How to Consistently Publish Great Content While On The Go

You’re travelling the entire world from hard earned blogging money. Maintaining your blogs is an ongoing process, and you are roaming the world with blogging money. So, who is going to maintain the blog and its readers with the engaging posts? No one except you. Only you can post the engaging content on your blog for your readers unless you’ve hired the content writers to write and publish blog posts on your behalf.

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But, just think, how would you create the great content while you’re travelling to different places and away from your comfort zone? There are some ways to which you can write wonderful articles on your blog while travelling the world. If you believe me, then you can proceed further to read the best tips on writing the fantastic content on your blogs while travelling places.

How to Write Fantastic Content While Travelling Places?

Having a good taste of the technology is a must while travelling because it is going to help you to manage the blogs while you’re travelling. Having the smartphone is helping too many people doing their work while travelling, so as a blogger and Internet Marketer, you can use your smartphone to handle most of your work.

I have a decent smartphone and handle most of the work from it when I am not at home or the office. Before focusing on the main methods, I will share the smartphone apps which are essential to install on your smartphone to manage your work. Here are the Apps which I use my smartphone to handle my work.


This is the first app which I installed on my smartphone. The Asana is the Project Management service which helps us to manage our projects and tasks. In Asana, you can assign “to-do” tasks to your team members or can set a reminder to complete them yourselves. We get alerts and notifications of the tasks to complete it on the time. The Asana is a good Time management tool for me.


Slack is the team communication service which allows us to chat with our team members. If you have a dedicated team or the partners for your blogs and other projects, you can chat with them about the projects from Slack app. I’ve chosen Slack over Facebook or Whatsapp messaging with Team members, is because it is not distracting. When we are on Facebook or WhatsApp, we waste our time by spending it on unnecessary things. That’s why Slack is the best application to use while traveling.


Cloud Storage is really important for storing and accessing the data on the go. If you are away from your home and still want to access the data stored on your Dropbox storage account, then you can do it with the smartphone app. On the cloud storage platform like Dropbox, we can store the important data and access it whenever and wherever we want.

These are the essential apps to install on your smartphone while you are on the go. If you are carrying the laptop while traveling, then there is no better way of blogging. You can use the Laptop and active internet connection to start blogging while you are traveling in bus or train, before going to sleep in a hotel room, while waiting for the Bus or any local transport and many occasions. When the Smartphone apps are helpful when you don’t have access to the Laptop, but what’ll you do when you have access to the laptop while traveling?

Write While Travelling

Most of the times, when you are travelling from one place to another, you have the free time. In this free time, you can open your laptop, connect to the internet and start working on your blog. In this free time, you can write blog posts and then publish them on your blogs. When you are on the Bus, train or the Airplane doing the night travel, you can utilize that time in working on the blog. Of Course, there will be no stable internet connection while you’re moving, but whenever you get a stable internet connection, you can save the references and then start work offline.

Buffer the Posts

This is my favorite method of publishing the fabulous content while traveling.  In this method, I keep the buffer stock of the articles ready to be published on the blog. The Buffer Stock of the pre-written posts contains mostly 5-7 articles. Most of the time, I write these Buffer posts before leaving for a destination or my dedicated content writer do this job for me.

When I get the stable internet connection while traveling, I access those Buffer posts and publish them on my sites. Otherwise, I schedule the posts with a future date, so they get published automatically.

Create a Schedule

The schedule is a most important part of managing your blogs before you leave for your destination. If you are traveling for a long time, then you should consider creating the Schedule of managing your blogs. If you know the exact timing of traveling in the cities or places, then you can manage the schedule according to the available time. Whenever you get a free time while traveling, you should open your laptop and start working. If there is no stable internet connection, then you should check out for alternative options like the Free Wi-Fi Hotspots, Mobile Data or any other option.

There are some urgent tasks to be completed with the utmost priority, so add them first to your schedule. Some tasks like replying to the emails and sending instructions to your team members must be done early in the morning before you leave for wandering the places. So, according to the priority of tasks, arrange them in the schedule and follow this schedule while you are traveling.

Publish Great Content While On the Go – Verdict

Laptop lifestyle is in trend nowadays. The freedom of working from Laptop from any location is bliss for many internet marketers and bloggers. I know what is the value of Location flexibility in the world of Internet marketing, blogging and freelancing. I tried to explain the exact methods which I follow whenever I hit the road with my friends. If you follow above tips, then you can manage your work in the free time you have while traveling. We hope you loved this post. If YES, then please do share it on the Facebook, Twitter, and WhatsApp with your friends.

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