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3 Funny Flash Animations

Flash Animations are the GIF animations files which are like Videos though they cannot have more length. Funny Flash Animations is what we have gathered this time. And believe me, you will not stop laughing these Funny Flash Animations.

3 Funny Flash Animations

While playing some flash games, I had a look at these amazing funny flash animations and you won’t believe, I played these for almost 1 Hour to select the most funniest of them. So, I hope you would like these all.

Here goes the compilation. You may also like.

Best Funny Flash Animations

He can sit anywhere

LOL Flash Animations

Not descriptive, better you see the Flash first.

See Here

Beer Run

Beer Run

Its all about driving after drinking.

See Here

Ice Cream 2

Ice Cream 2 Flash Animation

The process of Ice Cream 2 explained.

See Here

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  1. Great job… animation and flash are the trend for marketing , and gaming . Innovative characters, troys and animation make the games more popular and easy going. Like Mario is one of the best flash game and every one about that man who runs on bricks to save her queen .


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