How To start selling On Amazon

It is the question of every beginner when they start to think about selling on Amazon. AS with any other business it requires a lot of planning and many steps to go through. I’ll focus only on because there are some things that you can’t do on international amazon marketplaces (as using FBA or not). I think that in order to start selling on Amazon you need:

1. Develop a product

The first thing you need to do before deciding whether or not to sell on Amazon is to identify a product that will be popular, in-demand, and profitable for your business. You don’t want to start selling on Amazon just because it’s easy, but because you’ve identified the right kind of product to build a successful business around.

If you are a beginner, I would suggest starting with something that you will use yourself. Let’s say, your passion is kayaking and you need some equipment for it (paddle, life vest). If you connect this hobby to an existing market then it might be possible to launch a profitable business around it.

2. Find the right supplier for your product

Once you are sure that the niche is profitable, you will need to find a supplier for your product. Amazon has a very strict policy in order to avoid fake reviewers and sellers so contacting potential suppliers directly might be hard and not worth it due to risks of being banned from Amazon. Also, there is no guarantee that they will respond or even sell the product in large quantities. What you can do though, is to visit the local trade shows and find a supplier there.

3. Create an Amazon listing

You will need to create a listing that is appealing in order to sell your product. It should be thorough and easy for customers to find the necessary information when they search on Amazon. There are many guides online which focus on how to optimize an Amazon listing, but here are some things you should pay attention to:

Make sure you have a nice clear cover photo and a short (but informative) title. This is the way your potential clients will see your product on Amazon so it should look appealing enough to catch their attention. Try to show all the main features of your product like size, material, design, etc. The more specific you are here, the more likely people will be interested in your product. With Tools like Helium 10 and Jungle Scout, it becomes easy for you to find highly profitable keywords.

4. Launch and market your listing 

Once you are done with creating a listing it is time to launch it. Now, there is some planning involved in this part but I will try to give you a few steps that will help your business get off the ground:

  • Try to reach out to potential clients by searching for similar products on Amazon and sellers who are ranked high.
  • Try to appear as a professional business. You need an account with positive reviews and a good seller rating in order to be taken seriously. Provide great customer service and try to communicate well with your clients in the first place. This will not only help you gain more sales but also improve your reputation on Amazon.
  • Take advantage of the biggest sales days and make sure that your product is ready for Prime Day, Black Friday, and Cyber Monday (this year it will be on November 27 – if you are interested in marketing this event click here ).
  • Create some interesting content about your niche to raise awareness for your brand. This might also encourage potential clients to visit your webpage and shop from there later on. If you have a blog with some interesting content it will help you grow your brand.

5. Reach out to influencers in the industry to help with marketing 

Try to research for some influencers in your niche/ product. Write them a nice message asking if they would consider promoting your product on their social media accounts (if they have any of course). It is always hard to find potential clients especially when you are a new seller but try to ask around and get into contact with bloggers, journalists, etc

6. Use social media channels to promote your products

It is not enough to simply post on your social media accounts. You have to engage with people and ask questions. Invite potential clients to ask you any product-related questions or opinions about your niche/ products so that they will feel like they are involved in the whole process.


While these tips might seem simple, they can help you start your business on the right foot. As I said in the beginning, success is closely tied with how much effort you are willing to put into it. Once you create a product and launch it on Amazon (with some good marketing strategies), try to keep track of everything that is happening and use that information to make your business better. 

Good luck!

Aishwar Babber

Aishwar Babber is a passionate blogger and a digital marketer. He loves to talk and blog about the latest tech and gadgets, which motivates him to run GizmoBase. He is currently practicing his digital marketing, SEO, and SMO expertise as a full-time marketer on various projects. He is an active investor in AffiliateBay.

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