Jungle Scout Lite vs Pro 2024 : Which Chrome Extension Should You Get?

It’s not as easy as it looks to find products to sell on Amazon. If you search for products manually on Amazon, you won’t find the crucial metrics that determine the winner.

Factors behind the scenes include:

What’s the product’s estimated revenue? What is the daily sales rate? What are the ratings? Its 5-star rating is how many?

In order to find these pieces of information, you will need to go through each product one by one. Consider opening each product page from a search result. If you want to write your next bestseller, you will have to spend hours, if not days, thinking about it.

Jungle Scout, for example, has been developed specifically for buying Amazon products. You can get all the information you need with Jungle Scout’s Google Chrome Extension. This means no more clicking on every product to view the information you require. We have reviewed both the Web App and Chrome Extension in our full review of the software.

Jungle ScoutLite vs Pro versions of the Jungle Scout Chrome Extension are available. It is obvious that the Pro version has more features, but the Lite version can also meet your needs.

How do you choose between these two versions?

Let’s go over what each of the products can do so that you can decide which one to buy.\

Jungle Scout Lite vs Pro

Jungle Scout Chrome Extension: Lite

This extension comes in a lite version. Thorough product research should be possible thanks to its comprehensive set of features.

Jungle Scout Lite vs Pro
  • There are three sections to the tool: average monthly sales, average rank in the sales ranking, and average price.
  • After you click on the JS button above the Chrome browser, all relevant product information is presented in the default columns:
    • Product name
    • Brand
    • Price
    • Category
    • Rank
    • Est sales
    • Est revenue
    • # of reviews
    • Rating
    • BB Seller
  • Also, you can click on “Extract Next Page” to see what’s on the next page.
  • By clicking the cloud icon at the bottom of the search window, you have the option of viewing the other keywords associated with the one you searched for.
  • The search results can also be shared, downloaded or exported to a table, which makes it easier to review them offline when necessary.
  • Clicking on a product’s Price or Rank value (both bolded) opens another window that shows a graph of how the product has performed for the two values over the specified time period.
  • A small preview of the product is shown when you hover the mouse over the name, along with the average star rating.

In addition to performing informative product research, you can do so with the Lite version. This can help you find products much quicker and easier than if you were not using it, which is particularly beneficial for those on a budget.

An annual fee of $97 is charged for the Lite version. 

Jungle Scout Chrome Extension: Pro

In some ways, the Pro version can be thought of as an “advanced” version, thanks to the additional features you are granted along with those that come with the Lite version.

How does the Pro version differ from the free version?

  • When you click on the “Options” button at the bottom of the window, you will receive an additional column of information that separates the Pro version from the Lite version. The Lite version also includes the following columns in addition to the default ones:
    • FBA fee
    • Tier (size-standard or oversized)
    • New Sellers
    • Item Length
    • Item Width
    • Item Height
    • Item Weight
    • Net (after FBA fees are deducted)
  • You can also filter your product search results in the Pro version – a very handy feature. When you click on the “Filter” button at the bottom of the window, you can select a range of values for all default column data except the “# of Reviews” column for a more precise and narrowed-down search.
  • To take advantage of the additional columns of data mentioned, a professional seller account on Amazon is required. It definitely makes the entire research process simpler when you have the said requirement.

The Pro version costs $197 per year. 

So, Which One Among Jungle Scout Lite vs Pro?

Jungle Scout’s Google Chrome Extensions are both efficient, though in different ways. Their features can simplify and shorten your research process, as well as shorten your research time.

Getting the Lite version should be enough to help you conduct research if you’re just getting started and on a tight budget. Fortunately, it is relatively inexpensive and you can narrow down your options. In this case, the cheapest option isn’t essentially useless.

The Pro version is the best choice for sellers who want to expand their Amazon business with more profitable products. The Pro version has many additional features that make it more efficient and fast.

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