How To Make Money With Pinterest In 2024 (100% Proven Strategies)

In this post, we have covered easy guide of Proven strategies of How to make money with Pinterest 2024

When we hear the term social media marketing, our mind instantly goes to platforms like Instagram and Facebook. But one of the most underrated image-based social media sites is Pinterest. The platform offers you many benefits that are not available on the other sites.

Considering how popular Pinterest has become over the years, it is not surprising to notice many web domain owners’ and marketers’ presence on this site. Pinterest comes with a huge bag of opportunities, and features and strategies to support them. Additionally, time and again, Pinterest has proven itself as one of the largest platforms with a high sales conversion ratio.

Moreover, while there are options to make payments to create those opportunities, you can do it for free. All you need is a creative mind and a will to use this platform, and you are set.

What are the Important Things That You Need To Know About Pinterest?

Here is a list of things that you need to know about Pinterest before we dive into understanding how to make money out of it.

  • Building an audience and follower base is equally as important as establishing a presence on Pinterest.
  • Pinterest is not only a search engine but also a social media site.
  • Use SEO Tactics in your descriptions of boards, pins, and profile to make your account visible to more audiences.
  • Strategies like Scattershot do not work on Pinterest.

How to Make Money on Pinterest?

Though the Pinterest platform is open to all, some people seem to make better profits from their accounts than others. This results in people not being able to understand the process and use the appropriate tools to enjoy success.

How to make money on Pinterest

One of the top tricks to become a high earner on Pinterest is to first establish your own monetized blog. After that, you can use the image-sharing platform as a sort of search engine to redirect users to your blog. This helps generate user traffic who are already accustomed to your content. These users have a greater tendency to purchase through your blog.

Having proper knowledge is of primary importance when trying to earn money through online sources. One of the most significant sources of income is affiliate marketing.

When you attempt to use social media platforms to help boost your earnings, this is always the way it is carried out.

Launch Your Blog

One of the first things that you need to do before you can start making money through Pinterest is to develop and publish a good blog. When first launching your blog, you may need to make some small investments. The best method would be to opt for some inexpensive options to start your blog with only a tiny outlay. You have to ensure that the services you use are trustworthy and can provide the support and services you need. Once your blog viewership increases and you begin to get regular traffic, you can monetize your blog. But we can discuss those steps later.

When choosing a hosting service, opt to use a low-cost, reliable site such as Bluehost, which can help you manage the initial traffic. These sites also give you a lot of control over the website while keeping your budget in check.

When deciding where to host your website, you need to avoid many “free” sites like Blogger or that do not allow you to monetize your site later. 

Create a Quality Blog

Some people assume that having 15 blogs with an average quality of content over one quality blog solves the purpose of having a blog. However, these people are incorrect in their assumption. In blogging, especially when you are trying to earn money through interest, having a quality blog can make the entire difference.

While starting a blog, the foremost thing that you need to decide is the niche of your blog. According to the principle, the blog should match the content of your Pinterest account. You can choose from a variety of topics. Practically speaking, you can choose any topic under the sun.

However, do make sure that the niche that you intend your Pinterest account’s target to be should have a readership. There is simply no point in choosing a topic that has a handful of readers because there won’t be any traffic flowing to your blog or your Pinterest account.

For Google to notice your blog, your blog must have multiple features to keep your visitors interested. There are specific criteria based on which Google judges your blog. However, the most important thing for Google is that your blog focuses on a topic and has high-quality content. Additionally, there is a need for multiple blog posts providing high-value content offering profound insights on that topic.

There is simply no point in having ten thousand words on your blog that does not offer any meaningful insight. Compiling a string of words is rather easy. However, making sure that those words make sense holds more importance. Make sure that your blog is easy to read and understand, has valuable information and insight, and covers all the essential points worth mentioning.

If you are wondering how to start a blog, you can do so by addressing common questions that people have related to your niche. Once you start writing these step by step guides or FAQs, you can begin building more comprehensive blog posts.

Monetize Your Blog

As attractive as this prospect sounds, it is equally complex as well. Having a good quality high standard content on our blog is the first step towards monetizing your blog. Consider a popular brand that has a vast customer base. Customers visit that brand’s outlet because they have quality products to sell. Similar is the case with a blog.

Monetize Your Blog using pinterest

If you have quality content on your blog, you will have more and more audience coming to your blog to go through your content. Having a substantial reader base is one of the initial requirements for joining a high paying affiliate program or display advertisement providers. 

Once you have a high-quality blog, you can consider how to monetize it as the next step. If Pinterest is what you want to concentrate on, you can browse from multiple options to earn money. It is worth mentioning that display advertisements and affiliate sales are two very attractive ways of making money through Pinterest. However, there are other ways in which you can browse to earn money using Pinterest.

Considering the traffic which Pinterest can generate for a website, Pinterest consulting is a popular way of earning money. Various companies and marketers are quite keen on hiring skillful Pinterest designers.

Additionally, you can also choose to be a Pinterest trainer and consultant. You can teach other interested individuals the various intricacies of using Pinterest, like explaining how to improve the on-website Pinterest presences of other accounts and teaching about different Pinterest strategies.

While we are going to discuss this segment in detail below, it is worth mentioning that there are many ways of using Pinterest to make money.

Create a Pinterest Business Account

Pinterest offers you two types of accounts, personal account and business account. One of the most common mistakes that people commit is choosing a personal account while they should opt-in for a business account.

It is important to note that your account might get banned if you make money for a long time using a Pinterest personal account. This ban is imposed on different accounts because they breach the rules of signing up with Pinterest.

Getting started on Pinterest business account- Make money with Pinterest

Contrary to popular beliefs, you can sign up for a business account without paying anything. The setup process is simple and makes a lot of relevant information available to you. This information includes the amount of traffic flowing to your account, analytical data and reports, and information about the pins that give the highest performance.

After you have successfully created a business account on Pinterest, you are now given instructions that will allow you to claim your website. Following this procedure, you can link your blog with your Pinterest account, making it highly important. Moreover, these instructions that they provide enable you to complete this process within minutes.

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Once you have accomplished all this, the next step is to create your profile. You need to write a concise yet attractive bio that must contain all the relevant keywords. This bio tells Pinterest about your profile, including details about your genre or products. Additionally, the keywords will enable Pinterest to point relevant traffic to your profile by allowing them to find your pins and graphic content.

While it looks a bit complex, the procedures to follow when setting up your business profile are easy and quick. Moreover, the benefits that it provides pay for it.

Generate Traffic for Your Pinterest Account

After you have completed the processes required to set up your business profile on Pinterest, it is still not time to relax. Next, you shall need to build your Pinterest traffic machine. Though this step is a little complicated, it is not extremely difficult and is more straightforward than most people think.

To get good traffic flow, you need to be able to completely understand Pinterest and how it works.

Develop a Top-notch Pinterest Account

The first step to developing a top-rated account is having good quality content and understanding what your target audience wants. Unlike Facebook or Instagram, you cannot use only algorithms to calculate and present content to users.

When using Pinterest, you need to go through all the stages of a beginner to an expert to gain the required understanding. Each social media platform is a little unique, in terms of the audience, and the kind of content they are looking for on this platform.

The insight that you gain about the audience helps to make sure you create better content. This content, in turn, helps generate attention. Becoming a user of the platform will help you better understand what you should avoid when improving your blog.

Understand the nuances of Pinterest

To be able to get the most out of any platform, you need to be able to understand the basics first. For Pinterest, your ‘profile’ is a mixture of pins and boards. The content that you share or upload is known as pins. A collection of similar or related images is shared in a group, and it is called a board.

You can name your boards based on what the pins consist of. Each uploaded image on Pinterest generates a separate pin.

This system of separating and dividing the content into an easy to access board helps visitors decide which collection they might want to view. The benefit of this layout is that when visitors choose to view one of the collections, they do not leave only after looking at one image. Since the related images are all available to him at the same location, your board can generate views for the other pins too.

One of your primary focal points for account management should be to maintain the quality level of your boards and pins. When you have a good quality of content on your boards, it can lead to viewers liking and following your page and re-visiting you.

When viewers re-visit pages, there are higher chances of them choosing to follow through to your business site. Once you have decided on the niche customer base you are catering to you will be able to develop high-quality boards with content that will appeal to them.

The quality content will help you gain authority and positive feedback from your prospective clients.

Instead of making a large number of boards, the focus should be on a small number of quality content driven boards. Mediocre or low-quality content can negatively affect the visitors to your page. Negative feedback always results in low visits and even lower conversion rates. However, the ideal situation is a high number of boards with good quality content in all the collections. But that is not feasible. Thus it is a better idea to grow your page with a lower number of boards along with high-quality content included.

Creating these boards on Pinterest is extremely easy, and the form comes with clear instructions on how to create them.

Optimize your Pinterest Account

It is necessary to make sure that you are operating a robust and well-rounded account. On Pinterest, it is more appreciated if you can provide first-hand experience and authority over the subject. It is easier for most users to connect with and agree to any blog if it allows for feedback from experience.

Blogs that may just be listing products and uses without real value-based feedback are usually not as popular. Having fact-based research and detailed information is one of the best techniques for developing and maintaining quality and authority.

Optimize your Pinterest Account- How to make money with pinterest

When we can provide experienced feedback to users, they shall also trust the contents. This can result in increased website traffic.

Thus when developing your blog’s user base, it is advisable to choose any niche that you have personal experience in. This will allow you to update informative write-ups that can then help you to connect better with your target audience.

These pages, based on personal experience and hobbies, will enable you to develop a more active user base. This sort of following leads to better conversions, return visits, increase in exposure through your user base sharing your content. This type of popularity can help you quickly draw visitors through Pinterest to your main blog or site. 

Some Prominent Software and Tools for your Pinterest

Before you proceed with other tools, make sure to spend some time on Pinterest itself. Browse through the website to understand the various features that Pinterest has to offer.

Once you have become familiar with the website, the next step is to become familiar with other tools. These tools help from image editing to pin scheduling. Let’ have a closer look at some of these highly beneficial tools.

Canva: A great tool for beginners

Canva is a simple yet potent tool which helps in editing and creating the images for your Pinterest account. It is important to understand that pins on your website don’t have to be raw images. You can customize your pictures by adding texts, highlighting the content, changing the background, and using color shifts, etc.

An artistic and unique combination of these additional formatting tricks often helps in bringing out more details in the picture, which wasn’t visible earlier. 


Canva is not only simple in design and highly efficient; it also comes for free. By offering many editing features like editing the images, inserting text to the images, and creating the collages amongst others. While it is easy to understand and use these features on Canva, they also have tutorials that ensure easy navigation and learning.

While Photoshop and other tools are great but need specialized expertise, Canva is easy to use, which anybody can apply without having any expert knowledge. It is an excellent tool that you must try at least once while creating the perfect pins for your Pinterest.

Tailwind App: A power-packed tool for Pinterest 

Tailwind App specializes in managing the pins for your Pinterest account. This tool allows you to schedule the time and days of the year to post your pins. All you have to do is spend the initial time setting up this tool with your Pinterest account, and everything else gets done in a jiffy.


Automating the posting of pins helps you save a considerable amount of time, which you can utilize to make additional pins. Additionally, Tailwind has a unique feature called Tribes.

Tribes is their social networking and community platform where you can connect with like-minded individuals and increase your content’s reach.

While Tailwind allows you a certain free trial period, you have to pay the subscription fees for further usage. However, if you are serious about using this tool, it makes up for money that you spend it.

Moreover, various free Tailwind guides make sure that you understand the nuances and start making most of this tool in no time. Also, the exposure and networking facilities that you achieve through the Tribe feature makes this tool worth your money.

What comes next?

The trick to a durable and efficient structure lies in the foundation. Similar is the case with Pinterest. Once you have devoted sufficient time, to create a highly optimized blog post with a score of high keyword intensity and relevant content and simultaneously created a similarly efficient Pinterest account containing high-quality pins. The question that comes to your mind is, what next?

Once you have the content to back you up, the next step is to build a strong presence. You can do so by developing more pins, creating excellent boards, and reaching out to the audience to connect with them. It is important to note that group boards are highly relevant when it comes to influencing the audience.

Additionally, you will get a surprise when you discover how many people are willing to help those who are stranded somewhere around something.

Establishing presence means spending time around different communities and boards and connecting with others. You also need to make sure that all your boards and pins are superb. Additionally, you also need to discover other boards on Pinterest, which are of a similar genre.

You must start following these channels and share your best work with them. You need to understand that there is no reason for feeling scared. Pinterest has an excellent community which allows you to connect with others and make them feel your presence.

Once you make them believe that you are an active part of the community, you will start getting more followers. And when these followers start liking your content and sharing them, it will automatically generate more traffic for your Pinterest account.

A major point of importance is that you are consistent in your posts. You need to make sure that your channel remains active for it to grow further. Building your presence is an integral part of building your community of followers. If you are looking for ways to make your channel active, you can try Tailwind. All the features of this tool are already present above.

All the pins that you post on Pinterest need to have an optimized description displaying your website link. These links are extremely useful in driving traffic to your website, which helps you make money.

How can you actually make money on Pinterest?

After understanding the nuances and various important information, the next step is to learn ‘How to make money using Pinterest?’ Posting pins, building a blog, building a community, and generating an audience is all fine, but what above income? Well, you need not worry anymore.


Display Advertisements and Affiliate Marketing 

Affiliate marketing is a highly popular way of making money on Pinterest through traffic. It is important to note that when your business and Pinterest account are in harmony, it drives the audience to purchase from you. And isn’t it the entire motive of spending so much time in creating the Pinterest profile and your blog?

Let’s try to understand it in a simplified manner. When someone directs from your Pinterest account to your website and makes a purchase, you use Pinterest to generate income.

Using affiliate marketing links of a similar domain as yours also helps you to generate more money. Additionally, including an affiliate link directly in the description of a pin sounds like a highly attractive idea.  

However, it is seldom the smartest one. It is rather advisable to direct your visitors to your website and let them click on the affiliate links through there instead.

While considering different affiliate programs to fit your business needs, you’ll discover many options. The Amazon Associates program is one such option that is not only highly popular and easiest to register with, but it also provides something to almost everyone. While this is a recommendable option for the beginners, you can also start to look for affiliate programs with other major companies. This tactic will help you increase the inflow of money through your website.

Additionally, you can also look for popular affiliate courses and use Clickbank to discover other products and options. This practice will provide you with multiple options related to your domain. The trick here is to channel your Pinterest traffic through to your blog. In case you have successfully made a Pinterest account, including boards of high quality, you must have traffic to channel. This traffic is the source of income that you are looking for on Pinterest in the first place.

Display Ads

Working around the same concepts as that of affiliate marketing, the main agenda of display ads is also to drive traffic to your blog, which is monetized. Additionally, a health marketing strategy often involves affiliate marketing and display ads to work in synchronization. Also, you will often notice direct offers related to affiliates on affiliate websites.

Google AdSense

The most popular affiliate marketing program amongst beginners is Google AdSense. The popularity of this program is primarily because of the reason that it does not include any minimum count of the visitors. This unique feature of not holding any required visitor counts allows you to earn money even when you start out on Pinterest. All you need is some good articles, and you can start using AdSense.

As your Pinterest account starts getting more visitors, you must begin exploring other options. AdSense is a good way of starting but is not sustainable in the long run because the available alternatives provide you with much more income for a similar number of visitors. However, these other platforms do have the requirement for minimum visitors count.


Mediavine has a specific set of requirements to be able to help you achieve the best possible amount of growth for your blog. Using Mediavine has been reported to help blogs improve their earnings to a large extent and quite fast. The income may increase by up to six times as that provided by other services such as AdSense. The Mediavine service needs you to install a plugin that works with WordPress to help improve your business.

The ad system is relatable to Adsense’s format, so you need only learn a few formatting tricks, and you can get started. 

The only issue with starting your Mediavine journey is that you need to have at least 25000 visitors every month. The data is taken from Google Analytics, which tracks the activity on your blog. Along with this, the blog needs to be online for a minimum of four consecutive months.

The support staff at Mediavine are extremely useful, and can quickly help you with any technical problem. If you face any issue with setting up the ads, the engineers are well trained and can assist you through the process.


One of the top alternatives to AdSense today is Ezoic. This service has impressed users with its attractive ad display setup. This tool purportedly uses artificial intelligence to help users understand the best ad display setup for their website. The solutions are tailor-made to your and your site’s requirements and goals. Such a user-oriented approach by the tool has left most users extremely satisfied with this fantastic product.


Adthrive is a premium user tool that most websites may not be able to take advantage of. The main reason for this exclusivity is the minimum visitors per month requirement. Adthrive requires your site to have a minimum of 100,000 visits each month to be able to sign up for their service.

Can you make money through Affiliate Marketing without creating a Blog?

You will notice that some people can make money without even creating a blog. Well, as fascinating that it sounds, it is not the best way to go about it. This is mainly because while this practice is allowed today, Pinterest might choose to change its terms and conditions. If this happens, all your efforts will go to waste, and you’ll have to start from scratch. 

However, if you are still interested in knowing how this is possible, the answer is simple. It is that Pinterest allows direct affiliate links depending upon the affiliate program. However, it is easier said than done. Doing so involves you putting in some efforts in building your trust and presence on Pinterest. Otherwise, the chances of you getting a decent conversion rate are next to none. 

If this happens, you’ll get fewer sales and, eventually, less money. Moreover, you’ll need to find an affiliate program that permits this practice, and there are not many options available for this. Just to mention this here, Amazon doesn’t allow this practice.

Promoting Brands to get Sponsorships

All the big companies are always on a lookout to discover cost-efficient ways to market their product. In this pursuit, they have found that providing sponsorships for their brand’s promotions is a highly effective way of marketing. This favoritism towards sponsorship is mainly due to the fact that returns for the investment that you make are very high.

If you are able to show numbers regarding the regular followers and available audience on your Pinterest account, you’ll notice that many companies are eager to partner with you. However, the amount of money they will be willing to offer will depend on certain factors like niche, regular followers, and audience analytics.

In case you are wondering if there are sufficient brands to partner with, you don’t have to worry about it. Many mid-level brands are looking for the opportunity to partner with Pinterest accounts in a similar niche. Additionally, while targeting a mid-level brand to partner with, you don’t need to show extraordinary numbers.

Joint Ventures in Promotion Activities

During these collaborative ventures, companies partner with Pinterest creators and developers to create pins or a campaign, including pins driven towards building a brand image. In simpler terms, this practice involves creating a set of pins to help companies market themselves.

This particular target uses the creator’s capacity to connect with her audience to create a sort of campaign. In turn, this campaign capitalizes on the influence of the creator while delivering its brand’s message.

These collaborative activities are highly popular on Pinterest and have proven beneficial for both creators and companies. If your pins can stand out with the help of creative and far-reaching content, one of the companies will contact you soon enough with an offer.

Become a Pinterest Consultant

The benefits of using Pinterest as a marketing tool has become widely known. Due to this, there is widespread demand for successful and able consultants. One of the main reasons for this spurt of interest is that having a popular page on the site can help you show clients what you can offer. 

Consultants will need to be ready to provide solutions to a wide variety of clients. They may face individuals or small companies that require only simple consultation. On the other hand, consultants may be expected to carry out an in-depth analysis and provide optimization techniques for the account holder.

Many people prefer a direct one-on-one teaching technique to learn and understand the usage of tools and services at hand. Thus despite the flood of information available to everyone, they prefer having a consultant to help them. Due to this demand, many Pinterest account holders with popular pages can turn into consultants. You can put your knowledge to good use and make some extra money.

Become a Pinterest Guide

Sometimes Pinterest users cannot understand how to most effectively use the tools available to them. Becoming a Pinterest guide and helping these individuals with their requirements can help you make good money.


As a guide, you may have people asking you for quick tips and tricks, but you may also meet people who want to learn the services available in a detailed way, learn it well, and apply the knowledge successfully.

As a Pinterest guide, you will get the opportunity to help people improve in a number of categories. You can answer questions like ‘How o get more followers?’ or ‘How to obtain more joint ventures and paid partnerships?’.

Instead of going through informal channels and personal contacts for sharing this knowledge, you can opt for teaching platforms such as Udemy. This helps you earn even more money through your Pinterest account than the traditional methods only. It also provides you with an opportunity to share your knowledge with others.

Pinterest’s Virtual Assistant

This is a more advanced level of Pinterest consultation, as compared to the type described earlier. As a Pinterest Virtual Assistant, you can aid people who want an active and robust presence on the platform but are unable to provide them adequate time to be able to do this. This is where your service becomes beneficial to them. By using the tools at your disposal, you can help manage and popularise their accounts.

As a Pinterest Virtual Assistant, you can charge money for the services that you are providing. Additionally, if you foray into all the sectors of training and assistance, such as consulting or teaching, you can even offer them under package deals. Consulting services on most social media sites are in high demand, and Pinterest is no exception. Equipping yourself with these skills will let you earn money on Pinterest easily.

Help others to increase their Pinterest Presence

While there are ways to capitalize on Pinterest, helping others is one of those ways. Whoever said, ‘help others to help yourself,’ said it accurately. As strange as it may sound, you can actually collaborate with other creators who have great content but no audience. While you can charge a handsome share of profit, all you have to do is tweak other creator’s pins and accounts. By adding correct pins and making others follow and connect with other relevant Pinterest accounts, you can help them to increase their audience.

Whenever undertaking such a venture, you must do a complete SWOT analysis of the account to understand the areas where you can help. It is important to note that every account will come with different challenges, and you will need to be up for the task.

What is the importance of SEO on Pinterest?

Using high quality and accurate keywords can perform miracles. You need to ensure that you only include the right amount and quality of keywords without overdoing it. It is also important to note that Pinterest doesn’t have a search function like Google. This difference in search functions’ ability means that even basic SEO techniques can also provide you with extraordinary results.

Always Obey the Rules while on Pinterest

Every website and platform has its own set of rules and regulations. Similar is the case with Pinterest. Pinterest is known to be very particular about its policies, and violation of any one of those will mean a permanent ban. There is simply no point in killing the hen that lays the golden eggs.

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Conclusion: How To Make Money With Pinterest In 2024 | What is the Key Takeaway?

It often takes years to become an overnight success. However, you don’t have to wait for years. All you need to do is follow the steps and strategies that we have mentioned above to start making money right away.

However, if you plan on being a part of this game in the long run, you must begin by building a strong foundation, and that is all that matters.

While Pinterest provides you with a plethora of opportunities to capitalize on, all you need is a right combination of skills, efficient tools & smart strategies, and to drive traffic. If you are successful in doing all this, the doors of paid opportunities will open for you. 

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