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How to Capture Your Customer Contact Information and Cater to Their Needs Forever

In this article, we have featured How to Capture Your Customer Contact Information and Cater to Their Needs Forever. You’ll hear it time and time again when you launch your own business on the ‘net – The gold is on the list! Your list is your database of customers’ names and email addresses.

The reason this is said to be true is that you don’t want to have to be chasing individual sales every time you have a product or service to offer. You want to have one loyal list of customers who you know are willing to spend money so that you can market to them for a lifetime instead of just once.

Building a list is easy and you can do it for multiple niches, products, or services that you want to leverage. All it takes is a simple squeeze page or opt-in box and an autoresponder system

Automating Your Customer Communications
How to Capture Your Customer Contact Information

Autoresponder systems each have different features, but one of the most popular ones is Aweber. Aweber costs approximately $19.95 per month and it allows you to create multiple lists and schedule your communications so that they go out in a timely manner and give you repeat opportunities to sell to your customers over time.

All you do when you sign up with Aweber is click on Add New under managing list. You just enter the details for your list, like what you want it to be called, and then you can create follow-up emails that automatically drip out to your customers using the time scale that you ask for.

You ideally want to keep your name in front of your list quite often, but not enough to appear spammy. Anywhere from 4-7 days is a good schedule. Within your emails, you can either promote your own backend products or promote products that you’re an affiliate of and that would complement your own product in some way.

So for instance, if your customer bought an eBook on baby names, your follow-up email might include a reference to a common infant problem – colic. You could either write your own product about the topic or promote an affiliate product.

You want to treat your list like gold, because then when you mine it, you’ll get the results that you want. If you abuse it and exhaust it, it’ll be hard for your customers to trust you and their loyalty will go elsewhere.

Adding an Opt-In to Your Web Presence

Web Presence

If you’re using Aweber, go to List Settings and then Web Form. This will take you to a screen where you click on Create Web Form. (Make sure you’re managing the right list if you have more than one).

Enter the name of the form, pick whether you want it to be static on your web page, a pop-up, pop-under, exit pop-up, or pop-over/hover box. Then click Next. Copy the code it gives you and paste it into your website.

It will automatically funnel your prospects into your autoresponder series. You can add a box to a regular domain or a blog. Then you’ll direct visitors to the URL with your subscriber box and begin marketing to them again and again.

Generating Sign-Ups to Your Subscriber Base

Sign-Ups to Your Subscriber

How do you convince the online consumer to provide you with their contact information? People generally aren’t at ease with letting marketers in the door to their email account, so you have to provide something of value in return.

You want to allow your subscribers to receive something free, like a weekly tip email, a report that you’ve written, a template, or anything you think is a good trade. You want to make sure you choose the double opt-in method via Aweber so that you have proof that the subscriber opted in, and then verified his or her subscription.

After the subscriber verifies their opt-in to your list, you’ll have your first follow-up response set to direct them to the download page where they can access the free report or download. If they’re supposed to begin receiving tip emails or an Ezine, you can set your follow-up to begin delivering those direct to their email inbox.

Ethical Email Marketing

Email Marketing

If you start email marketing to your customers, you want to handle them with kid gloves. That means never losing sight of the fact they voluntarily let you into their world. Don’t ever sell their names to marketers who will spam them and ruin your reputation as a valued part of the online community.

Watch your ratio of marketing to providing pure value. Your subscribers don’t want to feel like they’re chained to an infomercial. They want to feel special, so make sure you provide them with lots of freebies and discounts outsiders wouldn’t have access to.

As word gets around that you’re the type of entrepreneur who puts his customers first, your opt-ins will increase, and subsequently, your sales will skyrocket.

Next, we’re going to talk about the best way to generate free traffic to your website – by maximizing your search engine optimization strategy so that your sites show up at the top of the page whenever someone types in a relevant keyword or phrase having to do with your site’s purpose.

From Mass Production to Mass Customization

Mass Production

Although Individual makes extensive use of information and interactive technology, most managers fail to recognize that variety is not the same as personalization.

Customization refers to the process of creating a product or providing a service in response to a specific customer’s wants, whereas mass customization refers to the process of doing so in a cost-effective manner.

Mass customization necessitates a customer-centered approach to production and delivery, requiring the company to work with individual customers to create their desired product or service, which is then built from a foundation of pre-engineered modules that may be joined in a variety of ways.

Retailing Services

Retailing Services

Retailers have significant edge over manufacturers in many industries when it comes to developing learning relationships with end-usersespecially when customers want to touch, feel, and browse (clothes, shoes, and books) or when the product is eaten immediately (for example, in restaurants and bars). 
They also have an advantage when individual clients do not purchase significant number of products from single producer (such as groceries and packaged goods). 
This is because the merchant is in better position to spot patterns in customer’s purchases, while building learning relationships for the manufacturer may be more costly. 
Finally, many merchants provide services to customers rather than things, and services may be mass-customized more easily than most products.

Customer Referrals

Customer Referrals

You should start tracking client referrals if you haven’t already. Your most loyal customers can also be your most effective salespeople. They will give testimonies, leave reviews, and, most importantly, promote their friends, family, and coworkers to your company if they are satisfied.

Having a large number of client referrals implies a high level of customer satisfaction. It doesn’t necessarily indicate that your consumers aren’t happy with your product or service if they aren’t telling their friends and family about you. It simply indicates that there may be an opportunity for improvement.

Affiliate or refer-a-friend reward programs are extremely strong marketing strategies that have been around for a long time.

They not only reward clients for bringing you new business, but they also give you a number of useful insights. Affiliate programs give you insight into why individuals suggest your brand in addition to precise tracking of client referrals.

Repeat Purchases

Customer retention is evaluated by how long someone stays subscribed to your service if you offer one, such as a SaaS. People are either current customers or are not.

Customer retention is more difficult to measure for businesses that sell things. While some of your consumers may express their love or discontent with your goods on social media or on your website, the majority of your customers will tell you how delighted they are by buying your product again and again.

Most eCommerce platforms will make it simple to track this KPI, so you won’t have to do anything technical. However, enhancing this metric is all up to you, and it all starts with excellent customer service.

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Conclusion: How to Capture Your Customer Contact Information

Understanding client behavior has never been easier because of advanced analytics, behavioral recording capabilities, and stronger customer touchpoints.

The strategies described in this article are standard practices that can be used to inform and inspire your customer engagement initiatives, but they should always be tailored to your audience’s needs.

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