Smart Tips On How to Attract Viral Attention from Facebook

Facebook is a wonderful business-building tool. Many small business owners use it to build awareness for their business. It can drive traffic to a website, generate sales and help increase a lead list.

The phenomenon of viral material is a contemporary conundrum. It might appear as though videos of singing babies or fascinating deep-dive profiles of Instagram influencers suddenly gain millions of views.

When it comes to viral material, there is frequently an unexplainable element of luck and timing, but for the most part, it boils down to planning, thinking, and attention to detail.

While there’s no assurance that your video, post, or meme will go viral, we’ve discovered that successful businesses follow a fundamental formula. 

How to Attract Viral Attention from Facebook

Returning to the original topic, your postings should provide value to your target audience. We’ve compiled a list of strategies to make your content stand out in the News Feed and achieve premium visibility.

What’s the best way to make your Facebook post go viral?

All of these benefits can be multiplied when Facebook efforts become viral. Here’s how to attract viral attention from Facebook.

Contests and sweepstakes

People love to get something for free. Announce a contest or sweepstakes and encourage people to share the link. You’ll be able to drive tons of traffic to your Facebook fan page, website, or blog.

Make sure your giveaway is relevant to your business. For example, if you have a website devoted to football then you could give away a football jersey, tickets to a game, or a book on football. You might even give away an eReader with a book on football.

Great content and links to great content

Think about what people like to share. These are the things that go viral. One thing people share often is great content. You can absolutely publish great content on your Facebook fan page. You can also write an attention-grabbing headline and a teaser and link to content on your website.

The more people who “Like” your link the more other people will pay attention. And don’t hesitate to ask people to “Like” your content. You can even add this feature to your website content.

People cal visit your website, “Like” the article or blog post and it’ll show up on their Facebook wall. Their Facebook friends will see the “like” and visit your website or blog to read the content as well.


A relevant tale is one of the things that current social media users respond to the most. If users can relate to the narrative you’re sharing on a personal level, they’re far more inclined to share it with their friends and comment on it. One method to achieve this is to develop a fictitious character who resembles individuals in your target demographic.

You may make a video series in which they utilize or highlight your product throughout their lives. If your audience connects with the persona, they’ll be more inclined to associate with your company.

Humorous videos, photos, and images

Facebook is about sharing and one of the most common items shared are photos and videos. Post funny videos and photos and watch them go viral. You’ll have people sharing your images and your awareness will grow.

In an effort to serve better videos to its audience, Facebook updated its News Feed algorithm. Before choosing who else sees the video in their feed, the new video ranking system examines whether people actually watch the video and for how long.

To put it another way, it considers the substance offered in the video rather than the number of likes, shares, and comments it receives.


Brands must upload unique films and incorporate connections to material such as their products/services in order to gain more attention. Brands can use Facebook analytics to analyze how well their videos are working, as well as identify which portions of the video may be enhanced. Videos that are relevant and brief, and that capture the audience’s attention right away, do well.

Create a fan page

Fan pages are an excellent way to promote your business. Your fan page can go viral. Add tabs, applications, and valuable content. Share the fan page content on your own profile. Invite people to like and become fans of your fan page. The more people who like it and become fans the more awareness will grow. It has a bandwagon effect.

The worth and weight of your postings determine how much exposure you get in the News Feed. Because Facebook values discussions, ask thought-provoking questions that will help your content gain traction.

You may encourage your audience to participate with your business and be a part of a larger conversation in the News Feed by asking questions and soliciting recommendations. The more answers you get, the more people will want to participate, increasing the value of your post and increasing its exposure in people’s News Feeds.

Know your audience

The success of your material is totally contingent on how your audience reacts to it.

It’s hard to grow an audience without first establishing your brand and determining the sort of follower you want to attract. Determine your desired specialization or area of expertise, such as industry expert, social media maven, or brand influencer.

Once you’ve figured out what kind of place you’re in and what your audience wants to see, tailor your articles to appeal to their desires. This will very certainly need some trial and error over time to see what sorts of material people respond to.

Get verified on Facebook

You’re undoubtedly familiar with Facebook verification. The gorgeous blue emblem that appears next to your Page name demonstrates that you’re a big thing.

Verifying your Facebook Page tells users that it is the legitimate representative of your company. This distinguishes you from fan pages and imitators while also generating trust and authenticity with your followers.

In Facebook searches, having the blue verification badge implies your Page will rank higher than other Pages with similar titles. This implies your brand will have a larger organic reach.

People will be less inclined to follow or interact with unauthorized Pages instead of yours since they will be able to locate your Page more readily.

Overall, becoming certified is well worth the effort. But how can you convince Facebook that you’re deserving?

Visualize It

Can you fathom the value of video if a static image is worth a thousand words? Many industry professionals propose producing video content across social media networks to promote engagement and raise the chances of material becoming viral in recent years.


You may believe that making a viral video is a risky endeavor, but there are a few things you can do to help your material take off. To begin, keep in mind that lengthier isn’t always better when it comes to videos.

The majority of individuals use mobile devices to access social media. This indicates that people are probably on the go or multitasking while watching your video.

The secret to a good video is to rapidly attract viewers with a compelling title or attention-grabbing thumbnail picture, and then to stop the video before they become bored and leave. To get the most out of your stealth viewing experience, use subtitles.

Get Popular Accounts to Repost Your Content

To have your photos posted on feature accounts, make sure you’re publishing appropriate content. If you share landscape shots, it’s pointless to tag a portrait hub.

As a result, be sure your material is appropriate for the account you’re tagging. Most accounts will also include a hashtag, such as #bestcitybreaks and #travelanddestinations for my hubs. The hashtags will then be checked by the account admins, who will use this as permission/a request for the image to be republished.

Another option is to email or DM (direct message) the account, which can work in certain cases but not always. You should also submit a few samples of photographs that would be appropriate for the feature account.

As someone who manages numerous hubs, I can attest to the importance of posting photographs that are definitely yours. For example, maintaining the same style, writing a brief description of the photograph, and having relevant information and features on your profile are all ideal examples.

Engaging and interacting Emoji Reaction

Laughter is clearly number one, and love is number two, according to an analysis of the most popular reactions to Facebook videos.

Regardless of the content, many videos employ comedy and joy to express their message, demonstrating that people want to have fun while watching films.

On Facebook Live, the results were mixed, with love coming out on top and sadness coming in second.


Finally, controversy can become viral. When you post something that is considered controversial you’ll attract a lot of comments. People will share your post and their comments with others and the comment itself can become viral. You’ll attract attention to your Facebook profile and ultimately to your business. However, be careful with this strategy. You may not want to stir up too much trouble!

Facebook can be an excellent business-building tool. The same tactics that can make other marketing tools become viral apply to Facebook. Humor, controversy, and value are all happily shared online. Embrace these concepts and watch your business grow.

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