How to Get Your Blog on Google Fast

To Get Your Blog on Google is pretty much easier these days, following some basic guidelines that every blogger must be knowing. What you would need is to Sign Up at Google Webmasters Central and Submit your Sitemap for getting your blog on Google fast. Other than this, what you usually is add your blog’s link to Google Directory to get noticed in the starting.

To get your blog on Google Fast,you may need to do some extra stuff, and more extra stuff if you want to rank one of the top positions. And you must be knowing, the top three rank holders gets the maximum CTR and maximum visibility. And there is nothing you will get if you rank in the top three position, and your content is just a waste if nobody is noticing it.

So, how to get your blog on Google fast ?

There are a lot of factors that sets your Google Crawl Rate, and how Google fetches your content. I would like to suggest one more tip here, getting your blog fast on Google doesn’t matters actually, getting your blog on Google at the top is thing that matters a lot. It is observed that, first result in any keyword gets average of 37% of Click Through Rate. So, better you focus on Getting Top rather than quick.

If your blog is running on Google’s Blogger Platform, then its not that hard to get your blog on Google fast. While if you are running on WordPress, or some other self-hosted Blogging Service, then you will need to some tweaks for better indexing and crawling. If you are going to start blogging ,then you should definitely need to read Blogger vs WordPress guide, where you can have a look over the Pros and Cons of these blogging Services. Blogger Blogs are better in terms of SEO , Crawling and Indexing, since Google have auto optimized the back-end of Blogger blogs.

How to Get Your Blog on Google Fast

Below are the list of things which helps you index your blog faster than anything, most of them are easy to follow but most them required better establishment of your blog already. So, do as much as you can and you will definitely get best results.

  • Write the Content as descriptive as possible, Google wants better content
  • Write as simple as you can, giving your readers and Google easy to understand
  • Ping your new blog post once published
  • Use robots.txt file to de-index irrelevant pages from your blog
  • Index only Quality Content of your blog
  • Write as longer as you can
  • Use Relevant Images between post content
  • Don’t display ads between the Content
  • Use Google Page Layout if you can
  • No-follow related outbound links in your post
  • Use Titles and Alt Tags in Images
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  1. Here’s my two-step formula to get your posts ranking in Google in no time:

    1) Research for highly-searched keywords related to your industry in Google Keyword Tool. Choose one that has at least three words, a reasonably high search volume, and reasonably low competition.

    2) Write an article that nobody has written about and related to the chosen keyword (search the keyword and cross out topics that are showing on search results). Make it interesting and use your knowledge about the subject to your advantage. Just. Be. Awesome.


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