Getting Listed Fast In Google, Yahoo And MSN

Getting listed in Google, MSN, and Yahoo is not always the easiest task if you’re not using a systematic way to get listed. Submitting your site to search engines is not the best or fastest way to get listed.

I know that sounds odd, but it’s true. The easiest and fastest way to get listed is to place your site in front, or as some say, in the path of the search engine bots while they are visiting other websites.

To do this, you need to have your site strategically linked with sites that are spidered regularly, preferably daily or multiple times per day. I’ve listed below sites that are GUARANTEED to get you spidered quickly.


Many people say it’s not easy to get a listing on, but I’m here to say, it’s easier than most people think.

Having a defeated attitude is a sure-fire way to failure. All it takes is writing an article or having someone write an article for you if you don’t consider yourself a good writer and you can be listed. is always looking for new content, and submitting the content is 100% free.

Here’s what you need to do

1) When launching your site, I highly recommend that you have a content-based section. This section can be for announcements, news, and articles relating to your site. For example, if your site is about “Selling Recipes” then you do not even need to write an article, you can simply submit one of your best recipes on All you need to do is the following:

a) Register for an account at

b) Upon registering and confirming your account, click on the “Submit a New Story” link. Once you click on that, it’s going to request the link to the story.

This link should be the exact location of the article or recipe you have written. Choose a category that relates to your submission, and then submit your link.

Within minutes your site is listed in Digg in the “Upcoming Stories” section on in the category you selected. The search engines spider constantly and your link will be found and spidered quickly.

If you check your logs or your stats, you should see that Googlebot, MSNbot, and Inktomi visited your site. I personally used Awstats as it shows the last visit by the search engines.

Whenever I have submitted my new site to the search engines visit within 24 hours and start spidering my site.

This site is similar to, but the advantage that has for newbie sites is the ability to be listed instantly.

As soon as you submit your article to it automatically appears on the “new” section. This section is spidered constantly by the search engines, multiple times per day.

It’s best to submit late at night when there is less competition allowing your listing to appear for a longer period of time in that section.

You should follow the same steps as you did with, which were, registering an account, submitting your link or article, and just waiting for the search engines to spider. By having your link submitted to BOTH and your chances of being spidered quickly has doubled. It also gives your link more weight by appearing on both of these sites.

Registration link:

KEYNOTE: Since the link or article being submitted is not your homepage, it is important that on that particular page you have links to all the pages that you would like the search engines to spider.

This classified site receives millions of visitors each day, and by default is spidered by the search engines constantly. This site offers free classified ads in many categories.

The first thing you should do is register for an account with Craigslist. Upon registering you can then submit a free ad in the category that is best suited for your site.

This link will appear on Craigslist for approximately 7 days and will give you some traffic, but most importantly it will place your link in the path of the search engine spiders.

Each search engine visits on a daily basis, and therefore your link will be picked up by the search engines and will be indexed quickly.

Register Link:

Web Forums

Web Forums

Another way to get listed quickly in the search engines is to make posts in popular web forums. Search engines are always spidering popular forums multiple times per day because of the constant activity.

The key is to find a web forum that is targeted to your site. Since I do not know what your site is about I would be unable to list a forum that can relate directly to your site, but you can research this by doing a search for forums on your site’s topic.

For example, if your site is about “Recipes” then you should do a search for “Recipe Forums”. Review the search results, and then join the forum(s) that have the most activity.

By activity, I mean posts, replies, and registered members. Upon registration there are a few things you should immediately do:

1) Create a signature with your link as part of the signature. It is important that you ensure that the anchor text being used is a keyword that you would like your site to be found under in the search engines. Anchor text is simply the text representing the link.

For example, if your site is about Recipes, you could have the anchor text in your signature to be “Free Recipes” or “Caribbean Recipes”. By having a link in your signature it ensures that every post you make has a link to the site you would like spidered quickly.

2) Start replying to threads that have a lot of replies. The search engines can detect the most popular threads and will check back often for any updates to that particular thread. When the search engine spider does their update, it will see your post and the link in your signature will now be in the path of the spider, which it is programmed to follow and index.

Directory Submission

Another good way to get your site indexed fast is to submit your site to web directories. The reason I haven’t listed directories higher on this list is that each directory does not add your site immediately to its index. The time frame can range from a few days to a few weeks or possibly months.

I’ve still listed directory submission as a source for anyone who may be interested in paid submission. A paid submission can guarantee you faster submission and quick spidering by search engines.

If you are going to pay for directory submission, it is important that you pay for a directory that is trusted, known, has a solid Pagerank, and is spidered often by the major search engines. I’ve listed the ones that I recommend below:


I consider Yahoo’s directory to be the granddaddy of all web directories. Even though they do not focus on their directory as much as they did in recent years, it is still a good idea to have a listing within their directory.

Please remember that Yahoo Search and Yahoo Directory are separate. A link in Yahoo Search will *not* get you a link in Yahoo Directory. In contrast, a link in Yahoo Directory can get you a link in Yahoo Search and usually very quickly.

It’s important to also note that Google and MSN place weight for sites listed in Yahoo’s directory. Having a link in the Yahoo directory you are guaranteed to place your site in the path of all the major search engines, and you will be spidered quickly.

Yahoo Directory Submission link:

Cost for Yahoo Submission: $299/year


This is a directory that you should submit to, submission is never guaranteed and it can take some time to get listed. I’ve been lucky enough to be accepted within a day or two, but on other occasions, it took weeks, even months.

It’s still best to give it a try, which is why I’m listing it here. If you do get listed, it will be worth it. Your site will not only be spidered quickly but your site will score relevance points with the search engines.

To submit to, you need to browse to the category that best suits your site then submit to that particular category.



If your site is business-related, I would recommend submission to Unfortunately, listings are not free; the cost is $199 for a year.

This directory is considered highly reputable, and a link within their directory can add points to the overall value of your site due to it being a recognized and trusted directory.

The main reason I would consider a solid source is due to the fact that most search engines are giving weight to links from trusted sites. As I mentioned before, is considered to be a trusted directory.


4) BCentral

Another highly trusted directory source is Microsoft’s BCentral. I rate this site the same as I did for since it’s been around for a while and is very reputable. The cost for a listing in BCentral is $49 a year.


These four sites are the ones I would highly recommend if you are going to do directory submission.

Below you’ll find some other sites you can submit to as well to help increase the chances of being spidered and indexed quickly. This also aids in link building which we have talked about before.

  • Uncover the Net
  • Exact Seek
  • V7N Directory
  • Chiff
  • Gimpsy
  • Skaffe

RSS Feeds

RSS Feeds

One of the most powerful tools for getting spidered quickly is RSS Feeds. What exactly is an RSS feed? defines it as “RSS is a family of XML files formats for web syndication used by news websites and weblogs.

They are used to provide items containing short descriptions of web content together with a link to the full version of the content. This information is delivered as an XML file called RSS feed, webfeed, RSS stream, or RSS channel”.

Basically what that means is that you have a link to an RSS feed page you created. Whenever an update is made to your site or new content is added, feed networks can be updated with the new content once you’ve registered with them.

I won’t go into the technical details of creating an RSS feed here, since there are resources I will be provide to you below that explains in greater detail what you need to do to create an RSS feed.

These free tools will create the feed for your site. Once you’ve completed the creation, you can then follow the outline I will mention below:

Creating An RSS Feed:
The above site will allow you to create an rss feed for your website.

Submission Of RSS Feed

Yahoo Feed Submission

If you visit the above site, instead of submitting your site to Yahoo, you can submit a RSS Feed, this will add your feed to Yahoo’s feed indexing service, and allow your site to be indexed quickly.

Multiple Feed Submission Service

The above site will allow you to submit your RSS Feed to multiple sites. By submitting you are having your feed sent to dozens of popular feed indexing sites, which are spidered constantly by the search engines. By doing this, you are ensuring yourself an easy way to not only be spidered quickly, but also another way of acquiring backlinks.

Google’s Webmaster Tools

Utilizing the Google webmaster tool you can submit your site, and your RSS feed as a sitemap. Whenever I’ve done this I was indexed within a couple days.

Quick Link:


Often overlooked is the tip of cross-linking between your own network of sites. If you have any sites already listed in the search engines, it is important that your new site is linked to that site that is already indexed.

Even though your already indexed site may not be a powerhouse like Digg or the other sites mentioned above, it does help to have a link listed.

Once a site is listed, most search engines do re-visit to look for updates, and they can find the link to your new site and index it quickly. So do not overlook the power of cross-linking between your own websites.

Co-Op Ad Network

A tool that many webmasters are using is called the co-op ad network that is operated by Digitalpoint. This tool allows you to share links with other webmasters by placing code on your website, displaying links to other websites. It’s basically a link sharing network that allows everyone to have links on each other’s pages that is rotated randomly. You can simply place the links in the footer of your site (most do), and the links change with each page refresh. There are literally thousands of sites in the network, giving you the opportunity for your link to appear on thousands of pages, with the key of being spidered quickly and creating backlinks, all at the same time.


Now that we’ve gone over the fastest and most reliable ways to get your site indexed quickly, it’s time to move on to tracking and monitoring your results. Remember to always review your traffic stats daily, especially looking for those linking to your site, along with the last time the search engine spiders have visited your website. Each search engine leaves a trail, and most web stats do provide access to viewing such trails.

Getting Listed Fast In Google, Yahoo and MSN

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