How To Make a Private Website in 2023? [The Ultimate Guide]

In this post, you’ll learn How To Make a Private Website in [Year?

Websites can be a good way to share both personal and business information with others in a quick and professional way.

However, you may not always want the whole Internet to be able to see your website.

Most web hosts let you make a website with templates you can change, a lot of storage space, and multimedia features. You can then choose privacy settings to let only certain people see your site.

How To Make a Private Website

A private site can only be viewed by you, a public site can be seen by others through your profile, and a published site can be viewed directly through the URL of the site.

Private Sites = Your user profile cannot display them.

Public Sites = Your user profile shows them to everyone

Published Sites = Regardless of whether the site is public or private, anyone can view it via the web subdomain or custom domain.

3 Best Website Builders to Make a Private Website

1. Weebly

Weebly is a personal web builder that is geared toward eCommerce and works great for making small to large online stores.

The systems can also be used to make business websites, portfolios, blogs, and other types of high-quality web projects. Users don’t have to know anything about web design to use it, but those who want to use it to make high-end websites will benefit from knowing how to code.

Overview Of Weebly

Open Enter a new username, a password, and your email address to sign up, then click “Continue.” To use a design, click and drag a template from the top window into the space below. Then, click and drag the text and photo boxes into the template.

If you click in a text box, you can type text there. If you click on a photo box, you can upload photos from your computer. To add pages, click the “Pages” tab at the top and then the “Password Protect” box.

Click on the Settings tab and type a password into the “Site Password” field. Press “Save.” Check your website for mistakes, and then click “Publish.” Only people with whom you share the password will be able to get on the site.

Why select Weebly for making a private website?

Weebly is a website builder that is geared toward eCommerce and is used to run high-quality online stores and business projects with lots of features.

The system is a good choice for both beginners and experienced web designers who don’t know a lot about coding but want to make a web project that fits their needs and wants.

2. WordPress

WordPress is a free platform for making your own website. Also, this Content Management System is the most popular, flexible, and full of features in the world.

Even if you’ve never built a website before, you’ve probably heard at least something about this open-source platform.

Overview Of WordPress

WordPress has all the tools and features you need to start and run any website, whether it’s a business site, an online store, a portfolio, a blog, or a landing page.

How to make a private website with WordPress?

Click the “Sign up now” link on Enter your username, password, and your email address to sign up, then click “Create a blog.” Click “Appearances,” choose a template or theme for your website, and click “Apply.”

To add content to your website, click “New Post,” type in a text, and/or upload pictures. Click “Preview” to check and make sure your website is correct.

On the left side of the dashboard, click “Privacy” under the Settings tab. Check the box that says “I only want certain users to be able to see my blog” and click “Save Changes.” Click “Publish” to show your website to the public.

Why select WordPress for Private Website development?

There is a lot of variety in hosting providers and the terms and plans they offer, but when it comes to hosting WordPress sites, there is one that stands out from the rest.

There may be an extra cost for plugins and templates as well. Prices change depending on what you want to buy.

To publish a project that is already done, you will need to choose to host that you can trust and a domain name that meets all the requirements.

3. Blogger

Blogger is Google’s platform for blogs. It is easy to use, accessible, and free the price.

Back in the day, bloggers made it possible to blog on the Internet, and people who want to share their words on the open Web instead of “closed garden” social media sites still use it.

Blogger Main

Blogger is at the all-inclusive end of the wide range of ways to build a website. It gives you everything you need to get started and grow your site.

It’s different from solutions where you buy, install, and manage all of your website’s “pieces” individually. It’s like giving up some control in exchange for more ease.

How to set up a private website with Blogger?

Go to and click “Sign me up.” Enter your email address, a username, and a new password to register, and then click “Create a blog.” Click “Apply to blog” next to the template you want to use.

To add content to your website, click “New post” and type text or upload pictures. Click “Preview” to check for mistakes and make sure everything is correct, then click “Publish.”

Click “Settings” and then “Permissions.” Scroll down to where it says “Blog Readers,” and check the box next to “Only people I choose.” Enter the email addresses of the people you want to have access to your website, then click “Invite.

Why use Blogger?

Blogger is free to use, which is one of its best features. You won’t have to pay anything to sign up or subscribe. The number of blogs you can publish per account is 100.

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Conclusion: How To Make a Private Website?

When making a personal website, users may run into a number of problems. Most of them are about the options and tools for building websites that give good results.

This is when it gets hard to choose between website builders and CMS. Both types of systems have a lot to offer, and if you know how to use the features and tools they offer, you can get good results with either one.

So, what kind of service will work best for your website? If you’ve worked with CMS before or know the basics of web design, these systems are a good way to go.

The services are strong and have everything you need. This can only lead to a good result. But be ready to deal with and solve any problems you may run into at any point in the web design process.

Is this the first time you’ve tried to start a website? Or maybe you don’t want to worry about all the problems with web design? Then a great solution is to use a website builder.

With these services, you can build a trustworthy web presence. Everyone can figure out how to use them quickly and easily. They are also inexpensive and easy to use. Just add your content, change the settings as needed, and enjoy the result. Good luck!

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