Is LearnDash Easy To Use?

LearnDash is a popular WordPress LMS plugin that works for everyone from serious academic institutions to solo course makers.

It allows you to design an infinite number of courses, add an indefinite number of lessons and subjects, quiz your students, provide homework, and so on. In this article, I have answered “Is LearnDash Easy To Use?”

It also offers built-in functionality for charging one-time or recurring access fees, as well as advanced features like content dripping, course requirements, and more.

Is LearnDash Easy To Use?

In which LMS platform should you invest your time and money? This review will tell you more about it

This is the greatest self-hosted platform for selling and managing online courses.

It has numerous features which might help you in attaining your requirements. It enables you to design complicated courses that consist of thousands of units with subjects and subtopics. You may post movies, quizzes, assignments, course forums, and much more.

You may administer your classes with thorough reports. You can create many groups with special users designated to manage each group. You can send notifications in the form of email or text messages.

LearnDash is always on the top list in the Learning Management System since its release in the WordPress community. It is the leading WordPress plugin in the market.

It lets you create self-hosted courses in which you’ve full control of and it’s the go-to course creation plugin for all the educational institutions and independent course creators.

Its features are so good and desirable that you’ll never face any kind of problem while creating your course. Many platforms like Coursera, Skillshare, Alison courses, and many other independent instructors rely upon LearnDash as it’s one of the best of its kind.

Its main purpose is to convert any kind of WordPress site into LMS. In this E-learning industry, technology has become so advanced that anyone can create their own courses and distribute them in the market. And LearnDash is one such platform you can really rely upon.

Top 3 Best LearnDash Features

1. Announcing and notifying:

Proclamation or reporting is one of the updated features in LearnDash, and visitors to this website can see the content of courses and check off completed items; LearnDash has also logged the specifics and information on user WordPress profiles.

The audience’s progress reports and quiz implementation can be viewed immediately on their individual accounts, or their personal information can be transferred.

In addition to it, the reporting statistics can be viewed by these tools 

  • User data
  • ProPanel
  • SCORM and xAPI

2. Assisting the students:

This learning platform’s tools must be taken into consideration when it is sold into a business. These tools are crucial since they can assist your customers when they need it and maintain your organization current with the support supplied.

Pre-sale texting management and support tickets are the three most important features you need to know. What you’ve got to offer. LearnDash uses a variety of methods to provide online support to its students.

  • Availability of online classes in free time with some basic tools like skype, hangouts, etc. 
  • Give honest feedback with more solutions than fewer problems.

3. ROI calculator:

The bottom line is the primary consideration for the majority of businesses when making choices. The business may be considered good for their organization if it is producing a lot of money and also saving money.

A good bottom-line impact is possible with online learning, and there are more options than you can conceive of when it comes to online learning strategies. LearnDash has a variety of options in this area.

Pros and Cons


  • It is one of the exclusive modern learning experiences with focus mode on. It is very easy to build up a course here. It is self-hosted and offers the most resourceful and productive attributes your way.
  • Customer support has been extremely spectacular, offering the utmost ease in its functionality.
  • LearnDash is highly flexible, well organized, designed, and supported making your work look extremely informative.


  • In order to send and activate notifications and alerts depending on the courses it does not include suitable and better group sorting, LearnDash does not have the ability to do so. You can’t use a LearnDash if you don’t know how to use it. Detailed analysis and insights are a top priority for LearnDash customers.
  • A number of customers complained that several features did not offer enough possibilities. Slower and less effective than before. There are only a few options available.

Is LearnDash Easy To Use?

Yes, LearnDash is simple to use because it does not require any coding at all and it has a straightforward editor that uses a drag-and-drop interface for course creation.

Because it contains a large number of features, there may be a slight learning curve involved in understanding how everything operates. LearnDash does not require any specialized technical expertise on your part in order for you to make use of it.

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