How Graphic Design is Creative Process?

Graphic Designing is surely an Interactive and Creative Process. It includes various branches like Logo Designing, Posters, Infographics and much more. If you are not in the field of Web Designing or Graphics Designing, with this article, you would get to know how the process of Graphic Designers goes.

Well, if you are into the field of Graphics and Web Designing or Building your Portolio, then you must be knowing how it all starts. We have gone through the web and since it is easy to understand Infographics instead reading bunch of words, we would like to explain the process with the help of an Infographics created by @shanesnow and Carrington College.

This Infographic is really interesting, and if you go through the whole Infographic and read it step by step, you will get to easily understand the process.

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The Infographics is pretty well made and says all we need to know. If you compare both the Infographics, it is contrasted in both the Infographics that Graphic Designing and becoming Graphic Designer can lead you to two sides, if you work well and smart, it would lead you to more quotes and contacts, and your portfolio will definitely showcase much of those sites.

The black side where the Graphic Design Process can lead you is freedom. This could happen if you ignore your clients, and if you pretend that you are already working with so much of clients. Also, never loose the hope of getting a quote in your mailbox, because you never know what is going to turn in future.

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11 thoughts on “How Graphic Design is Creative Process?”

  1. This article is great. I really love how graphic design is becoming a much more serious profession. I think that only a select few can really do graphic design as well. Design takes a good eye for it. Anyway, great post!

  2. I think from a graphic designer perspective, the most important thing you need to remember is to communicate with your client. It does come down to your artistic preference, but in the end the final say is the client’s. It’s the worst feeling to put hours of work into a graphic or logo, and then go to the client and have them decline it. You need to make sure they’re a part of the process every step of the way so your time isn’t wasted.

  3. Hello everyone,
    There are many ways to make an eye catching designs but it is the proper way to design a infographic that can be fully viewed by any visitor and definitely it will take interest on the process describe in it.

  4. Hello,

    Lovesome Write up! Yes every Web Designer shoud build skill in Logo Designing, Posters, Infographics and much more.
    Keep writing informative and useful post like these one.

    Moqtadir Rakib

  5. I hope graphic design carries this momentum forward into the future, I’m currently in college studying graphic design and its the most amazing course, I’m also starting a blog on graphic design (if your interested its and its such an interesting industry to be involved in and i hope it carries on this way:)

  6. Hello Team Design Skew.

    Simply Superb Post! I also believe that Graphic Design is a very vital element. It generates the interest & leads the user to the content of the product or website. Graphic Design means a small presentation of the product. It can channelize the Business philosophy.


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