How to Make First $500 from Your Blog

Why do you blog ? Whats the reason you are spending buying a domain and hosting, and spending time for sharing content on your blog. Is that all worth for free? When I started my first blog, I was unknown that I can even make money from blogging. I created the blog to share content and make a community out if it, where experienced users can help the beginners.

But as the time passed, I got to communicate with brilliant bloggers out there like Hongkiat Lim and Paul Andrew. I started to discover more on this topic, and I researched on it. I started using Google Adsense, BuySellAds, Affiliates and other Advertising Networks to get started with making money from the content. It was bit unsuccessful but it took me a year to make my first income report from blogging. And now, I am somewhat experienced in this field. So, for beginners who are looking for methods to make your first Income from your blog, here is a quick and must follow guide.

How to Make Money Blogging

If you are thinking its a quicker process to begin making money from blog, then you are absolutely wrong at this point. It depends on what is your content and how you are promoting it. Ultimately, you need READERS!READERS!READERS!

I would say it Readers rather than Visitors, ofcourse you don’t own a monument, its just a blog where peoples reads your blog. So, everything you need to know is you need to have more audience on your blog. Once you build your audience, I have described some of the fastest and effective ways of making money from your blog.

  •  Google Adsense

Google Adsense is an Advertising Platform that I would recommend to every blogger. Google Adsense is most effective income source for bloggers. I know you will be getting some difficulty getting started with Adsense. But after getting an account, you can start making money from adsense instantly by creating an ad and placing the ad code on your blog.

Above is what every blogger do after getting adsense account,but I am going to share something which would be really helpful to you. First is, find the places on your blog page where peoples click the most. To do this, you can generate heatmaps of your blog and focus on the area where readers click the most. Try placing the Google Ad Spots on these places, it will increase your Adsense Revenue.

  • Affiliate Programs

If you are already getting some traffic to your blog, then Affiliate Programs can work for you. There are millions of Affiliate Programs on various niche, just search for those Affiliate Programs which are relevant to your blog, this is must. Your readers visit your blog to read topics of particular niche, they obviously would not be interested in clicking irrelevant topics from your blog.

So, you signed up for an affiliate program that you think will work for you.What should you do then? Grab your affiliate link and make a short URL to make it easy to share. Please don’t place these affiliate links or affiliate banners in the sidebar or statically, because placing the affiliate links in widget areas never work. People know what you want to make them do. So, what I recommend is make posts and use the affiliate links in the posts so that it should a natural reference link.

  • Sponsors

If you are getting much traffic, then advertisers may contact you directly for Sponsors. Otherwise, you can use BuySellAds for getting Direct Ads Sponsorship based on the Total Uniques and Impressions of your blog. This is the most consistent way of getting paid using your blog because if the advertiser is satisfied with the traffic he is getting from your blog, then he must keep the banner on your blog for a long time. So, you will get paid monthly and consistently.

  • Sell Your Products

This can bring you a lot of money. Research on the people’s needs and what kind of products they are looking for. You obviously don’t want to waste your all day and night making a product which nobody is looking for. So, first research on people’s mind and then create your product. Once it is ready, you can use different strategies to promote and increase its sales on your blog.

The most effective method is, let them download the demo version of the product. And if you made the product good, they would definitely like the product and will want to upgrade further. Create a landing page on your blog with product details and use Paypal’s Buy Now button in that page. Once people start liking your product demo, they would certainly upgrade to the full version of the product.

  • Sell Content on Blog (Paid Reviews)

Paid Reviews is super fine way of making money from your blog. If Advertiser wants to spread their products or services, and if he finds your blog to be great site for the review, then he would ask you to write about his product or services on your blog, and certainly you will get paid for this. But the most important thing is, make sure you maintain the relevancy of the blog. Don’t publish irrelevant reviews on your blog for money because it will ruin your blog for sure.

If you are designer or developer, and you are making stuff and sharing it for free, then you should try donate button. Why people would donate? Ofcourse, if you are making products that they love to use and the product is solving their problems, then they would donate for sure.

How to get started with it? Grab a Donate button from Paypal place it on the product’s page. Create a tagline above this donate button like :

Please support us for further development of this stuff* by donating.

If they are sufficiently happy with your stuff, then you are sure to get paid for your hard work, you can also place a donate button on your blog’s sidebar to ask readers to donate.


Conclusion is nothing but try above methods and I am sure you will get enough money, and even more than your first $500 from your blog. You should use these methods in order, first Adsense, then Affiliate and then others , because Adsense and Affiliate bring more money in less time if you already have a couple of readers on your blog.

Don’t forget to share your opinions and reports with us by commenting below.

Jacob Keifer

Jacob Keifer is the main author of Kawa College of Education. He spends most of his time writing the best online course reviews, learning new skills, and playing chess. Jacob is a Texas-based writer and blogger with more than a decade of experience covering online education. Before launching his education blogs, he was a professional teacher who has trained many students and helped them pursue their careers.

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