How to Convert Video on YouTube to MP4?

In the past couple of years, YouTube itself has introduced methods to allow users to download YouTube videos for offline access. You can do this using the official YouTube application and things are way smooth. Although the features are good enough, there are still some instances when you have to convert a video on YouTube to a more common file format like MP4.

You could be a video editor, collection enthusiast or someone who wants to watch a video in a different device. As it happens, MP4 is one of the most compatible file formats out there too. In this post, we will be talking about a number of ways on how to convert video on YouTube to MP4. We have included official and unofficial methods to do the same.


Method #1 YouTube Downloader Software

A YouTube Downloader is a piece of software that is designed to help you make YouTube videos available to be viewed offline. In other words, you can convert the video into a file format that can be played without an internet connection.

Now, these YouTube downloaders are available for almost every device platform there is. You can download these programs for platforms like Windows, macOS, Android and iOS. You will have to install the program or application in your device. Then, you can start downloading a video by simply putting the YouTube URL into the provided space. This process is easier than you expect.

The software would figure out the rest and it will download the video for offline use. Depending on which type of YouTube downloader you are using, you may have an option to choose MP4 as the desired format. If you can do that, you are good to go. However, make sure that the program also lets you choose quality.

The Problems: First things first, finding a legit YouTube downloader can be a tough task, because there are a lot of options in the market. You should choose something that has fewer advertisements — unless you are ready to pay. Second, you have to install a program on your computer for downloading a single video from YouTube. This may not be the ideal option when you want to convert YouTube to MP4 when you are on the go. That is, you may need something that smoothly works on the go as well.

Method #2 Online YouTube Downloaders

This brings the best of both worlds when you want to convert a video on YouTube to MP4. There are a huge number of online YouTube downloaders you can check out today. The best part is that you will not have to install anything on your computer or the smartphone. Instead, opening up a webpage through the browser would do the job.

Compared to the other programs, online YouTube downloaders are easy to use as well. When you want to download a YouTube video as MP4, you will have to copy the YouTube video URL first. Now, you can move ahead and paste the said URL on the YouTube downloader webpage. In a few seconds, the website would process the request and give you a downloadable file.

Just like the previous methods, advanced download options may be available. For instance, you will be able to choose the desired quality and format. Since MP4 is the most common format for videos, you won’t have trouble in converting the file to MP4 and then downloading them. If you are relying on a good-enough service with high-speed servers, you can enjoy the perks of additional speed as well.

As we said earlier, there are so many downloaders that let you convert YouTube to MP4 and other formats. You should pick a site that has fewer ads and good speed. It’s also seen that some YouTube downloading algorithms are better than others. So, even if one particular site says you cannot a video, you should try the same on another website.

This is by far the easiest method to download YouTube videos in the format you like.

Method #3 YouTube Downloader Extensions

If you are using something like Chrome or Mozilla Firefox, you can find browser extensions that let you get a YouTube video downloaded in a few seconds. The best part here is that you don’t have to worry about copying or pasting the URL. In most cases, these extensions put a button near the YouTube video player. You can click on the button to proceed with the download.

Of course, the downside here is the compatibility. If you are using mobile devices, running these extensions may not be possible. In those instances, you have to resort to a dedicated YouTube converter or downloader for the mobile device. However, if you take care of downloads on your laptop or desktop, you can try these extensions as well.

The Takeaway

These are the potential options you have for converting a video from YouTube to MP4 and other file formats out there. We recommend you going for the most appropriate options based on your system as well as the preferences. For instance, if you want to enjoy bulk downloads and on-the-fly editing, you should go for a downloader software. However, in most cases, what people need the most is an easy-to-use downloader for YouTube videos.

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