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How To Buy Web Content And Articles In 2021

In this article we have featured how to Buy Web Content and Articles, Do you break out in cold sweat at the thought of writing an e-mail, much less a 500-word informative and entertaining article? Do you simply not have time to generate pages and pages of content? Fortunately, there is another alternative to writing articles yourself: you can pay a professional writer to do it for you.

There are thousands of writing services and individual freelance writers who are more than willing to provide you with professional, customized content for your website. Web-based and SEO (search engine optimized) writing has become a profession unto itself, as more and more webmasters discover that original content is the key to Internet marketing success.

Paying for professional content can be the perfect solution for those who don’t have the time (or the interest) to develop writing skills. Hiring a professional writer to generate your articles leaves you free to concentrate on your business and ensures that you will have quality content.

As with any other business proposition, there are advantages and drawbacks to hiring a professional writer. In this chapter, we’ll take a look at the pros and cons of paying for content and help you make an informed decision.

What is an Article? 

How To Buy Web Content And Articles

A written article is often authored by a content producer in order to establish a relationship with a brand’s target audience as well as provide users with practical knowledge. In other words, you’re putting your direct expertise and experience to good use and sharing it with the rest of the world.

Regardless of your sector, great article material can help you create leads and increase traffic to your website. As a result, a content creator who has already told a narrative on behalf of a business can help you attract new customers while also interacting with other influential thought leaders in your sector.

Why Should You Purchase Articles and Done-For-You Content?

When I buy articles, I do so because I have an idea or topic for a blog post that I want to get up and running as soon as possible.

Purchasing done-for-you material allows me to rapidly take someone else’s effort, modify it to my liking and branding, and have it up and running so that I can focus on something else that will generate more revenue.

Another reason I might buy an article is if it’s about a topic I’d like to write about but don’t have any personal experience with. This means I’ll have to spend a lot of time gathering material from various sources, which I’ll then put into an article.

How To Buy Web Content And Articles

Instead, I find a topic-related article that I can easily expand on in a fraction of the time it would take me to start from scratch.

This is also applicable to crafts, DIY content, and even recipes.

Food, mother, and home decor bloggers devote a significant amount of time to developing these projects for their blogs. Others simply purchase the complete done-for-you pack, which includes both progress and finished photographs.

Isn’t that something out of a dream? In that case, all you have to do is make sure the craft or project is SEO or Pinterest-friendly, and that you can find affiliate products to market with the piece, and you’re in business.

The Pros

Buying professionally written custom articles can help you in more ways than one. Here are some of the benefits to paying for content:

Professional writers have experience

Professional writers have experience

Those who write web-based articles for a living know their stuff. They understand what Internet users want to read and how they want the information presented to them. They are experienced at not only writing articles but also at researching topics to find the best, most relevant information available.

Professional content writers also know keywords. Give them a list, and they’ll plug your pertinent phrases into the article text seamlessly. They can generate those all-important must-read titles that will catch the attention of readers and search engines alike.

When you hire an article writer, you get clean, error-free articles that boost your credibility and make you the expert. Custom articles with your byline set you apart from the competition.

Time: more precious than money

When you outsource your article writing to a professional, you save time. Often, the time you save is worth far more than the fee you’ll pay the writer.

It’s a good idea to weigh the cost of custom articles against the time it would take you to write them yourself. You can get a high-quality 500-word custom article written for $10 to $25, and the turnaround time for a single article for most professional writers is usually a few days.

Compare that to the time it may take you to generate a good article: hours, or even weeks of research and writing, depending on your own experience. Would your time be better spent developing your business? If the answer is yes, you should seriously consider outsourcing.

Another time benefit to hiring a professional is the ability to order articles in bulk. Writing services will generally offer a discount if you order a number of articles, and you’ll usually get them within a few weeks. Ordering bulk custom articles is a great way to jumpstart your visibility and get the marketing ball rolling.

The Credit Goes to You

When you purchase professional custom-written content, you are buying all rights to that particular piece (or pieces). This means you own the content. You don’t have to list someone else’s name in the author bio—you get to add your own bio and signature file, and help to position yourself as an expert.

Giving yourself credit for work you’ve paid for (but not done yourself) is not deceitful or unethical. In fact, it is common practice in both business and publishing.

However, some people are uncomfortable with this custom. If this is you, consider listing the writer as a co-author: “By John C. Business, with Ima Writer.” This way the writer is credited, and you can still list your own bio at the end of the article.

Idea generators

Idea generators

An idea generator can help you if you’re a good writer but don’t know what to write about. These online tools, such as SEOPressor, ask you to just type in some keywords related to your website or business. They’ll then spit out some possible blog post titles for you to develop out into whole pieces.

Because you still have to produce the post, this takes a little longer than other techniques of generating free content. However, having a title can assist you in getting started as well as keep you on track for achieving keywords that will improve your website’s SEO.

The Cons

Of course, there are a few downsides to paying for professional content. Fortunately, most of them can be avoided with due diligence on your part. Keep yourself informed about buying articles and you can ensure your investment will pay off.

Additional Charges Apply

This is the one unavoidable drawback: you must pay for professional writing services. If you’re not paying for the content, you’re not getting the rights to the work.

This means you don’t get credit, and all those visitors who read that brilliant article will be impressed enough to click the link to the author’s website—and may not come back to yours.

Stiffing the writer you hired is a bad idea. Though some people do manage to get free writing by asserting the final project is “unacceptable” or “not what I envisioned,” this practice will put you on writers’ bad books.

Word gets around in the writing community, and you may find that no one is willing to work with you. Plus, it’s just plain to mean—writers need to earn a living, too.

Remember to weigh the money you’ll spend against the time you’ll save. Most of the time, you’ll end up at an advantage in the end.

Knowing Your Business


No one knows your business, your website, and your products better than you—and this includes professional writers. Ultimately, you are the most qualified person to write about your topic. However, there are ways to ensure the articles you outsource are written to reflect your knowledge.

Writers are adaptable. The more information they have about a subject, the better the finished pieces they will be able to produce. When you pay for professional content, consider providing the writer with a copy of your book, e-book, special reports, or product. This will help them write the best possible articles for you.

Also, consider providing the writer or writing service with a rough template you would like them to follow. This way, you can be sure the ideas you want to promote are included in the final piece.

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Scam Alert: Not all “writers” are professionals

Every industry has its scam artists, and writing is no different. There are a number of “writing services” out there promising fast, cheap content for your website.

Unfortunately, the content these scammers offer is not original—it’s often a series of template articles with keywords plugged in.

You can avoid hiring scam writers by knowing what to look for in a writing service. Often, the price itself is a giveaway: “Articles for just $1 apiece!” With a price that low, it’s most likely a scam. Few writers will work for so little; if they are, it usually means they’re not working…just filling in a template.

Another tip-off is turnaround time. If the writing service promises dozens of articles in twenty-four hours, it’s unlikely that they could generate that much original content in such a short time frame.

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