iOS 13: Updates, but Few New Features

People have been talking about iOS 13 for a while now. The year-long schedule of Apple’s premiers, updates, rumors, and so on, seem like they are meant to cause excitement for their next advancements. With iOS 13, there aren’t many new features but there are many updates to the existing apps and settings. The company appears to be establishing a foundation, a consistent layer of updates and improvements to build upon. Performance is not enhanced as much as it could be, but the minor updates will likely work together to make the speed and performance of each device better. The following are some of the updates iOS 13 offers and how they can be used.

iOS 13

Dark Mode

Perhaps the only notable new feature is Dark Mode, something Apple users have been asking for diligently for years. The inverted color scheme allows people to change to a black background that uses no light to populate the pixels. Not only does this save battery life, but it is also better for the eyes at night. When we use our phones before bed, the light keeps us up and disturbs our sleep. However, this doesn’t mean it is always good for your eyes. In fact, using Dark Mode all the time can strain the eyes and make it harder to see. But people like it because of its aesthetics, it looks very nice, and they like it for how much battery life it saves.

Apple Maps

Whether you are an Apple user or not, you probably know about the bad reputation their Maps application has. It is far from competing with Google, but iOS 13 brings new improvements to the inferior GPS app. They’ve been working hard to improve it.

According to the experts at the website MoneyPug, which is known in the UK as a platform to find cheap mobile phone insurance, one of the things they have added to the app is a street-view feature that allows the user to look around the real-world locations with composite images. It is not as comprehensive as Google’s app, which is more accurate and is more precise as far as buildings, roads, parks, and more. Still, there are updates to the app that will help people want to avoid downloading a new app and taking up space on their phone.  


There are some pretty big additions to the photo editing tools. Now you can tap to edit a picture and scroll through a list of adjustments very easily. These include exposure, highlights, shadow, contrast, and more. Each value can be adjusted and more subtle changes can be the key to making a good photo great.

In addition, you can compare the adjusted photo to the original and toggle these edits with a tap. Video editing is fully available for the first time, which allows you to do basic tasks like rotating and cropping a video, which was previously impossible in the Photo application. These tools aren’t ever going to replace other editors like Adobe, but they can provide an edge for the average person who wants to edit photos but isn’t a professional.


The new operating system also provides some integral privacy upgrades. One being that you can finally disable Bluetooth devices from tracking your location. iOS will show you where it has been tracking you if you do have it enabled, and for how long. Another privacy feature is that even when you allow an app to access your contacts, you will be able to say no to them accessing your notes on them. Furthermore, Face ID has been updated, and will now open your phone 30 percent faster than it ever has before by identifying your face.

Apple has been working on hard not on wow-ing their customers, but providing features that they’ve been asking for. They aim to please with this new version of the operating system. As usual, this has made people what they have in store for the next iteration. Since there are few truly new features on this version, the next iOS might have brand new apps and features. But we don’t know that yet. It is easy to go down the spiral of Apple rumors but we never truly know until they announce their new products and operating system each year.

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