A Guide for Successful Launch of Your Blog

Are you just thinking of starting a blog and do not have any idea from where to start? You will find hundreds of posts online reading which, you can easily have a positive attitude towards blogging. But there are only a few resources that will actually give you appropriate advice so that you can give a shining start to your blog. There are so many factors that are crucial to be considered before starting a blog. A perfect pre-framed blogging strategy will never let you go in the wrong direction. So we have decided to share this useful guide for all the startup bloggers to help you in a successful launch of your blog.

Launch a Blog

Decide on Your Blog Niche Carefully

Deciding on the type of blog you will be writing is the first and very important step. A blog category should be decided only after proper evaluation of your knowledge on a particular topic. Since blogging is not limited up to just setting up a blog and posting 2-3 posts. It is a continuous process; you will have to offer content frequently on the same niche to your viewers. So your capability of writing continuously on a single niche should be the first criteria of consideration. As a beginner it is not a good idea to choose a saturated niche. Always opt a niche you are passionate about. Since your passion will help all your ideas come out more effectively.

Use Social Media to See Response

Various social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and more are amazing places to know whether you have chosen a right topic to write or not. What you need to do is just post an engaging idea related to the topic you have decided to write on. Now see the response of public for your idea. You can have a clear understanding of your future as a blogger. In addition to this, social media can be an amazing promoter and traffic booster for those as well, who have successfully started a blog.

Consider Choosing a Self-Hosted Blog

Although both self-hosted and free blogs are good to go for blogging. However self-hosted blogs offer you a good set of features for certain fee that let you give a creative and advanced structure to your blog. Whereas free blogs offer limited features. Moreover a free blog is not able to give you that much results as that of a self-hosted blogs in terms of search results. So it is always a good idea to opt a self-hosted blog over a free one.

Be Patient

One of the major problems with most of the beginners is lack of patience. Blogging is not one of the tasks that will make you a blogging star overnight. For being a successful blogger, one has to be patient enough as blogging requires plenty of efforts, continuous working on ideas, regular analysis of your traffic stats, ongoing efforts to promote it through various means and more. And even after all such efforts it is not certain that how much time your blog will take to be a choice of your audience. So before putting efforts on blogging, one should keep in mind that there will be plenty of consumption of your efforts and time.

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Start Effective Promotion of Your Blog

Online promotion is your best bet to stay in the field of blogging for long term. No matter how much useful and creative information your blog is delivering. But if it is not getting marketed properly, you can’t succeed in this field. Once your blog is up and running, start its promotion through various means. Along with promoting it through social media, market your blog through various social bookmarking, guest posting and article sites. You can also promote your blog through various established and popular blogs by posting comments. But make sure you do not put your blog URL blindly there. Your comments should be sensible and genuine.

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Always Respond to the Comments on Your Blog

Upon receiving a comment on the blog post, it is always a good idea to respond your reader. You response will initiate a sort of communication and it will work as a nourishment for relationship between you and the people commenting to your posts. There are always good chances that a person if responded well, will continue to follow your posts and such a regular communication with people will build a solid audience for you.

Fill Your Posts with Catchy Visuals

Images and videos are inseparable part of blogging. Since people never like to get messed up with only text all over a page. Visuals along with being giving an attractive design also make your readers feel good and get engaged more into your idea while reading. So never forget to add catchy as well as relevant videos and images to your blog posts.

Keep all these facts in mind and start your blog passionately. Hope this guide will help you in giving a perfect start to your blogging profession.

Jitendra Vaswani

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