Graphy Vs Popular Payment Gateways 2024– Find Which Gateway is Best And Why?

Suppose you have a product that is bombastic but does not accept multiple transactions. Will that affect your sales and customer engagement?

Yes, it is bound to drop if the payment experience is not good for your customers.

As an educator online, your major concern is to add value through your knowledge, at the same time look into the fact that you are being able to monetize your skills adequately.

Most of the educators online, take the help of online payment gateways to earn money.

But, is it a sustainable procedure? As an educator will you be able to manage payment gateways, create courses and teach online, and do all of it together?

First, let us understand what is payment gateway and how big a role does it pay in your business as an educator. 

Graphy Vs Popular Payment Gateways 2024

What is a payment gateway? 

Graphy Vs Popular Payment Gateways- Payment Gateway
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The payment gateway is the customer buying experience. A good payment gateway should be fast, secure, and trustworthy. Customers will stop trusting your product if their experience is not smooth.

The best payment gateways are the ones that provide functionality and confidentiality. It accepts multiple payments facilities such as credit cards, debit cards as well as wallets. Now you know that being an eCommerce provider, how important a role does payment gateways play in your business. 

What are the most popular payment gateways available for us? 


Razorpay Review

Razorpay is one of the most used payment gateways in the world right now, and the best for India. It comes with the following features – 

100+ Payment Methods

Industry Leading Success Rate

Superior Checkout Experience

Easy to Integrate

Instant Settlements from day 1

In-depth Reporting and Insights

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Razorpay is insanely famous because it provides real-time data to customers which helps them to monitor their performance and make informed decisions. Razorpay is also trusted because its pages are compliant with the  100% PCI DSS & certified solution.

This remains to be at par with the industry standards. It accepts payment via various modes such as Netbanking, UPI, Wallets, credit cards, and debit cards. 

However, as an educator who wants to focus maximum time on creating courses and adding value to his/her student’s learning journey, Razorpay just remains a method of getting the payment into your account.

Payment Gateway is just one part of the whole process to facilitate an easy transaction between you and your customers.



Instamojo Homepage

Instamojo is basically a platform that helps eCommerce businesses sell their products. However, it recently came up with a new feature called Mojoversity, which is essentially curated for budding businessmen or businesses who face challenges on their journey. These are short online videos created by industry experts to help entrepreneurs. 

Instamojo has two major features one is Online Store and the other is Online Payments. The online Store is further divided into a few facets that provide the following services –

  • Online Store Setup
  • Domains 
  • Shipping 
  • Analytics
  • CRM 

On the other hand, the Online Payments option has features like smart pages and Payment Links through which one can collect money via Links. They also have an option called Embed Payment Button, where you can just paste their button on your blog or page and people can pay via that. 

All said and done, Instamojo can be a part of your business to collect the money you want but does not have any contribution towards scaling your business. It is like an extra department that you will have to manage along with creating courses and teaching online

Seamless Payment collection with Graphy 

Graphy Payment Gateway Overview

With Graphy, you have the option to choose a payment method that is most suitable for your learners. 

International Payment Gateways – Collect payments directly to your accounts using Stripe & Paypal

Local Payment Gateways – Integrate your local payment gateway. We offer direct integration with Instamojo, Razorpay, PayU, CCAvenue, Paytm, TracknPay (India), eSewa (Nepal), SSLCommerz (Bangladesh), CCAvenue (UAE), and PayStack (Nigeria)

You can increase your conversion rate with the following amazing features available at Graphy-

  • Charge One Time Or Keep The Money Coming In

Set multiple price points for every course that you launch. Charge them one time, enable the recurring payment, or collect payment in installments.

  • Get them in with a trial offer

Just like a membership site, offer a free trial or just collect partial payment.

  • Offer Special Discount Coupons

Set up discount codes With Graphy. Launch it for a limited time or only for a specific audience.

Why should you choose Graphy over all the other payment gateways?

Despite your expertise in creating content online, you wish that there was a platform that would provide an end-to-end solution for you. Graphy is a unique Learning Management System that can cater to all your needs as an educator.

Come, let’s explore the product to see how it can leverage your career as an online educator. This is a platform that allows you to upload any kind of content which is secured from their end.

Live classes, engagement, marketing – they have got it all covered.

  • Graphy was created with the idea to facilitate growth for online educators
  • Graphy provides the following features in short – website, applications (android + ios all white-labeled), CMS, LMS, eCommerce, payment gateway, live classes, engagement, and marketing tools 
  • Any content creator can create a website very easily on the platform, if required they also make mobile applications 
  • Creating courses in various forms is a seamless process, which allows you to charge whatever price you desire
  • PDFs can be downloaded, and forms can be used for capturing feedback, as well as surveys
  • They have a one of a kind feature – drip content that can be scheduled – you can schedule courses according to your joining date or the date of your choice 
  • With Graphy you get complete white labeling of your brand
  • Payment gateways are integrated with Graphy – Graphy does not charge them a revenue share. They are based on subscriptions, money will directly go to your bank account through the payment gateway.
  • Security 1 – They prevent piracy of your content through their content protection and encryption (DRM). The video is broken up and a key is provided that protects it. It can only be opened by them. They do not even keep the raw files – meaning even they cannot download them.
  • Security 2 – Again, screen recording is impossible due to their Dynamic Watermarking feature, if someone tries to do it – the person’s name and phone number will be displayed along with the company’s URL. 
  • This will cause the watermark to blink on the screen. So if someone leaks the video, he/she will be leaking their personal information
  • Security 3 – Device Restriction, which means the educators can decide if they want the learners to limit the number of devices to access the course. For example, if only two devices are allowed like laptop and mobile – no other devices will be allowed to access the course. Also, out of the multiple devices that are allowed to access – only one works at a time

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Conclusion Graphy Vs Popular Payment Gateways 2024

As an educator, what you need to focus on is creating courses and monetizing your knowledge. For that, you need a platform that essentially helps you to do that.

With Graphy, you do not have to worry about the payment gateways, how to integrate them, or whether your preferred one is suitable for your learners or customer or not. Graphy provides a Customer Success Manager to each of its customers who will help and guide you with the process.

It provides a plethora of options to optimize and scale your business. All you need to do is, create content and the rest is their responsibility. 

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