How To Make Online Teaching More Engaging 2023

In This article, I will share “How To Make Online Teaching More Engaging”

Online learning has made education more accessible, but whether it is interesting is a different story.

Today, you may learn from top instructors and universities all over the world while sitting in the comfort of your own home. And, because to this possibility, learning may continue even if the globe was struck by a pandemic.

However, whether the online mode does credit to the whole teaching-learning experience remains to be seen.

Is internet education as compelling as traditional instruction?

Unlike offline learning, where lessons are provided in a controlled context such as a classroom, online teaching is fraught with distractions. It’s not easy to keep kids together as though they’re in a real classroom and keep them connected, invested, and motivated throughout.

As a result, the most frequently asked question by teachers is “how to make online instruction more interesting.”

How to make online teaching more engaging

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How To Make Online Teaching More Engaging

So, if you’re a teacher trying to make online education more interesting, deliver the best, and have your students participate, we have a flawless action plan for you. Use these suggestions to make online teaching fun for you and your students.

1. Bring Personality to Your Teaching

Bringing your individuality into the picture is the first step to making online education more engaging. Students would like to interact with someone who brings their own set of experiences and views to the classroom and imparts instruction while riding on top of it all.

If you don’t have a personality in your teaching, it’s as if you’re reading from a book or writing an essay, which kids can easily do on their own. As a result, the engagement rate would be on the decline.

Take On the Role of a Storyteller

We all enjoy stories, and your pupils do as well. So, the greatest strategy to make online teaching more interesting is to use a narrative voice in your lectures. Don’t just state facts and information in a boring manner; convey them all in an engaging manner.

Share Your Enthusiasm For the Subject

The key is to appear as invested in your students as you would like them to be. Students’ interests will be little more than that if they believe you are teaching for the sake of teaching. As a result, let the pupils know about your passions and in-depth understanding of the subjects.

Don’t Limit Yourself to the Textbooks

What books can’t teach you, your experience can, and as a teacher, you have plenty of that. So, share it with your students from time to time to encourage them to venture beyond the pages of their textbook and make online teaching more exciting.

2. Use Every Technology at Hand to Your Benefit

Technology is always at your disposal in today’s environment. So, because technology is what makes online learning feasible, why not use it to make online teaching more engaging?


By combining some components that work well with verbal lectures, you may break up the monotony of online teaching. Use PPTs, photos, and videos to your advantage, and don’t let boredom sneak into your online classroom.

  • Screen-sharing is available on video-sharing platforms such as Zoom and Google Meet. Use it to have your pupils watch photographs, movies, or relevant documentaries together.
  • PPTs can help you deliver courses in a more visual and complete way. You may also give it to pupils to use as a reference later.
  • Find virtual games, breakout rooms, or quizzes that will aid in the learning process and make studying more entertaining and exciting by doing some research.

What matters is that you understand how to use each of these virtual tools. If you’re a teacher who provides online classes, your inability to use them all effectively could hurt your reputation.

3. Set Everyday Goals and Follow Them Through and Through

Your duty as a teacher does not end with giving online classes; you must also ensure that your students are getting the most out of your online course.

You wouldn’t want your pupils to sleep through the lectures and breeze through the course without learning anything, would you? Finally, if you haven’t learned anything, your presence is meaningless.

So, you’ll need to keep track of your student’s progress by defining attainable goals and encouraging them to work toward them.


Divide the Lessons Into Digestible Chunks

You shouldn’t teach too little or too much in a single day. If it’s too little, students may not see the value in attending your online classes, and if it’s too much, they may become overwhelmed.

What you need to do is strike the correct balance and break down your daily teachings into easily digestible portions that pupils will remember.

It’s also critical to assign homework to students every day and have conversations about it in the following lesson. Students would have a purpose to come prepared for the sessions in this manner, and online education would become more interesting as a result.

Check Progress using Revision Classes and Tests

There is a reason why every school curriculum involves regular tests, annual exams, and revision classes. That is how you track progress and make students face how well they have been doing in the chosen course.

So, make sure you conduct regular tests and organize doubt clearing sessions to bridge gaps if any.

Interactive Lessons For the Win

Increase the amount of interaction in the picture, and online learning becomes more interesting. When teaching is a one-way street, it’s easy to drift off or allow your thoughts to wander to another planet in the middle of a presentation.

As a result, put interaction at the heart of any online education strategy.

Engage in Dialogues

You naturally become more attentive and invested when you feel like you’re a part of a conversation and could be asked to add your thoughts at any point.

Rather than speaking for the entire class, opt for an interactive session in which students can also engage and share their thoughts or learnings.

Ask inquiries like, “What are your thoughts on this concept?” Have you had any comparable experiences in your life?

The idea is to give pupils the impression that their voices will be heard and respected. They are active participants in the entire online teaching style, rather than passive listeners.

Opt for Live Lessons

Today’s online teaching combines both synchronous and asynchronous modes of learning, and both are equally crucial in making online learning more engaging.

Both synchronous and asynchronous modes work together to create a real-time learning experience, allowing you to interact with students, cover new topics, discuss what they’ve learned so far, and introduce the possibility of new discoveries.

Conducting a live session is critical in this situation. While it is possible to record lectures and send them across, this eliminates the interactive part of your online teaching. As a result, your lesson will be reduced to a video that can be found on the internet.

4. Know Your Students and Accommodate Their Interests

The degree to which you connect with your students is one factor that impacts how engaging your online sessions will be.

It’s simple: if students believe that their absence will go unnoticed and that their opinions in the classroom are unimportant, they will be far less likely to be there and participate in what is going on in the classroom.

Make an effort to get to know your students and incorporate their interests and needs into your teaching plan if you are serious about making your online teaching more interesting.

  • The first step in getting to know your pupils is to memorize their names and use them whenever you speak to them in class.
  • Inquire about why students choose the course and what they want to gain from it.
  • Create a comfortable environment for pupils to offer their candid feedback.
  • Always be open to students’ concerns and, if necessary, make any changes to the curriculum or teaching technique.

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