How to Create a 5-Figure Black Friday Sale?

Thanksgiving and Black Friday online sales reached $9 billion in 2020, a 22% rise year on year!

And it’s not only online; customers in the United States rushed to malls in December 2021 as well.

Shoppers adore a good deal, and you can bet they’re already planning their holiday splurge spending for this year.

The Strategy To Kill Black Friday Sale: How to Create a 5-Figure Black Friday Sale

1) Send Your List Two Emails

You have the chance to communicate with your devoted consumers and those who have signed up for your email list directly through email marketing. This gives you the chance to reward their loyalty with a special deal.

Start sending emails a month in advance and continue doing it every week for four weeks until Black Friday. The evening before Black Friday and Cyber Monday, send out an email. Send out an email to all recipients detailing the discounts on the big day.

2) Cross-sell

This is an excellent moment to improve your cross-selling skills. Don’t expect your customers to buy what they want and then abandon your site. If you have a consumer who is about to make a purchase, you should suggest something that will organically fit together. Consider socks and shoes, paper and pencils, yoga mats and straps, and so forth. Is there anything else that someone could require in addition to their purchase?

You may wish to develop separate Black Friday and Cyber Monday product pages for customers. This can help you to focus your efforts.

3) Use Social Media

social media
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Social media may do wonders for your e-commerce company. Remember that the more engagement your Facebook adverts receive, the better they perform if you choose to run them. Therefore, you should design highly engaging and shareable Facebook campaigns. Remember that reaching your target market is more important than simply getting your advertisement in front of your eyes.

Choosing a high-quality product image and adding your logo and some text promoting your specials to it is the greatest approach to promoting things on Facebook.

Make sure to start spreading the advertisement at least a few days beforehand to generate interest. Customers will only view your advertisement once if you wait until the last minute to advertise, and they won’t be inclined to click through. Remember that throughout this busy shopping weekend, there are other retailers vying for their attention.

4) Use Social Proof

One problem you’ll run into is that during this time of year, everyone will be flooding the same channels that your customers will be looking at.

Bigger companies are spending more on advertising and media, but you can use a more personal and intimate channel: conversations. That’s a channel that will help you stand out from the crowd and get more traffic during this busy time of year.

5) Leverage the discounts

Most individuals expect to save at least 20% on their purchases on Black Friday and Cyber Monday. You desire to be competitive. To differentiate yourself, consider including a free gift with your items as a way to sweeten the sale. Gift cards can be added to your Shopify store. ​

The bigger the discount, the better this weekend. On Black Friday, most businesses will give at least 20% off. How many will offer a 50% discount for first-time shoppers or 30% off five or more items? Make your discounts as unique as possible.

6) Keep a check on site speed

46% claim they won’t ever use a slow website again. On your website, you want to make sure that doesn’t occur.

Make sure the checkout procedure is as efficient as possible. Shoppers on Cyber Monday and Black Friday are erratic. They have a finite amount of time and thousands of stores to choose from. If your checkout process is not efficient, customers will leave your store.

It can be beneficial for you to invest a day in streamlining your checkout procedure before Black Friday and Cyber Monday. You might think about offering other payment choices like Paypal or Bitcoin.


That’s exactly how it’s done. A promotion that is sure to get people’s attention and sell more things in 72 hours than you have all month.

Make your own Black Friday sale and see why Black Friday has become one of my favourite days of the year.

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