Helium 10 vs Jungle Scout 2024: Which Tool Is Best For Amazon FBA? (Top Pick)

The two most useful Amazon.com seller tools are Helium 10 vs Jungle Scout. Get your products off the ground with these tools. By investing in such instruments, users can dramatically increase their sales. To be successful on the platform, product and market research are key. The market is booming as millions of sellers join. Choosing a research companion is a crucial step in online business for many sellers. The perks of Helium 10 are outweighed by the stability of Jungle Scout.

Today, we will compare both tools for our purposes head to head. We’ll figure out what will work best for you. 

Helium 10 VS Jungle Scout – Overview

Helium 10:

A tool for online sellers was made with Helium 10. There has been ample research done on Amazon sellers by this company. All sellers can use the integrated system developed by the developers. It gives you everything you need to become a professional. Business growth is possible through the eCommerce platform. Quickly get insights into your data by using their tools. 

Your business needs this online resource. Top keywords help you get recognized. Helium 10 gives you the confidence to market. 

Helium 10 overview

Jungle Scout:

Unlike Jungle Scout, which has been in the market for a shorter amount of time. They are trying to approach things differently. It is designed to give you a hands-on experience as a seller. Your research on products and suppliers will be facilitated through this tool.

Data related to business can be found here. Curation of products is also possible. With the site’s help, users can create engaging Amazon product pages. Your product’s customer-friendliness is improved with Jungle Scout. Profits will increase as a result of it. 

JungleScout overview -  Jungle Scout vs Helium 10

Helium 10 VS Jungle Scout – Features

The Amazon FBA tools we are showcasing are the titans of the industry. We hope to give a fair comparison of these two giants in this guide. A feature may be the best way to distinguish them. We came across the following findings. 

Helium 10 Features :

Helium 10 offers its customers a huge variety of uses. Their highlights are listed below. 

1. Product research

This department offers a wide range of tools. Choosing is a difficult task. Trendy or beginner-friendly products can be found here. Your new service will be a success if you follow these steps and get more profits. When browsing Amazon, you can use a chrome extension to find out more about products. The research banner also allows users to calculate proposed benefits. ASINs can be grabbed using this. You can use these to stay informed about your product at all times. Black boxes, trendsters, Xrays, and profitability calculators are useful research tools. 

2. Keyword research

A listing on Amazon needs keywords to be effective. These help you get recognized in the product search engine. 

You can perform keyword research with ease using Helium 10. A popular tool for finding keywords using reverse ASIN is Cerebro. Using these, you can find out what are the top selling products. Researching your competitors’ keywords is recommended. New products need to be listed with the magnet tool. These tools can be used for bulk analysis. Correcting your spelling mistakes is made easier when you use the misspelling tool. 

3. Optimize listings 

The online functionality of everyone’s product is of utmost importance. For improving your products, you can use different tools. Multi-keyword product pages can be generated. They are automatically generated by Frankenstein. You can also rank keywords with Scribbles. With the listings, you won’t miss out on any keywords. The platform will make your products more visible in this manner. Index checkers help you determine if your keywords are indexed. 30 seconds is all it takes to get the job done. 

4. Marketing 

Any online business must have a marketing plan. You can find the products in suggestions using the Helium 10 tool. Although in beta, ADS works quite well. They work on their own. Improve your Amazon ad bids and increase your profits. Conduct virtual tests to determine whether your strategies are working. Business management is made easy thanks to it. Building landing pages is easy using the portal tool. Clickers need these for a successful experience. Branding yourself can be created from scratch. 

5. Miscellaneous

Helium 10 offers many more features than just the ones listed here. By using these tools, users can control their entire operation. All kinds of services can be managed, including inventory protection, refunds, and emails. Future business decisions can also be made using analytics. 

Jungle Scout Features :

Its users can also take advantage of Jungle Scout. Their features are listed below. 


1. Product Database

For all Jungle Scout users, Jungle Scout has an extensive product database. Having these insights will help you make the right decisions. Regardless of your business needs, you can find a solution. You can use the tool to determine which product is most profitable based on your needs. The research pool database contains 70 million products from Amazon. Making high returns on investment is possible when you think outside of the box. 

Users can also estimate potential profits and take into account seller fees. Using product tracking tool, you are able to monitor growth and decline in sales. Seasonally popular items are perfect for it. 

2. Suppliers

Jungle Scout also provides connections to your product suppliers. With the help of new vendors, you can get the best quotes. The network provides everything you need to sell. This tool is ideal for new Amazon entrepreneurs. 

High-quality products are available at an affordable price. You can also create your dream product through this platform and connect with manufacturers. A supplier checklist is used to verify the sellers on the site. Also, suppliers that cater to niche needs can be found there. For finding your competitors’ vendors, you can use ASINs. 

3. Keywords Scout

Keywords are important for success on this platform, as we’ve discussed previously. You can use these to promote your brand and product. A scouting tool helps you determine what keywords matter. Your competitors’ product listings can be viewed online. The search engines benefit from high ranking keywords. Researching other sellers’ tactics can be helpful. PPC advertisements can be reduced significantly when you use ideal keywords. CSV files are created from the research results. 

4. Sales Analytics

You can learn what strategies are working and which are not by using sales analytics. Making a profit is an easy task with the tool. Your fee, expense, and sales can be calculated. In order to increase their sales, people need to analyze their data. Utilise these tools to find out what your performance is like. It is also useful for identifying seasonal patterns in sales by comparing the sales. 

5. Miscellaneous

Amazon sellers can benefit from a variety of small computing tools. You can track the products you have sold and those that remain in the inventory manager. Maintaining your stock is helpful. Launch tools assist you in starting a new product line. 

Your promotions will be more successful, and you will generate more sales. New sellers can also benefit from academy tutorials. Whenever specific changes are made to listings, Jungle Scout will send you a notification. 

Helium 10 VS Jungle Scout: Pricing

Quite a few differences exist between the prices of the two services. 

There is a hefty price tag attached to Helium 10 services. Those who have the money to research Amazon can purchase this. Pricing starts at $97/mo and goes up to $397/mo for the premium plans. Depending on the plan you choose, the features and uses differ. A free version is also available. 

Helium10-Pricing :  Jungle Scout vs Helium 10

Amazon sales can be profitable if you use Jungle Scout. They also have affordable prices. Their service costs range from $19 to $49. It is not possible to download a trial version. 

Conclusion: What You Should Opt?

There are two distinct customer groups targeted by Helium 10 and Jungle Scout. Those who already have established themselves on Helium are the right candidates. New sellers can use Jungle Scout for their product launch. In addition to price, FBA services also need to be reasonably priced. What you want and what your budget is all up to you. Today, choose a model that is right for you. 

Using the seller tools guide, we hoped you would have all your questions answered. Research can be a challenge for Amazon sellers. Both of these options will increase your sales and improve your results. Our recommendation is to try the brand and product line-specific tools.

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