Essential Tips to Increase Affiliate Earnings

The affiliate marketing is one of the most popular methods of earning money online. Most of the bloggers and internet marketers are using affiliate marketing as the monetization method for their blogs.

The affiliate marketing is the best way to earn money online from the blogs. As there is a huge competition in many of the affiliate marketing niches, many marketers are not able to make a huge amount of money from affiliate marketing.

In this post, I will share some tips for increasing the affiliate earnings from your blog. The tips and technique I am going to share in this post are tested and working. So, if you are struggling to make money from affiliate marketing, then these tips will help you to increase the affiliate earnings.

Essential Tips to Increase Affiliate Earnings

1. Keyword Research

The Keyword Research is the most important task which you’ve to complete before starting anything on the internet. The success of any blog or the affiliate marketing project depends on the right keyword research. If you are starting out in affiliate marketing, it is better to do a thorough keyword research on the product you want to promote.

If you are willing to sell the Coffee Maker Machines on your blog, then you should do a proper keyword research about the Coffee maker machines and the related topics. In the keyword research process, we have to find out the related keywords, search volumes of the main and related keywords and Search Engine competition.

2. Social Presence – Social Marketing

The social presence is the best for getting more exposure to your blog or website. Creating the Facebook page of your blog and promoting the affiliate links of the products on it can be a good idea if you’ve enough “Likes” on social media. Also, you can advertise on the popular social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter and gain some attention and sales.

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3. High-Value Products

The products with high price give you a high affiliate commission. If you are selling the book worth $5-10, then the affiliate commission would be low. But, you start selling any product which has a price tag of more than $50-100, then you can earn some serious money by selling them.

As the Affiliate commission rates of the product categories vary, your commission will vary from each and every product. Suppose, the price of the Coffee Maker Machine is $100, and the commission percentage is 5%, then you’ll receive $5 per sale. Well, this is just for sharing my thoughts, the actual commission can be higher.

In short, instead of promoting the low-value products, try promoting the high-value product to increase your affiliate earnings.

4. Write Blog Posts

There is no better option than writing a compelling blog post to sell the product and get an affiliate commission. If you have an affiliate niche blog, then you can write an excellent blog post promoting the product with high price tag. An excellent blog post about the product is good for adding value to the website, which helps us to sell the product and increase the affiliate earning.

You can write about the product you are promoting and add the information related to the products. If you are not comfortable writing the long and compelling blog posts, then you can hire freelance writers to write them for you.

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5. Focus on Holidays and Festivals

It is proved that people tend to do more shopping on the Holidays. There are many holidays happening in this world at the current time. If you can concentrate on the specific holiday or the festival, in which your product will get attention and sales from the people, then you can focus on selling in the period of those festivals.

You can publish blog posts promoting any special deal on the specific product on the occasion of the holiday or festival, promote your affiliate link of the product on social media sites and email your loyal subscribers about the holiday deal on your product. By these ways, you can promote your product and increase your affiliate earning from a blog or the paid advertisements.

6. Video Marketing

Video marketing is the another way of promoting products and increase the affiliate earnings. In the video marketing, you can create a simple video explaining about the product you are selling, a review video of the product or the solution to the common problems related to the niche related to your product.

Uploading such short videos on youtube with the affiliate link in the description will help you in getting sales from the interested people.

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Comparison Charts

People love to compare products with each other and then decide to buy the best one. In the affiliate product blog post, if you compare any of the related products, there is high chance that visitors are going to choose the winning product from the comparison. It’s simple psychology which will help you to get more sales of the product and increase affiliate earnings.

6. Affiliate Link in Images

Adding the affiliate link in the images is the best technique to increase the Click-through rate of your affiliate link. While reading the content, most of the users click on the images added in the post. So, if you add the affiliate link of the product you are promoting to the image in the post, people will click it and arrive on the product sales page.

7. Quality Content

It is really important for any blogger and affiliate marketer to post quality content on his blog. I already told you to add blog posts if you have a blog. But, adding senseless blog posts with thin content is not going to help you. Instead of posting numerous low-quality posts, you can add quality content to more than 2000 words. The quality content helps us to get ranked on Google and get some traffic, resulting in the increased sales with your affiliate link.

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The tips I shared here to increase affiliate earning are working and tested by myself. If you follow these tips correctly, then you can see an increase in your affiliate earnings. If you have any doubts about these tips we shared, then please share it in the comments below.

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