Jungle Scout vs AMZScout: A Comparison – 2023

Jungle Scout vs AMZScout. Today, Amazon’s sales competition is more intense than ever before. As more sellers enter your niche every second, there will be thousands of similar widgets available to them. The last place on the list isn’t what you want.

Today, we run our businesses entirely with the help of lucrative software. Although new software is continuously appearing in the market, the number of these remains alarming. You need to be careful before using a particular business tool since most of them are useless (offering inaccurate data). The best search tool in the market must be used in such a case.

Among the most proficient products search tools, Jungle Scout and AMZ Scout (Amazon Scout) are recommended. These tools help Amazon sellers make the best of their business with original features. Is your business best served by a particular tool?

After reading this article, let’s take a look at an in-depth comparison of Jungle Scout and Amazon Scout, evaluating the features each tool provides, what level of relevance each has for sellers.

Let’s begin!

The Product History of the Tools

Jungle Scout offers a wider product history than AMZ Scout, which sellers can use to compare and contrast products’ prices over time. In most cases, comparing the Amazon price with the actual price on the marketplace is the best way to do so.

A downside of AMZ Scout is that its product history is not as extensive as Jungle Scout. Because of this, Amazon sellers with advanced skills cannot use this tool. Additionally, sellers have difficulty tracking the correct product history for analysis.

List Quality Score

The AMZ Scout list quality score feature is the best in the business. A better scale and rating system from 1 to 100 points is available on Amazon Scout. Name length, bullet count, product images and evaluations are some of the key aspects that you can expect to see in product ratings.

Amazon FBA sellers can track the rating of their products with Jungle Scout’s list quality score feature, which uses a 1 to 5 rating scale. Although Jungle Scout lacks a more advanced feature, sellers are able to improve their products with direct comparisons. Making the right business decisions is dependent on your quality score.

Sales data

Comparing AMZ Scout and Jungle Scout, AMZ Scout’s accuracy is nowhere near Jungle Scout’s. You can, however, maintain unlimited sales content using this tool.

Jungle Scout, on the other hand, maintains accurate data on sales of products sold on Amazon. 

Product history, pricing, and Amazon Seller data rankings have been taken into account. Sales data is Jungle Scout’s forte.


With varying prices for these fantastic tools, you will be able to choose what is right for you.

Compared to Jungle Scout, AMZ Scout is relatively cheaper. Three unique package options are available to sellers, ranging from the Basic package to the Business Package.

The cost is $44.99. A trial version is available.

Besides the $199 lifetime experience, the free trial is also available

Amazon FBA sellers can also choose from three monthly and yearly Jungle Scout plans. The following are among them:

  • The Jungle Scout requires an annual payment of $468 or a monthly payment of $39.
  • Pay $588 annually, or $49 a month, for Jungle Scouts & Extensions.
  • The cost of extension is $19 per month.

Amazon FBA sellers prefer Jungle Scout due to its incredible features and reasonable price.

Most established sellers on Amazon consider Jungle Scout an investment since you have access to useful resources, education, and a well-qualified support team that responds promptly to your questions and concerns.

questions and concerns.


To begin with, let’s consider the interaction between these product research tools and the user. This section shows what makes each tool more productive.

Trial Offer

New users of Jungle Scout can try both tools free of charge for 14 days.

Software Updates

Our web app is regularly updated to make sure it meets today’s high standards. However, its data history isn’t as extensive as Jungle Scout’s.

Jungle Scout Chrome extensions are usually updated occasionally, offering sellers a beautiful user interface. Moreover, it provides an extensive data history that is very relevant to the seller.

Chrome Extension

When it comes to chrome extensions, both share almost the same features; you’ll find that they sometimes perform similar tasks. In comparison to Jungle Scout’s extension, AMZScout’s extension is relatively slower. I find this very annoying, especially if you are accustomed to using Jungle Scout as a seller.

Additional features

AMZ Scout will not have any additional functionality, as the features that are included will suffice. However, you will discover more than you thought possible with Jungle Scout. The Pay per Click feature, which is used for evaluating Amazon products, is another feature to expect from this tool. You can track your competition with these features to stay ahead of the game.

A profit dashboard, a finding suppliers tool, a listing optimizer, and more will all be included.

Final words – Jungle Scout vs AMZScout 2023

Jungle Scout offers a very real challenge compared to AMZ Scout, as you can see from the comparison above. It has impressive features, operating speed, and its chrome extension’s incredible speed.

In addition to saving you time, Jungle Scout helps you save a lot of money by avoiding confusing spreadsheets. As a result, this tool prevents products from going out of business.

For this reason, Jungle Scout is the tool of choice when researching products in general. AMZScout, however, is quite inexpensive at just $199 for a lifetime membership.

So, do not wait any longer? The most effective business tool you can use will make you the best salesperson.

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