Jungle Scout vs ASINspector 2024– Which Tool Is Best For Amazon FBA Business?

To build a successful eCommerce store, you need to conduct a market analysis. The key to developing successful selling strategies is keeping track of your competitors. Jungle Scout and ASInspector are two of the best solutions for this type of analysis. Read this Jungle Scout vs ASINspector comparison to know detail about it.

It used to be difficult for Amazon sellers to conduct product and competitor research.

For example, data collection was a labor-intensive manual process.

Fortunately, speculation is a thing of the past. Nowadays, market analysis software is available to sellers.

The purpose of this product review is to help you decide between two different business suites by looking at their features and pricing.

Let’s get started!

jungle scout review

About Product Research Tools

The following information can often be mined by product research tools:

  • Rankings of best sellers and competition
  • Sales volumes and revenues by unit each month
  • Margin of profit on an item
  • Reviews and ratings from customers
  • Key words to consider
  • Sources and variations of items
  • Comparison of prices and sales rank

ASINspector and Jungle Scout make product research for Amazon merchants fast and easy. Due to this, sellers can find profitable niches and products to make money. 

Take a look at each of their offers:

Jungle Scout

Sellers can use this tool to identify the most profitable items to sell in the marketplace.

It uses data such as Amazon sales volumes, product reviews and ratings, and best seller rank data to help sellers identify the best opportunities to drive sales.

Jungle Scout Features

We’ll look at some of the best tools Jungle Scout has to offer:

  • Product Database – Provides filtering options based on price, rating, market demand, and sales projections.
  • Product Tracker – Different metrics are tracked and compared. Watch out for top-selling offers, pricing changes, and customer demands, for example.
  • Niche Hunter – Finds niches for products and customers. Analyzes listings and demand to find the most profitable market segments. Getting to know new customers is a great experience.
  • Keyword Scout – Finds out which keyword terms are most frequently used on Amazon. With knowledge of what users want, you can tailor your strategy to maximize traffic to your listings.
  • Launch – Automate follow-up campaigns with it. The feature can help loyal customers stay informed about product launches or promotions.
  • Sales Analytics – Improves Amazon performance by tracking costs and profits. Analyses can lead to cost savings for sellers as well as increased revenue.

Jungle Scout Pros & Cons

User-friendlyResearch products quickly and easilyInterface that is simple to useAccess to academics and tutorialsIndicates organic and sponsored itemsDatabase of suppliersPlatform for giveaways  The book sales metrics are missing from some product categories.There may be a slight difference in the data between the Chrome extension and the web applicationIt does not existPerformance data for PPC is excluded  

Jungle Scout Pricing

For 7 days, you can try Jungle Scout risk-free. Let me explain.

Jungle Scout offers three pricing plans that might be right for you:

  • Basic – Access to web extension for a single user. A monthly fee of $29 is charged.
  • Suite – Get all Basic perks plus historical product and keyword data for $49 per month. In addition, you can add more users, use Review Automation, and take advantage of Advanced Seller Features.
  • Pro – The Pro version includes licenses for 6 users, and all Jungle Scout features are included. A monthly subscription of $85 provides tracking for up to 1000 ASINs. Using this plan, you will have access to continuous product tracking data for up to 6 months, as well as keyword tracking data for up to 2 years.

For the best Jungle Scout pricing plan for you, be sure to review all the options here.


Amazon sellers with little or no experience should consider ASINspector. It does not have a web app, as Jungle Scout does.

ASINspector however is mobile-friendly. The Chrome extension as well as the mobile app are both available. With ASINspector, you can access it from anywhere you have internet access.

ASINspector Features

Here are some features that ASINspector has to offer sellers:

  • Keywords – For specific product information, use relevant terms. Use as many keywords as you can. Researching niche markets is helpful.
  • Delete Choice – The X button is simple. When you click on it, all unwanted results will be removed. When you click on it, all unwanted results will be removed.
  • Random Keyword – Find new markets and products by using new keywords.
  • Favorite – Save the products that are most frequently searched in the database. By doing so, the same products will not be reviewed every time a market is analyzed.

ASINspector Pros & Cons

An extension for the browser and a mobile applicationA user-friendly interfaceConsider Walmart or Alibaba as alternatives to AmazonResults columns can be customizedFor future reference, save product dataThis calculator calculates sales profits  The web application is not availableStandard ASINs do not include child ASIN variationsA new tab opens for each searchJungle Scout has limited performance    

ASINspector Pricing

Sellers can save a lot of money by using ASINspector.

It offers two pricing options:

  • Standard – These packs cost $97 per month and are designed for new Amazon sellers
  • Pro Plus – For experienced merchants, this is the best option. The fee is $127 up front and $10 per month thereafter.

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Final Thoughts | Jungle Scout vs ASINspector 2024

By using product research suites, companies can identify low-competition niches and high-demand products. As a result, companies attract more customers, get better ratings, and sell more products.

However, which tool should you choose? There are two great product research tools available: Jungle Scout and ASINspector. Although each caters to a specific type of seller, they are both very useful.

Since both Jungle Scout and ASINspector rely on accurate product data to boost success among sellers, they have established solid reputations.

Mobile platforms are used by ASINspector. Users can use it from anywhere they have access to the internet. The fact is, it’s more effective at increasing sales of a specific product..

Jungle Scout is an all-round tool for professional Amazon sellers. It’s a great software to set up and scale start up an Amazon store.

In the end, choosing one or the other comes down to your brand’s market strategy.

But whatever your choice is, you will reap great benefits for your Amazon business.

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