Jungle Scout vs Viral Launch – Which is Best & Why?

Amazon sellers can promote their products online using Jungle Scout vs Viral Launch. A lot of companies use these services to increase sales, profits, and revenue. A new seller on Amazon may find the process quite stressful.

In order to maximize returns, they assist you with conducting product research. There are quite a few competitors, so you need to be at your best. While both are quite useful, consumers might have a hard time choosing between them. Statistical analysis and research are essential components of selling. They both claim to provide these services.

Here, we will dive deep into the comparison. Here are two options to check out.


There are a lot of differences between the two Amazon tools, so comparing them is going to be difficult. Jungle Scout is used by Amazon to sell many items. This site likely already has a good reputation among those who go online.

For our investments in Amazon to be a success, we need appropriate tools. You can do a lot of work on the site thanks to its numerous features. Viral Scout provides tools to help you start, run, and grow your business. However, it adds a bit more zest to the mix compared to jungle scout. New and existing sellers will both benefit from this. 


Jungle Scout’s features are perfect for new Amazon sellers. Using Amazon’s product finder makes it easier to find new products for your online store.

Increase your sales and find profitable products by using it. In order to succeed in online retail, new retailers must understand how to manage supply and demand.

To do the job throughout the year, you can utilize keyword tools. Amazon listings should be optimized for search engines. You can use it for a wide range of research needs.

Sellers should take advantage of it. You get results with affordable services. Globally, they are supported. 


  • More than four million people use the platform. These research tools make it easy to make it through fierce competition. 
  • With their services, you can track over 500 million Amazon products. The site will increase sales for users who see positive results. 
  • Providing help for sales worth $3 billion is directly their responsibility. 


With a viral launch, new products can be introduced to the market. The initial stages of a project benefit from this. Online marketing on the site is a great option for small businesses. Internet users have become accustomed to Amazon being their home page.

 Visits to the site must be purchased by everyone. Try them out for growth if you want to see results. Automating your processes has never been easier than with this application. 

Product placement is made easier with their PPC tool. 

Using different services requires product research. Make sure you are ahead of your competitors. On the site, there are both professional and basic plans available. 


  • It is easy to get your products running with data automation tools. In total, they have launched more than 44,000 products. 
  • An extensive database is available on the platform. On the Amazon site, users can search through more than 225,000,000 items. 
  • More than $8 billion in sales were directly attributed to the viral launch. 


Before making your purchase, you need to keep a range of factors in mind. You will find the following features useful.


1. Tracking and Database

Jungle Scout seamlessly tracks products. Currently, popular products can be found by users. A good margin is beneficial to people who want to earn money on the site. Research can be saved. It enables you to identify your weaknesses and to check your competition. Find out what products sell, what inventory is available, and what revenue they generate. 

2. Suppliers

In addition to identifying a profitable product, Jungle Scout also identifies suppliers. Online money making is one of the easiest ways to earn income. You can find suppliers around the world who ship worldwide using the database.

You can also see who is the top buyer and what is the most in-demand product for the supplier. Here, you can view basic shipping and product information. 

3. Keyword scout

You can boost your Amazon search rankings with our keyword scout features. Any online seller would benefit from investing in SEO. A wide variety of products can be found on Amazon.

A keyword mechanism is used for this search engine as well, just like Google. This feature can lead to an increase in traffic for your products. PPC campaigns are also easily integrated. 


Jungle Scout vs Viral Launch

1. Product research

People who are just starting out can benefit from the product research tool. This device provides accurate figures for sales, returns, and investments. We have products that can meet the needs of our customers. For automatic failures to be reduced, research is necessary.

The ability to track the competition is also quite useful. Market research is covered, as well as keyword knowledge and statistics. Using the data from your game, you can reverse engineer it. 

2. Advertising on Amazon

PPC campaign management is also available through Amazon. Selling on the platform requires this, particularly for new sellers. Keyword analysis and running advertisements are among the features of the kinetic tool.

Profits can be increased by a considerable amount this way. Campaign analysis provides insight into the conversion rate achieved with the tool. Using it, you can target keywords that will increase sales. 

3. Listing tests

After the launch of the product, the viral launch allows for many tests to be run. Listing tools can help users get more done. You can also use other techniques to determine if your product will succeed. 



You can subscribe to the platform on a monthly or annual basis. Users can choose to pay between $19/month and $49/month based on the tools they want.

Approximately $69 is the amount you pay every month A combination of extensions, desktop-based plans, and a desktop-based plan is available. You should use the site according to your needs. 


Each of these features has a different price. The tools are affordable for users. For $40 you can try the beginner plan, while the pro plan costs $66. All site features are covered in these plans. The higher the offering, the more premium features you’ll get. 

Choosing wisely is everyone’s goal. In general, Amazon sellers should be able to suitably use both products.

We recommend jungle scout to amateur sellers after thorough research. We offer viral launches to people who feel like taking risks and getting new products. 

CONCLUSION: Jungle Scout vs Viral Launch

Two essential tools for your online success are Jungle Scout vs Viral Launch. Our aim was to provide you with all the information you need regarding the two seller tools in this guide. Your questions regarding our services should be answered in the article.

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