How Your Business Could Profit from Podcasting

In this article we have featured How Your Business Could Profit from Podcasting, Podcasting is a relatively new concept, but it can serve wonders for your business. If you are considering podcasting, there are several benefits to your business, providing you utilize the technology to your advantage.

What is Podcasting?

Podcasting is the relay of information through audio. Rather than read an ad or watch one, your target audience will listen to you promote your business.

This is a plus because oftentimes people cannot be bothered to read every piece of information that they may stumble upon. People are generally looking for specific information and if your article or ad is not attention-catching, you may just be skipped over. This is where your podcast will come in.

Podcasting is the process of creating and distributing audio files to subscribers’ computers using RSS feeds. These files can then be transferred to digital music or multimedia devices such as the iPod.


A digital audio file can easily be converted into a podcast. The podcaster saves the file as an MP3 before uploading it to a service provider’s website. The MP3 file is given its own URL, which is put as an enclosure within an XML tag in an RSS XML document.

A podcast can be registered with content aggregators such as or to be included in podcast directories after it has been generated. People can browse the categories or subscribe to specific podcast RSS feeds, which will automatically download to their audio devices when they connect again.

Although podcasts are often audio files made for digital music players, the same technology may be used to prepare and send photos, text, and video to any device that can receive them.

Podcasting has been compared to TiVo because it allows users to listen to their favorite podcasts whenever they want, much like time-shifting allows viewers to watch TV shows when they want.

Users can also listen to audio files from the Internet while going about their everyday activities, such as listening to a news blog entry while at the gym, commuting, or simply walking around, thanks to the portability of the player gadgets.

Using Your Voice

Using your voice can be an effective marketing tool. You can determine which words to emphasize and which tone of voice to use. In addition, your audience is hearing you – the voice of your very own business.

Now, you are associated with your ad which makes you more valuable. Podcasting also allows you to get your message across by telling your audience what you want them to hear. You can specifically emphasize any points and even make more than one podcast that will target different users.

Using Your Voice

Consider your podcast’s voice — choose a narration style that fits the theme of your show. Investigate how other podcasters in your niche are speaking. Check to see if their voice and narrative style are appropriate for the issue, or if a different tone would be more appropriate.

We can quickly recall particular voices from the media that have a distinct sound. There’s a deep Hollywood trailer voice, a boxing match announcer, a zealous sports pundit, a deep yet calming late-night radio DJ, and so on.

Consider whether a deeper or higher voice might be better for your podcast. Consider the rate at which you speak. Is it necessary to enunciate everything precisely, or can you use a more current, conversational, and relaxed style? Do you want to come across as a mentor and expert, or as a friend? Whatever option you choose, make an effort to speak clearly.

Sponsors & Advertising

Sponsors & Advertising

When it comes to making money from podcasting, advertising and sponsorships are generally the first things that come to mind.

There are a variety of podcast ad networks that can help you connect with advertisers. They handle everything from locating advertising to negotiating rates to acquiring the screenplay. To work with them, you normally need a larger audience of at least 5K or 10K monthly listeners.

Midroll is one of the largest ad networks, and Authentic is another popular network. Many podcast hosting businesses also have their own networks.

Reaching out directly to companies that would be a good fit for your audience is another method that can work well if you have a smaller or more specialized following.

Tips For Service-Based Businesses

Tips For Service-Based Businesses

If you are in a service-based business, you can create advice clips for users to download on your website. Many people do not want to be bothered to read, but will gladly listen to an audio clip.

Oftentimes, people will understand the material better if it is spoken by another, rather than reading something themselves which may contain technical jargon and possibly confuse them. Also, by using a podcast to share valuable information, you are showing your expertise in the field and encouraging listeners to hear your tips.

Easy Syndication

Podcasts are available in RSS (Really Simple Syndication) which means that your target user would not have to wait for you to upload the clip, they could listen to it in real-time as it is occurring. Your users will also be able to sign up for the feed so that any new clips that are added by you are instantly available! It doesn’t get any easier than sending new information right to your customer’s ears.

Even though podcasting is a relatively new technology, it allows for a plethora of possibilities. You can record many different messages, including industry advice, and upload them to your personal website for instant access. Using podcasting is similar to broadcasting over the radio – you are reachable every single day.

Listening to a Podcast is flexible and doesn’t need to happen at your computer, subscribers can download and listen to your Podcast on the move via their MP3 players or mobile phones.

Podcasting Builds Your Brand

How Your Business Could Profit from Podcasting

Businesses used to rely on traditional marketing methods such as media advertising, mail, brick-and-mortar positioning, walk-in traffic, word of mouth, and so on.

These gave succinct descriptions of a company’s services and goods, as well as expertise and brand awareness. New digital solutions, such as targeted digital display, digital advertising, content blogging – and podcasting – are available in the twenty-first century.

The benefits of podcasts are similar to those of blogs. Both enable you to share your knowledge and expertise and, as a result, increase your credibility. You can provide advice, industry insights, tips, and unique work-related experiences, all of which will demonstrate your expertise.

If you own a company in a high-value industry, a podcast could be one of your most successful educational and marketing tools.

Expand Your Audience to Attract Advertisers

Podcasts are becoming a more popular advertising channel for businesses. According to the IAB’s U.S. Podcast Advertising Revenue Study, prepared by PwC, podcast advertising revenue in the United States is predicted to grow by 14.7 percent in 2020. According to the survey, podcast ad income was $708.1 million in 2019, up 48 percent over 2018. 3

In order to grow an audience and establish your podcast, you should concentrate on a few crucial elements.

Target Audience

Determine who your target market is and keep them in mind throughout the process. Have a plan for how you’ll advertise each episode before you release it—who are you seeking to connect with, and how will you reach them?

User Interaction

Keep the user’s experience in mind at all times. You want to make it as simple as possible to find and listen to your podcast. Apple Podcasts recommends optimizing your show on mobile platforms in their marketing tips. Make sure, for example, that your logo appears excellent in a small thumbnail and that your website is mobile-friendly.

Visual Appeal

Your podcast’s visual and written elements should express the same topic and tone as the episode itself. Your platform should have a consistent look and feel, with elements such as cover art, website design, and social media activity all representing the podcast’s brand in a consistent manner.



Many well-known podcasters build their own online courses to teach information that is comparable to what they discuss on their show.

Online courses are a terrific method to educate anything in a simple, easy-to-follow manner that leads to a definite outcome once done. Having an email list allows you to inform your audience about your course both on your podcast and via email.

Another way to sell courses is to use a webinar platform to demonstrate the value of what you have to offer for roughly 45 minutes, followed by an offer of a course.

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Conclusion: How Your Business Could Profit from Podcasting

Hosting a podcast can be a great opportunity to show off your industry knowledge or to earn some additional cash while sharing a pastime. The most common ways for a podcast to make money are via selling commercials, participating in affiliate programs, offering subscriptions, or crowdsourcing.

Increasing your show’s accessibility by uploading it to major sites like Spotify or Apple Podcasts can help you grow your following, which will attract advertisers.

Even if you don’t have a large audience, you may make money from your podcast by selling tickets to live concerts, mentoring other people, and so on.

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