LastPass Review (2023): Is it Safe & Secure?

LastPass is a password manager that allows people to keep track of all their password in one place. LastPass is designed for people who are constantly forgetting their passwords and can’t seem to remember what they have on the computer.

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LastPass has been cultivating security for just about everything on your computer, Lastpass helps you create unique, secure passwords that are hard to guess and easy to remember. Lastpass is also easy to use with plenty of features and tools.

By eliminating the need to remember dozens of passwords, Lastpass makes lives easier with the ability to do everything you need online with just one username and one master password. Lastpass also eliminates the risk of being hacked by storing all your data securely in its vault.

Lastpass provides two-factor authentication for your LastPass account.

Lastpass is a multi-platform service that can be accessed from any web browser, as well as your smartphone and tablet device LastPass makes it easy to get started with Lastpass by discovering LastPass on millions of websites, including Facebook

LastPass Pricing Plans:

Your plan starts at $2 per user per month

The Lastpass Basic version contains the following: – Strong Security – Secure Sharing – Secure Notes – Form Fills in Fillable Web Forms – Site Search & Discovery “All features are enabled with this free LastPass account.”

Lastpass Premium costs $24.95 / year which provides you unlimited sharing and reduces your form fill time from 20 seconds to 6 seconds.

Lastpass Premium also includes LastPass for Applications, LastPass for Apple Watch, LastPass Teams (Optional), Last Pass Families (Optional) and Last Pass Enterprise (Optional).

Lastpass Enterprise is a tool that allows you to easily deploy LastPass in your organization and it provides all the features mentioned above except Families which limits users to one account per family. This plan fits small teams with up to five members closely.

LastPass Families is for families looking to manage accounts and passwords from anywhere using mobile devices. The membership starts at $14 / year .

LastPass Teams is a team-oriented package that gives you control of your data with advanced features like audit reports & admin controls. It allows sharing from Team Members’ Personal LastPass accounts, Shared Folders and even LastPass for Applications. Last Pass Teams starts at $24 / year .


Lastpass is a perfect solution for those who cannot remember their multiple account passwords and often tend to lose all because of one.

LastPass Password Generator helps them in managing all your accounts by maintaining a single powerful PIN with its LastPass Pricing Plans that are available on the LastPass website.

As being the password manager, Lastpass has been providing secure access to just about everything on your computer and it’s free from malware or viruses making it safe for use. It also provides you two-factor authentication which makes every login more secure than ever before.

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