LearnDash FAQs 2023: Things You Need To Learn About LearnDash

Have you explored creating online course content with LearnDash and WordPress? We have got you covered with all the LearnDash FAQs.

LearnDash is a popular WordPress LMS plugin that may be used by anyone from serious academic institutions to one-person course creators.

You may create an infinite number of courses, add an infinite number of lessons and subjects, quiz your students, assign assignments, and so on.

It also includes advanced features like content leaking, course requirements, and more, as well as built-in capabilities for charging one-time or recurring access fees.

For selling and maintaining online courses, this is the ideal self-hosted platform.

It offers a number of features that might assist you in meeting your objectives. It enables you to design complicated courses with hundreds of modules divided into topics and subtopics. Videos, quizzes, assignments, course forums, and much more can be uploaded.

With detailed reports, you can manage your classes. You can create many groups, each with its own set of administrators. Email or text messages can be used to send notifications.

Bottom Line Upfront:

LearnDash is a fantastic WordPress learning management system (LMS) plugin. It offers everything you need, whether you’re adding a course to a website or building an entire online institution.

The vast majority of your requirements are met, including a number of features that other plugins charge extra for.

The new course builder is the most advanced of its sort to date, and if you have course content ready to go, you might be up and running in a couple of hours.

LearnDash FAQ

There is a lot of control over how users interact with the courses and quizzes, and each setting is explained in detail with info boxes next to it. Courses and lessons can include video, audio, and a variety of other media.

Overall, we believe LearnDash is a fantastic purchase that gives the best experience for both website owners and students, so it’s worth investigating if you’re in the market.

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LearnDash 2023: Is This The Best LMS Plugin?

LearnDash is always on the top list in the Learning Management System since its release in the WordPress community. It is the leading WordPress plugin in the market.

It’s the go-to course creation plugin for all educational institutions and independent course developers since it allows you to create self-hosted courses that you have complete control over.

Its features are so good and appealing that you will never have difficulty building your course. LearnDash is used by numerous platforms, including Coursera, Skillshare, Alison courses, and many other independent teachers, as it is one of the best of its kind.

Its major goal is to convert any WordPress site into a learning management system (LMS). Technology has improved to the point that anyone can build their own courses and sell them on the market in the E-learning industry. And LearnDash is one such platform on which you can count.


Take a moment to reflect on what we’ve discussed so far and enter into this magnificent flow of magic that offers countless advantages that deserve attention.

LearnDash has always and will continue to wow its users with amazing customer care, self-hosting, ease of use, superb customization, and on and on.

Let’s take a closer look at the development process and see how much time and effort goes into creating the new courses that you benefit from. Our next piece will reveal more more.

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Learning with LearnDash WordPress LMS is a flexible and enjoyable experience because to the wide range of useful and interesting courses available. It has become the most trusted plugin for WordPress.

LearnDash’s multiple tests and lessons-based courses make it both beautiful and fascinating.

Many widgets, tasks and questions are available in addition to the essays. Many educational institutions, such as universities, choose LearnDash platforms because of its excellent services and the high quality of the learning experiences it provides.

LearnDash FAQs 2023

What is LearnDash and is it free to use this platform?

LearnDash is a WordPress LMS plugin that allows users to create online courses. Many entrepreneurs, companies, training classes, and institutions around the world rely on this platform to sell and construct online lessons. It offers a plethora of upgraded features that are unquestionably beneficial to every learner and user. Every session of courses with assignments and quizzes has a time limit and includes lessons. Every learner will be promoted at the end of the course by receiving certificates for the courses they have completed. No, LearnDash is not free to use; it offers monthly and yearly membership plans for various website licences. Prices are reasonable and fair, and a premium subscription plan is included with the subscription plan. The pricing information is provided in this article.

Is the LearnDash platform hosted on shared servers, and are we required to be WordPress experts?

If you only provide two or three courses and don't expect a lot of traffic, LearnDash's high-quality subscription plans will suffice, but if you have a lot of learners and a lot of learning websites, you'll require shared hosting. LearnDash is a fantastic tool for users that have a basic understanding of WordPress, such as how to create new pages or posts, how to design a website, and other fundamentals. If you've used page builders like Divi or Elementor, you'll be able to use this platform with ease. Despite this, this platform comes with excellent documentation and thorough features that you can use without difficulty on your own.

Is LearnDash reliable?

LearnDash bills itself as the most trusted WordPress LMS, allowing users to build and sell online courses. It also includes sophisticated administrative tools and incorporates cutting-edge technology into your lessons.

Can LearnDash be used without WordPress?

LearnDash is a WordPress plugin, which means it will only function with WordPress and nothing else.

Is LearnDash slow?

LearnDash isn't slow, but some of its features are designed for convenience above speed. For the great majority of LearnDash sites, the upgrades listed below are unneeded and possibly dangerous. This article is for very large websites that need a lot of scalability and performance.

How much is LearnDash per year?

The LearnDash Basic plan is now available at $159 per year. For $189, you can receive the Plus package and for $329 the Pro plan. These prices include access to plugin updates and support for one year.

Do I need MemberPress with LearnDash?

Your course content is protected by LearnDash's built-in content security. To sell and secure your course content, you don't need the MemberPress plugin. It's all up to you.

How long does it take to install LearnDash?

It could take 30 minutes or an hour, depending on your level of experience, but it's something to consider. Creating (and selling) online courses is a marathon, not a sprint.

Where is LearnDash data stored?

The LearnDash and WordPress data are both stored in the same database. LearnDash does not save or link to any external data sources while retrieving or storing information about users, courses, quizzes, or other subjects. LearnDash stores information about a user's Course and Quiz progress in two database tables.

Is LearnDash easy?

The LearnDash interface is straightforward to navigate since it uses basic custom post kinds. The Add New Course interface looks exactly like the top-level WordPress editor.

What can LearnDash do?

LearnDash is a WordPress plugin that transforms your website into a full-fledged learning management system (LMS). In minutes, you can create and sell courses, track user progress, distribute certificates, award points and badges, and much more. If you're serious about offering online courses, LearnDash is the WordPress LMS plugin for you.

Does LearnDash have an API?

A Learning Record Store (LRS) is a place where you can keep track of your learning statements. By connecting with the powerful GrassBlade LRS, LearnDash offers a fully functional learning record store for storing your Tin-Can assertions. The Tin-Can API resulted in the creation of a new system called an LRS.

Is LearnDash mobile friendly?

LearnDash created courses can be taken on-the-go on tablets, smartphones, and other mobile devices.

How does LearnDash protect content?

Your course pages and videos should be password-protected. LearnDash simply allows you to make your course content accessible to students by default. You may password-protect your course pages and videos with the Password Protect WordPress Pro (PPWP Pro) plugin.

Where can I find my license key?

Your license key(s) can be found in My Account > Plugin Licenses. Use the login info you entered during checkout to log in and access your license keys.

What does “Translation-ready” mean?

Our plugins are all Translation-Ready. This indicates that we adhere to WordPress's text localization rules, which means that our plugins should work with most WordPress translation plugins, including Loco Translate. This also means that we will give support for translation issues caused by missing or incorrectly localised strings in our plugins, but we will not provide training or support on how to use translation plugins. Our plugins do not fully support multilingual plugins, which allow you to use your site in multiple languages.

Do your plugins support mobile use?

Generally speaking, they support mobile very well. In a few very specific instances there may be issues; make sure to review Knowledge Base articles first. One example of this is Storyline 2 HTML5-only output with the Tin Canny plugin and controlling Mark Complete behaviours via xAPI/Tin Can; there are some complications to be mindful of.

Why is the plugin activation saying I have an invalid key?

If the key is valid, try clicking Save and then Activate. Deactivating and reacting the plugin can also sometimes fix this.

Is LearnDash compatible with scorm?

Yes, SCORM 1.2, SCORM 2004, and xAPI (Tin Can API) are supported when using a third-party add-on.

How do I create an assignment on LearnDash?

Turn assignment uploads on to add an assignment to LearnDash. You can customise the instructions on particular pages once you enable this setting. After that, you can begin accepting entries for lessons or themes on which you want your students' assignments to be based.

What are Learndash groups?

LearnDash Groups (memberships) give you the ability to group certain users together and assign a Group Leader who can track the progress and performance of any user in their group.

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Conclusion: LearnDash FAQ 2023

Finally, we’ve come to the end of our talk regarding LearnDash’s incredible platform. You may be wondering whether you should buy LearnDash and trust this platform after reading this post.

We have provided you with all of the specifics about this platform and believe that this knowledge will assist you in making the best decision possible.

LearnDash is a powerful WordPress LMS plugin that includes all of the features listed above and can handle everything from adding a course to your website to set up an entire educational mini-college.

This platform allows you to add videos, images for learning, discussion with your learners or experts, collaboration with your teammates, quizzes, and assignments with a grading and badge system, making it more fascinating and fun.


The key benefit of this platform is that it allows you to manage your courses and other features. You can also utilise the social media link to distribute information about your course and create your own courses at a low cost.

You may have noticed the pricing data and customer service they provide throughout this post, and you may trust their platform for your expanding business as well.

Finally, I’d just say that it’s a solid platform for both users and learners at a reasonable price, with excellent features that are well worth purchasing.

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