5 Essential Elements Of Good Logo Design Explained

A Logo is the most important thing for any business or the brand. A Logo is a thing which customers and clients remember over time. The Logo impacts the mind of the customers and creates the positive impression about your business. Creating an Impactful logo for any business needs brainstorming. The logo design seems easy, but creating an impactful logo for any business is not an easy task at all. If you are willing to create an impactful and fantastic logo, then you should know the essential elements of the Logo Designing.

Good Logo Design

The Business of Communication with the Customer or Client is the primary work of the Logo. It represents the overall image of your Business, and there is always a meaning in the logo. Just check the logos of many famous companies. They have some different image due to the logo. People Pay hundreds of dollars every year to flaunt that “Apple” logo in the back of iPhone. So, the companies which are attractive and fruitful, have followed the essential principles of the logo designing. If you are willing to design an excellent and impactful logo for your business or the brand, then please read this post to know about the Essential Elements, which are required for the logo designing.


Mostly, all the Business Logos have the hidden meaning behind it. The Meaning or the tagline should be considered while designing the logo for your business. The Logo should carry a strong message to the customers of the firm. While brainstorming for the logo design, you should consider adding the Meaning or secret message in the logo, which will add some impact on the customers after seeing your business of brand logo.


Remember, “Simplicity is the Ultimate Sophistication.” While designing a logo for the business, keep in mind to make it straightforward and easy to understand. Complex logos are difficult to understand and take a long time to leave the expected message in the spirit of the customers. The simple logos make an impact on the client’s mind quickly because they are easy to process and understand for the ordinary mind. No one has time to spend on the logo to learn it. So, it is wise to make it simple and clutter free, without adding many elements in it.

Make it Unique

Never try to replicate any company or brand or use it as an inspiration for creating a logo. Making a unique logo always pays off in a healthy manner.  To make the logo unique, create a logo which revolves around your niche (Business category). Just observe other local players or the big companies. Like, the logo of the Famous dental clinic in your area, which will obviously have the “Teeth” design in it.

Just like that, you’ve to consider which thing related to your business or brand suits better in the overall design to make it unique. Just adding some random text or alphabet doesn’t work every time. So, make sure you insert the single thing related to your business in the Logo.

Timeless Logos

The logos are needed to be redesigned with the time. If you are just creating a logo for the first time, then make sure you observe the current trends in design and the future trends which are expected to come. After watching and noting down, make it happen. Tell your Logo designer to create a logo which has the current and upcoming trends.

If you are have established business and want to replace the old logo with new, then adopting the current trend is the best. Just look at the famous companies like StarBucks and Berger King, they changed their logo after a long time. The new logo looks refreshed and impacts their core customer base, the Youth.

Color Selection

Color Contrast is one of the Essential Factors you need to consider while designing it. The colors used in the logo must be light and easy to watch for the eyes. People usually can’t see the Dark Colored Logos for too long. So, use the Right color, which should be like Light Red, Pink, Light Blue, Sky Blue, etc. The Dark colors like Black, Dark Brown, Dark yellow and others are not much soothing for the eyes, as the Light Blue and the Light Shade of Every color. So,  make sure you use Light Shade of any color you want in your logo. Before finalizing the Logo, make sure it is Soothing for the eyes after we look at them.


Well, Variations add a little spice in the logo. Create a logo with different colors and slight variation in the primary logo. This will help you to switch logos according to the current event, like Christmas or New year. Also, making a logo which is highly customizable is highly recommended. So, in the season of the Christmas and New Year or any other festival, you can switch the logo for a short time with added variation related to the Festival.

I’ve seen many companies like Walmart and Amazon, which turn the Logos on special occasions. The biggest example is ‘Google’. The Google Changes its Homepage Logo according to the famous festival in each country.  So, the multiple variations of the unique logo recommended.

Elements Of Good Logo Design – Conclusion

The Logo is the face of your virtual entity. So, you have to make and care it like it is your face. Make it look simple yet smart, make it look fresh and with a hidden message. The logo decides the image of your company or the brand in the people’s mind. Before choosing a final logo, brainstorm many logo designs and ideas and revise the logos till you get expected output. Because the logo you want will stick with you, a brand for an extended time. Create your logos carefully by implementing points mentioned above to make it beautiful and bold.

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