Jungle Scout Review 2024– 7-Figure Income Secret For Amazon Business

Are you hoping to make any amount of money within a short period of time? Then just by staying at home, you can sell on ecommerce and get the best deals. Moreover, the only profitable and strategic place for eCommerce is none other than Amazon.

However, it doesn’t mean that Amazon sellers aren’t competing. As long as they’re on the same path, all you can do is strategize your sales. Now Jungle Scout is your saving grace.

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What is Jungle Scout?

Jungle Scout is an Amazon research tool that allows you to gather data on the top selling products on Amazon, estimate their sales, find and research keywords and spy on competition all from one dashboard.

 With this software, you can easily determine which products will benefit your business and bring the greatest profit.

The company’s founding in 2014 revolutionized Amazon research from the “Dark Ages” to the “Renaissance.”

Why You Should Use Jungle Scout?

Gateway to Hundreds of Millions of Shoppers

It’s no secret that Amazon is the most popular platform in North America for online shopping. Approximately 49% of e-commerce in the U.S. is traded on Amazon.com, and 5% of all retail spending is generated by Amazon.com.

The total sales of Amazon in 2018 were over $232 billion. 2.1 billion people accessed Amazon’s web properties in October alone this year, making Amazon the most valuable brand of 2019.

There is no doubt about its importance. Amazon is a great place to sell products and reach a huge audience. Marketing budgets and sales teams are not available.

Jungle Scout Features

The Jungle Scout Chrome Extension

Jungle Scout Chrome Extension is an extension for Google Chrome or your preferred browser.

Chrome Extensions are included with Jungle Scout’s subscription plans and can be installed on your web browser instead of being accessed through Jungle Scout’s website. Nonetheless, Chrome Extensions alone are not enough for you to perform proper product research.

You will be able to easily pull up data from Amazon listings and results pages with Jungle Scout Chrome Extension. Subscribing, installing the chrome extension, and clicking the extension icon as you browse Amazon search results are the next steps.

The Chrome Extension displays information such as average monthly sales, revenue, sales rank, customer reviews, and ratings in this section.

The information that Amazon shows us is extensive, but Jungle Scout also provides us with extra information:

  • Opportunity Score:

 JS has done a pretty good job of my job, as you can see. I will know immediately whether my product is good or bad based on its demand level. To confirm this, however, I will follow these steps:

  • Sales and Revenue:

The number of sales and revenue generated by the first page is the most important statistic to me at the moment

  • Review and Rating:

After determining that the niche has enough volume, I check how many reviews they have.

  • Monthly sales:

The sales numbers can be viewed by clicking on them. The monthly sales are displayed in a separate window. Additionally, a trendy product would be obvious to me.

  • Fee’s and net pay-out:

If we establish a product that sells at high volumes and faces little competition, then we want to determine the profitability of that product. In a quick glance, I can determine whether I can sell the product with a nice profit or not based on the fees and net pay-out.

Product Database & Tracker

Jungle Scout and Amazon are arguing over a lot of things. The database can also be searched using the niche hunter. If you would like to search by category, you can do so. I like to find high demand and low competition in products. Here are the filters I will use:

  • A minimum price of $15 is required
  • Minimal Revenue: $3000
  • Review minimum: 100

 To decide which of these products to purchase you would have to go through 26 pages.

Sales Analytics

When you first start selling products, you need to pay attention to sales.

Business dashboards are offered by Amazon in very basic form. The most significant drawback of the Amazon dashboard is that your product cost cannot be entered. Due to this, your profit will never appear on their dashboard.

With Jungle Scout, you can track your Amazon sales with their Sales Analytics tool.

Marketing: E-mail Campaigns and Promotion

E-mail campaign

Sending out an email campaign to your customers is one of the best ways to market on Amazon. After a product has been delivered, Jungle Scout automatically sends e-mails to your customers.

This way, you can ask for a review at the perfect time and boost your sales and conversions.


Your first couple of sales can be generated by running a promotion. Easy-to-manage promotions can be created by using Amazon Seller Central. Finding the right kinds of customers to discount your product to is the most difficult part of this strategy. Jungle Scout can be used for this.

There is a huge marketplace available for those who are looking for discounts. Customers simply need to enter their product information to receive a promo code.

Keyword Scout

Whenever you are an Amazon seller, you should consider more keywords that your customers may use to search for your products.

Yoga mats are sometimes referred to as yoga mats by some people. Other names for exercise mats include yoga mats, portable exercise mats, and meditation mats.

What are the most popular search terms? What do I need to know? This is what keywords scout returned for me!

Listing Builders

The right keywords will help you rank your list, which is why listing builders are useful.

Particularly useful for beginners building their first list, this feature makes the process simple. Your listing will be boosted if you use listing builders.

Afterward, you create your listing as if it were an Amazon listing. Jungle Scout’s Listing Builder allows you to create a draft for relevant keywords by creating a draft.

Copy your listing copy into your Seller Central account, where you then paste it into the real listing builder with enhanced keyword density.


The majority of the features mentioned above are for researching products; the launch feature of Jungle Scout is for those seeking to get their product listed in the top search results post-launch.

Launching a product on Amazon is like launching an egg, so if your product doesn’t sell, it won’t get the low BSR needed to improve its chances of ranking high. When people can’t find your product by searching, they won’t purchase it.

This is the place where launch shows its magic: in the beginning, in order to drive huge traffic, it allows you to display huge discounts to Amazon shoppers

PROS and CONS of Jungle Scout


  • Browser plugins are very helpful
  • Using a product tracker to predict sales spikes prevents poor decisions
  • Databases can be sliced and diced in a variety of ways


  • You must pay separately for the Chrome extension and the Web App
  • The product tracker can only track products for 60 days

Pricing of JungleScout

It is possible to download both the Lite and Pro versions of Jungle Scout’s Chrome extension. Buying each of them will grant access to them for life: 

Jungle Scout Chrome Extension Pricing

The Lite version was used for quite some time, and we didn’t realize that we were missing out on anything by not going Pro. Now that we’ve upgraded to Pro, the built-in profit calculator and fee estimator are especially helpful. 

I would suggest paying the extra $100 once and getting all the bells and whistles. 

Save some money by using the Jungle Scout coupon code provided on this page.

This link offers $10 off Jungle Scout Chrome Extensions!

A subscription-based model is used for the web app’s pricing: 

Jungle Scout Web App Pricing


It’s easier now than ever to form data-driven decisions when procuring your Amazon products with tools like Jungle Scout.

Jungle Scout reduces your risk of investing in the wrong products significantly because you have hard data to back up your decision.

This makes running your FBA a lot easier, and you can be sure of achieving the success you deserve.

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