Jungle Scout Chrome Extension 2024: How Does It Work? (TRUTH)

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It is difficult to find profitable products to sell on Amazon. Pricing, competition, and many other factors influence the right decision.

By providing sellers with estimated sales and revenue information for any product on Amazon’s marketplace, Jungle Scout Chrome Extension helps them identify high-demand items.

It lets you easily see details about any Amazon product without leaving the browser or opening a separate tab. If you use this tool, you can determine whether an item is worth selling online based on the information it provides.

What Is Jungle Scout Chrome Extension?

There will be a link between your account and Amazon. Every step of the process will be guided. Every aspect of an Internet sale, revenue, keyword, best-selling product will be tracked.

Each product’s metric value will be displayed. Each page can be viewed live. Take your pick based on your price range, ranking, and estimated sales.

Your competitors can be improved upon. Take a look at the new products. As a result, you will increase your sales and establish your business.

How to Install The Jungle Scout Chrome Extension?

You must avoid using this extension if you are using Chrome. It will be installed in your Google Chrome Browser and function correctly on the Amazon website. For the installation, follow the following steps :

  1. Jungle Scout is free to sign up for.
  2. Then sign in through the site’s Members area.
  3. On the homepage, there will be an extension tab. Click on it.
  4. To install the Chrome extension, click the orange button on the page that opens.5. The Lite and the Pro versions of the extension are available after you install it. It will display JS Lite and JSPro Icon differently based on the version you are using.
  5. After closing and reopening the tabs, enter the new username and password.

As a result, your business will become successful and able to succeed.

What are the Pricing plans for Jungle Scout?

Jungle Scout has three plans, as you can see,

  • Basic
  • Suite
  • Professional

Basic plan

For $19 per month, you will get access to the Research essentials along with a single license user and full access to chrome extensions.

Each of the opportunities fields can be searched 20 times, the entire product database can be searched 20 times, and the keywords can be searched up to three times.

Pricing plans for Jungle Scout

Suite plan

Many businesses use the suite plan. Increase your website traffic, research in-depth about your products, and learn more about the necessary keywords.

With a $49 monthly bill, you have the option of tracking 150 products and the number of other searches.

The performance of your product can be tracked for three months, which provides you with an accurate idea of its profitability.

All in all, it is a good deal, with Rank Tracker of 3,500 keywords and 15,000 emails a month.

Professional Plan

A month’s fee of $84 entitles you to the best benefits available with this plan. With six users included, it provides you with a boon of 1,000 products in the Product Tracker.

You’ll have a good idea of what to improve on and which tricks worked for you thanks to Historical Product Tracking data from six months ago.

This plan provides you with 5,000 keywords and two years of keyword data.

With email marketing, you increase the volume of your clients. The maximum number of emails you can send per month is 100,000.

Priority Onboarding is one of the vital features of this plan, which makes it easier to access the training pieces they offer.

Jungle Scout Chrome Extension Lite Version

An annual subscription costs you about $97 for the cheaper version of the Jungle Scout Chrome Extension. There is also a version of this version that provides you with the other product names and their different prices.

Besides product reviews and ratings, the customer’s experiences with the product will also be shown. Your products can become known for these reviews.

We will provide you with an estimation of the past 30 days’ financial value. Your budget will be accommodated by this option.

Jungle Scout Chrome Extension Pro Version

You can view your product’s position with the Opportunity Score in the Pro version. The Net FBA fees include both the FBA fee and the size dimensions, which are essential. Approximately $197 is the cost of the annual subscription.

Jungle Scout Chrome Extension

In order to extend your loan, you have to make a decision. Choose the version that is most appropriate for your business stage.

Lite version is appropriate for small companies with a limited budget, while Pro version can be used by large companies with a wide market base.

Jungle Scout has also released an app recently. Their differences are as follows.

  • Web App vs Chrome Extension for Jungle Scout
  • A Jungle Scout app for the web
  • Chrome Extension for Jungle Scout
  • There is a monthly fee of $40 for this App.
  • Monthly prices range between $19 and 84 dollars.
  • You can access the categories of Amazon’s database. You can also find the data on Amazon’s website.
  • Keep a step ahead of your competitors by knowing what they are doing.
  • There can be comparisons of prices for further benefit. Here is a list of the product prices and their estimates.
  • A new price, rating, or review for a product will be alerted to you when it changes.
  • In bulk, send emails to customers regarding reviews of the products.
  • Your revenue can be divided using Sales Analytics, and you’ll get an overview of your overall financial value through it.
  • You can estimate your products’ current and past sales with the help of sales data.
  • You can merge or choose one of them based on their advantages.
  • There are pros and cons to any tool you use, so let’s find out about Jungle Scout Chrome Extension.

Pros of Jungle Scout Chrome Extension

  1. A sales estimate can give you a good idea of what the products are doing.
  2. You can see a graph for a product over time that is included in the Historical data feature. You will be guided by it and given a clear picture of how to improve.
  3. Correctly used keywords can increase your search volume on Google, as well as allow you to reach out to new potential customers. Choosing the right set of frequently used keywords can be done by analyzing data from the keywords research.
  4. You can use the opportunity score to determine whether the product deserves further digging. By using the previous data, you can generate more profits if the product score is high.
  5. You can view a complete overview of the products online with the product tracker and database. Are sales good? Has the margin and sales increased? You can, for example, determine the average sales per month, the past data, the price, and ranking if your business sells mobile phones.
  6. With the database you’ll have access to reviews, inventory, and the number of units that have been sold.
  7. In comparison with other extensions online, Jungle Scout Extension is quite affordable.
  8. The Keyword Scout software will automatically pick Niche keywords that Amazon customers usually use to search for products on the site. This will increase your visibility, resulting in a higher demand for your products since you will be available to a wider audience.

Cons of using Jungle Scout Chrome Extension

  1. The way data is represented has been criticized.
  2. As these estimates change so rapidly, it is often difficult to keep up with them. Furthermore, questions have been raised as to their authenticity.
  3. Several products are not listed, so you might have to find them on your own.

Conclusion: Jungle Scout Chrome Extension 2021 

In the end, we would be glad to tell you that the Jungle Scout extension provides you with better options for helping to enhance all your sales in the Amazon FAB, as well as grow your brand.

You can see the sales data externally and gain a complete understanding of how sales are performing, motivating you and giving you better tactics.

With these Chrome extensions, keyword research and Google ranking will be enhanced. As you can see, Jungle Scout Chrome Extensions provide plenty of benefits and it’s a must-have tool for any business in growth.

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