How to Increase Domain Authority

Being a good writer on websites not only requires good writing skills but also requires knowledge about various terms related to blogging. One of the important terms is Domain Authority.  Even if your content has more significant information, some site will rank better in terms of queries. This is where domain authority comes into picture. Domain authority plays a very crucial role for your website. Not only it helps you to rank for keywords but it also helps make your site appear authorities to search bots that mean your considered is very important.  This means more sponsored requests, more followers and more value for your blog.

Increase Domain Authority

What is domain authority?  Basically it is a score in the range of 0-100 (Logarithmic Scale) developed by Moz that predicts how well a website will be ranked on search engines. To determine Domain Authority Moz employs machine learning against Google’s algorithm to best model how search engine results will be generated.  It is important in the beginning itself to not be confused between Domain and Page authority.  Domain authority measures the predictive ranking of entire domains whereas Page authority measures the strength of individual page.

Here we will cover important steps to be followed to improve domain authority.

Linking Root Domains:

Domain authority essentially looks for how many sites are linking to your site which helps to increase the value of your site. Getting 50 links from a single domain is as good as getting 25 links from a set of 25 different domains. So take care that you have various links in your website relevant to your current post. Your domain authority will definitely increase.

Removing Toxic Back Links Regularly

This is one of the things often most people are unaware of. Very often you should dig into your link profile, find the spammed links and get rid of them.  Almost all the people clean their link profile after they suffer an algorithm penalty.

Quality Content Sets you Apart

Wherever you go, good quality will always give you a cutting edge over others. Write your content in such a manner that the reader must not wander anywhere for more information.

Also quality content means your content should provide value to the readers. Quality content is essential to improve your rank in search engines which help to improve your domain authority. Google trends and BuzzSumo are places where you can find trending content.

One prominent advice for quality content from my side would be to avoid content which is copied or improper. With improper and copied content overall value including domain authority will fall down.

Social Media

Social media like Facebook, Instagram are always trending. People may not read news daily but would definitely check out social media one a day. You can increase domain authority by trying to increase number of likes and shares your post gets on social platform. The explanation is quite simple, when people share and like your content it means that find it important and useful which implies that your page has a value and should be given good authority.

Market your Content

Content marketing is the trending game in the blogging world which is increasing exponentially.  You need to market your content so that number of people reading it increases. As this number increases your value increases and you would definitely end up increasing your domain authority.

On Page SEO

SEO stands for search engine optimization. On page SEO plays a vital role in improving your domain authority. It includes a number of technical factors like page titles, placement and density of keywords.  Here are some of the tips to maintain on page SEO:

  • Always try to keep the keyword density between 0.5 to 1.5 %
  • Whenever you are writing a blog choose a perfect keyword. Long tail keywords are useful as they are easier to rank. Try to use your keyword in the starting paragraph of your post as much as possible (2-3 times is good.)
  • Choose a proper permalink structure for your blog.
  • Use heading tags to highlight the main points. It helps the reader as well.
  • Don’t leave your meta description blank. Your meta description should essentially have your focus keyword in it.
  • Optimize your image to revitalize your SEO status.
  • The title of your blog post should be appropriate and attractive and it is even better if your title includes your keyword.

On Page SEO

Patience and Perseverance:

It is well said that success does not come to you over night. Same is the case in the blogging world. It is a fact that the older the page the more it has its domain authority. It takes time to improve domain authority. Also older sides have better SEO score on Google. Post stuff regularly and follow the above steps. Your domain authority will definitely increase. Most bloggers are not consistent. These fluctuations affect your domain authority. They key point is to be patient and perseverant. SEO glory does not happen in a day.

Other factors like Moz trust and Moz rank are also essential to increase your domain authority. However the points mentioned above play a very crucial role for your blog.  For me content, patience and internal linking are the most important. That’s all about domain authority. Enjoy blogging and all the best.

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