, you can even generate an automated email for them to pick up where they left off.

4. Sell Physical Products:

Why sell physical products? Do you know how universities hand out their merchandise to potential students and create free advertising for themselves? You too can do this for your digital courses, by integrating LearnDash with WooCommerce!

Right at the checkout page, display some merchandise or additional reading materials for the enrollers, to show them you mean serious business. Digital products such as e-books or personal tuitions, can also be sold and advertised here with the help of WooCommerce. This will definitely mean more revenue for you! 

5. Affiliate Program Integrations:

Why work excruciatingly hard to extend the reach of your courses? You can hire an efficient affiliate team for this job! With some of WooCommerce’s popular affiliate integrations, you can easily market your product as well as create interesting campaigns for your products.

This will save you tons of time, and leave you free to focus on your content. Isn’t that just great? Oh, and using WooCommerce for affiliate marketing, is a LearnDash recommendation! 

6. Revenue Boosters:

LearnDash With WooCommerce-Course Bundle

Boost your sales through revenue boosters and sales funnels. How do they work? In simple words, you nudge people towards buying a course package or bundle, instead of a single course, by providing interesting incentives and bonus offers.

7. Custom Designed Checkouts:

A huge determining factor towards giving that final click on the ‘pay now’ button, is the look of the checkout page. While LearnDash provides you with limited options to customize checkout pages, WooCommerce lets you add beautiful and captivating themes.

If you are feeling particularly experimental, design unique checkout pages for different courses, as per your liking, with varying themes! Let the creative juices flow!

8. Retroactive Access Tool:

Yes, I saved the best for the last! What if you get a few complaints from learners that though they have paid and enrolled for a course, the students are unable to access it? Or what if a learner unsubscribes, and you forget to cut off their access since you lost track? 

Well, with this option you can convert it into an automated process! What does this tool do? It scans all your orders on WooCommerce and enrolls customers who have completed their order process for your LearnDash course. It also unenrolls those who are no longer subscribed.

How to Integrate LearnDash with WooCommerce 

So, how do you get these fabulous benefits? It is a bit of a lengthy process but is super simple to follow, and I’ve broken it down into simple steps so that you face no obstacle while integrating LearnDash with WooCommerce.

Needless to say, before you begin the integration process, you will need both LearnDash and WooCommerce.

Step 1: Installation

Option One: Through Add-ons

  1. Go to Add-ons from LearnDash LMS
  2. Select WooCommerce for LearnDash as your add-on
  3. Select ‘Install Now’
  4. Select ‘Activate Plugin’

Option Two: Manual

  1. Download the file containing the plugin on LearnDash
  2. Select ‘Add New’ from the Plugins tab. This should be done on WordPress.
  3. Select Upload Plugin
  4. Now, you can upload the downloaded plugin file 
  5. Select ‘Install Now’
  6. Select ‘Activate Plugin’

Step 2: Product Set-up

WooCommerce Settings

  1. Under settings, go to Accounts and Privacy
  2. Disable Guest checkout
  3. Enable the option for guest account creation directly from the checkout 
  4. Save all these changes, once done.

WooCommerce Products

  1. Under the products tab, select add new. 
  2. Fill in the product information.
  3. Select ‘Virtual’ under the Simple Product menu.
  4. Next, choose ‘course’ from the menu.
  5. Select a related course of your preference.
  6. Save your changes, and update the same.

LearnDash Settings

  1. Head to Courses, under LearnDash LMS
  2. Select the course to be integrated with WooCommerce
  3. Choose Course Access, from the Settings tab
  4. Set Access Mode as closed
  5. Fill a WooCommerce product URL, under the ‘Button URL’ box.

Step 3: Additional Settings

Purchase Notes

These can be added as a confirmation to customers, that they have been enrolled, and their payment has been processed. You can choose to display this confirmation as a web page, after payment processing, or you can mail the customers a receipt and details. Here’s how you do it:

  1. Head to the Products Tab on WooCommerce
  2. Choose the service or course that requires a purchase note.
  3. Open the Advanced tab, under Product Data
  4. Fill in the purchase note requirements as per your preference. You can even attach a course link.
  5. Save the changes and hit apply.

To activate the Retroactive Tool

  1. Go to ‘Status’, under the WooCommerce website.
  2. Select ‘Tools’
  3. Choose check course access
  4. And you are done! 

Finally, you are good to go! When a learner clicks on the integrated course, they’ll be redirected to WooCommerce for checkout completion and payment processes.

Pricing Plan: LearnDash With WooCommerce

LearnDash: Pricing

While the WooCommerce add-on for LearnDash is free, you will need a Learndash subscription, to access it. Let us take a look at the three pricing options that LearnDash provides. 


Basic Plan – $159/year

With this plan, you get access to the most basic features offered by LearnDash, such as the course builder, drip-content, eight formats for quizzes and tests, certificates, email notifications, and integrations as well. You also get access to their responsive and prompt customer support, and regular updates., throughout the one-year period. The license is valid only across a single site.

Plus Plan – $189/year

At this price point, you get everything that is included in the basic plan, along with feature additions such as the pro-panel add-on, and files for demo sites. As is with the basic plan, you get access to their customer support and are provided with updates, all through the year. The main difference lies in the license, which is valid across 10 sites. 

Pro Plan- $329/year

If you want access to all the features and customizations that the plus plan has to offer, but need a valid license for more than ten sites, then you can choose the Pro Plan. With this pricing plan, you get access to a license that you can use across twenty-five sites.

WooCommerce: Pricing 

WooCommerce is an open-source platform and is totally free. But there are some additional costs to consider, which I have discussed below. 

Domain Name Costs

Different platforms offer domain names and extensions, in a professional capacity. The cost for your personal domain name will be around $12 per year. This of course depends on several factors, such as type and the host.  

Hosting Service Costs

Buying a hosting service comes with benefits such as webspace, support, and various others, which vary across hosting platforms. The costs vary from $3 to $50 per year. 


Free themes are available, but if you want to stand out, and not have the same generic theme as hundreds of other entrepreneurs, you can select some great paid themes. This might cost around $59, per year.

Extensions and Plug-ins

While a lot of WooCommerce plugins and add-ons are free, you can always opt for more up-to-date and current versions, which will surely offer greater benefits. If you have the budget for it, you can invest! This will cost around $25 to $89 per plugin per year. 

There are free alternatives available as well, under these WooCommerce cost headings, but if you are looking to up the quality to something unique, you can pay more. For beginners as such the free versions are perfectly acceptable. I started out with the free versions, and once my business gained momentum, I updated the interface.

User Experience: LearnDash With WooCommerce

After the set-up is complete, here is how your customers will experience the power of the LearnDash and WooCommerce integration. There are three possibilities:

  • WooCommerce Shop

A learner might come across your course, in your WooCommerce shop. Here they can directly complete payment and the checkout process, without being redirected anywhere else.

They will be prompted to create an account on WooCommerce, if they don’t have an existing one, directly on the checkout page. Once done, they will be automatically enrolled in your course. If you have the retroactive tool enabled.

  • LearnDash Course

If a customer tries to enroll in the course through your LearnDash page, they will be redirected to your WooCommerce shop, where they will have to complete payment and checkout. If they aren’t successful in enrolling, they will be sent an automated email, where they can pick up where they left off, in WooCommerce. 

  • Unique Landing Page

If you create a unique website, outside of LearnDash and WooCommerce, but use these tools to maximize the performance of your product, your learners can access the course here as well. They will be redirected through the link you set up on your page, to WooCommerce, where the steps will be the same. 

As you can see, the user experience is great, and all you need to do, is follow the set-up process step-by-step and your customers will have a smooth-sailing purchase!

Pros and Cons: Learndash with WooCommerce


  • The functionality system of this software allows you to control most of the areas.
  • The drag and drop course builder makes the tiring job of an organization much easier than it already is.
  • The video courses are backed with a built-in video progression support which is really helpful and can be used in plenty.
  • Automation is usually opened up or started by the email/Zapier trigger.
  • The options given are not too expensive although they provide a great variety of courses that have the best quality for a professional student.
  • They provide focus mode which helps you start, set-up, and brand your website all while helping you develop into a professional student.
  • The Astra theme integration is swift, configurable, and slick. 


  • Casual users do complain that they find the deep functionality system of this software a little overwhelming but that is normal for beginners and they are bound to get acquainted with this system once they use this software more often
  • In order to receive deeper membership/ payment functionality, one has to integrate with third-party plugins.
  • Some of these are not available outside their limited pathway and it becomes difficult after having already purchased them.
  • For somebody who has never had anything to do with computers or further into coding or so, the prices are in fact a little high. 
  • It is necessary for the user to register before using LearnDash, even the basic courses are all revealed only after registration which makes the entire process much more confusing and indecisive.
  • There is no option of providing a free trial.

FAQs On LearnDash With WooCommerce

👉Is LearnDash easy to use?

This software makes it easier for you to control how a user accesses a course. This is of advantage to most people. But there are a few features in this software that may seem hard for beginners to understand. It is not something to worry about because as you get used to this software, you will eventually learn new things, including usage of all the features.

👉How does LearnDash work with WordPress?

After navigation and uploading the plugin, browse for the zip file that was earlier downloaded and saved. Install this downloaded file and activate the plugin.

👉Is LearnDash scalable?

Most users who are very experienced, claim that LearnDash in fact is scalable for a large number of students who are supported with technological changes, a good website host, adequate usage of automation, and the usage of additional add-ons.

👉What is LearnDash and is it free to use this platform?

LearnDash is an LMS plugin of WordPress that provides its users online course installation. This is one such platform trusted by many entrepreneurs, companies, training classes, colleges, in the world for vending and building up online classes. It provides you so many updated features that are no doubt very useful for every learner and user. There are lessons provided and a time limit of every session of courses with assignments and quizzes. At the end of the course, every learner will be promoted through certificates of the learned course. No, LearnDash is not free to use, it has subscription plans for monthly and yearly for various websites licenses. Prices are worth and affordable and a premium subscription plan is also available as a part of the subscription plan. The pricing details are mentioned above in this article.

👉Is LearnDash reliable?

LearnDash describes itself as the “most trusted WordPress LMS,” allowing users to create and sell their own online courses. It also provides you with powerful administrative tools and combines the most up-to-date technology into your lessons.

👉Is LearnDash slow?

LearnDash isn't slow, but some of its features are built for ease of use rather than speed. The improvements mentioned here are unnecessary and perhaps hazardous for the vast majority of LearnDash sites. This article is for really big sites that require a high level of scalability and performance.

👉How long does it take to install LearnDash?

Depending on your expertise, it may just take 30 minutes or an hour, but it's something to think about. It's a marathon, not a sprint, to create (and sell) online courses.

👉Where is LearnDash data stored?

The LearnDash data is stored in the same database as the WordPress data. LearnDash does not save or link to any external data sources in order to retrieve or store information on users, courses, quizzes, or other subjects. LearnDash uses two database tables to store information about a user's Course and Quiz progress.

👉Does LearnDash have an API?

A Learning Record Store (LRS) is a store for learning statements. LearnDash features a fully functional learning record store to store your Tin-Can statements by connecting with the powerful GrassBlade LRS. An LRS is a new system that was created as a result of the Tin-Can API.

👉How does LearnDash protect content?

Password-protect your course pages and videos. By default, LearnDash simply gives you the ability to make your course content available to students. The Password Protect WordPress Pro (PPWP Pro) plugin allows you to password protect your course pages and videos.

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Conclusion: Learndash With WooComerce

Learndash is one of the best WordPress LMS plugins. Most of its features make it a great option in creating the best custom courses.

It allows you to create courses, add to a course on a website, and to create an entire college while sitting in the comfort of your house. Since most of the features and courses are included in the price, there is no question of having to pay an extra amount to go ahead with the courses. 

The most excruciating part about this is that you are required to set up your website and start from scratch. This also means that you are deciding and you are completely in control of anything and everything that is made on your page. 

You are an independent host to continue offering your courses to a larger public. The necessity to create learning in the professional field is very high, but here at LearnDash, these are all taken care of. All you need to do is register for the course and start creating!

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