Jungle Scout Niche Hunter 2024– How To Use It? TOP Features

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Don’t worry, Jungle Scout is here to help you.

From Jungle Scout, Niche Hunter contains all the information you need to determine whether a product is appropriate for your business. The following article will explore the features of Jungle Scout Niche Hunter.

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Jungle Scout Niche Hunter 2024: Overview

Niche Hunter is a service offered by Jungle Scout, which we’ll discuss before we examine the tool. In addition to providing insights and data about Amazon products, Jungle Scout is regarded as one of the top platforms for this purpose. They offer services for a wide range of individuals and companies. 

  • Sellers who are new to the market
  •  Amazon sellers currently on the site
  •  Entreprises and brands.

Depending on the application, different users will have different features.  For example, tracking products is one of the features. 

Their features are designed specifically for owners who are already selling their products on Amazon

  • Inventory Manager

All your inventory can be managed with this feature, allowing you to stay up-to-date on all your products.

  • Sales Analytics

It is also possible to project how your product’s profit will change going forward for different markets with this feature.

These features are available for large brands and companies

  • Analyzing your Market share

Using this feature, you’ll be able to see your profit percentage compared to your competitors’ and how much share of the market you hold, as well as various other analytics. Seeing how popular your product is will help you gauge its success.

  • Track competitors growth 

Your competitor’s data is displayed via this tool. It lets you monitor your competitors’ price changes and offers every day, which allows you to adjust your strategies accordingly.

We will explore one of the greatest features that Junglescout has to offer in this article, the all-important Niche Hunter.

Working of Niche Hunter

Here’s how Niche Hunter works before we look at how it works

What is a Niche Hunter?

A product tracker service offered by Junglescout, Niche Hunter, tracks all of your sales and services for a specific product on Amazon in real-time.

How does Niche Hunter work?

With Niche Hunter’s huge database and tracker capabilities, Niche Hunter searches through a huge database of information and updates you with the most current information about all the competitors with whom you need to compete.

Here’s what Niche Hunter looks like, with categories on the left side and filters allowing you to find your product precisely on the right.

Niche Hunter shows you all the products in your range once you have selected your category and applied all the filters you need.

After you enter all the criteria, you will see this page. It gives you complete information about your range of products, as you can see from this image 

  • Product sales on average
  • Score of opportunities
  • The intensity of competition, among other factors.

The Niche Hunter offers you a wide range of stats for clarifying any doubts you may have about the market for the product in the recent months.

With the image below, you will find clear statistics about the current and future market for the products.

Features in Niche Hunter

1) Opportunity Finder

This hunter is really unique because of its Opportunity Finder feature. Furthermore, it contains some of the only unique tools that are available in the Jungle Scout app

  • Get the data of your Keyword’s future market:

Using all of your past keyword data, Opportunity Finder calculates your ranking statistics in the future based on past keywords.

  • Niche scores should guide your decision-making:

According to the competition and the product’s market, the tool provides a score for keyword performance. To choose your keywords, you can simply use the Niche score, rather than analyzing the data and making a decision

 Opportunity finder’s Niche Score is determined by the stats for each product, like the one shown here.

2) Listing Builder

The description of your product must be detailed, so that any people looking to buy your product will be able to see it. So, creating an effective listing is crucial to sales.

Your listing builder uses these tools to make it perfect for you.

  • Live Listing rating:

Your listing will impress your customers with the demo response you get from this tool prior to publishing to the public.

  • The suggestion of relevant keywords:

To make your listing more unique and SEO friendly, this tool provides you with the top ranked keywords associated with this product.

3) Rank tracker

The keyword performance chart provides you with an overview of how your keyword has performed over time. Ranking Tracer uses these tools to determine which keywords will have the best results.

  • Strengthen your keywords:

You can use this tool to figure out what keywords are the best performers or the most unique. This is important for maximizing your SEO advantage.

  • Get data of Your Competitor’s keywords:

You can use this tool to easily see how well your competitors’ keywords perform? You can also see the keyword density in their listing and various other metrics. Comparing your keyword’s performance to your competitors is easy using this tool. 

4) Supplier database

Your proposed product’s supplier database provides you with an insight into the number of available suppliers. Through these tools, you can find out about available suppliers.

  • Verification of suppliers:

Based on successful shipments, customer volume, etc., this tool gives you a list of authentic suppliers. Finding authentic suppliers using this method will save a lot of time.

  • Find your perfect supplier:

With this tool, you can generate a match score that shows you how much of the needs you have matches the output of suppliers based on the category and filters you select.

5) Product database

There are over 400 million products in the product database, and it uses specific tools that make navigating the database easier. While Niche Hunter uses a product database, it analyzes the whole category rather than just one product.

  • Generation of product ideas:

You can narrow down ideas for your new products with ease using this tool which gives you filters for estimation of sales, revenue, etc. You will be able to make your decision in just a few minutes, after researching this vast database.

  • Keep track of all hidden costs:

You can use this tool to estimate your profit by factoring all of your costs, such as overheads and seller fees, into the calculation.

Pros & Cons


  • You can easily find accurate information about any product using their filters and categories.
  • Using Niche Hunter’s Opportunity Finder product tracker, you will gain valuable insight into your competitors.
  • With Niche Hunter, keywords are optimized and ranked and you can drive the most traffic possible with quality keywords.


  • In comparison with its competitors, Niche Hunter does not offer the same level of accuracy.
  • Niche Hunter does not offer a free trial, which may make you hesitate to invest in it.

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Conclusion | Jungle Scout Niche Hunter

Its uniqueness as well as the ease of use make Niche Hunter stand out even though it has some downsides.

Your products will definitely perform better if you target keywords and rank with them.

It will be useful to those who have a need to gather unique data about their products, as well as their competitors’ products, and will also prove useful to those aiming for high performance from their products.

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