Funnelytics vs Geru 2023: Which Is The Better Funnel Mapping Software?

Having trouble with the technicalities of Google spreadsheets, graphs, and data interpretation? I bring to you two mind-blowing tools – Funnelytics vs Geru.

These tools have now made it easier for customers to gain a bird’s eye view of the content that they require in their marketing strategies.

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Today I will cover all the information that you require in order to get this easy-to-use tool. Funnelytics and Geru both will give you the results which you are looking for as a marketing agent. 

This guide will cover in detail:

  • Funnelytics Vs Geru Features and benefits
  • The pros and cons of using Funnelytics and Geru 
  • Who offers the best price, Funnelytics or Geru?


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Pricing 99 79
Best for

Funnelytics gives you potential strategies and solutions to increase your profit margin.

Geru is here to help you receive the best of profits and minimize your losses in terms of your marketing strategies.

  • SaaS
  • Free Trial
  • Documentation Support
  • Ad Tracking
  • Analysis & Stimulization
  • Free Version
  • KPI Reporting
  • SaaS
  • Free Trial
  • Documentation Support
  • Email & Ad Tracking
  • Analysis & Stimulization
  • Free Version
  • KPI Reporting
  • Forecasting, Analysis and Stimulization
  • 6 Free Funnel Templates
  • Drag and Drop Canvas
  • Easy KPI Reporting
  • Stellar Customer Suppprt
  • 50+ Funnel Maps
  • Email & Ad Tracking
  • Add Notes To Funnel Maps
  • Free Plan
  • Detailed Funnel Map
  • Real-Time Insights
  • Different Pricing Plans
  • Create Complex Funnel
  • 30-Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Add Visuals To Funnel Map
  • No Integrated Tracking
  • Not for Beginners
  • No Free Trial
  • Lacks Reporting Features
Ease of Use

The website of Funnelytics is pretty decent with all Blue and white colour schemes.

Geru has a similar review in terms of their online website. However, their website does seem to be slightly more detailed than that of Funnelytics.

Value For Money

In terms of pricing, Funnelytics provides its customers with options that they cannot resist. Their starter plan includes no price.

Geru prices are lower than that of Funnelytics, there is still the issue of cancellation and the possibility of a loss for customers while trying the tool.

Customer Support

Funnelytics provides a detailed question and answer system on its official website. Each of the queries that the customers have can be answered within a short span by the customer support team.

Geru provides slightly better service in terms of customer support on their website. They are much more prompt in responding and getting back to customer queries.

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Bottom Line| Upfront: Funnelytics and Geru are both exquisite solutions for the users who aspire to make the best out of their complex marketing strategies. When it comes to profit management, these tools will not only tell you the best ways to maximise profits but also help you minimise your losses.  If you are first-timer, you can start with Funnelytics

If you are a seasoned marketer and need bells and whistles, Geru is for you.

Overview: Funnelytics vs Geru


Funnelytics vs Geru comparison

A tool that will help you in mapping out your funnel strategies to clutch clients and make the best of your marketing plans. It provides you with catchy visuals, unlike the boring and technical tools that you might have been using till now.

Funnelytics also gives you potential strategies and solutions to increase your profit margin.

In addition to that, your agency is in the safe hands of Funnelytics as it will only guide you to what is best for you.


Geru image- Geru vs Funnelytics

If you feel yourself falling into the trap of losses by investing in empty plans, make sure to try out Geru to avoid that from now! Geru does not only help you with the estimates in profits that you can achieve out of a plan but also suggests you with better ones.

Geru is here to help you receive the best of profits and minimize your losses in terms of your marketing strategies. This trustworthy tool will make sure that you make no mistakes and will save your time and money efficiently. 

Key Features and Benefits

Helpline/Customer Support


  • Funnelytics provides a detailed question and answer system on its official website. Each of the queries that the customers have can be answered within a short span by the customer support team.
  • The customers can also look at previously answered questions by the support team as all of them are saved and displayed on the website. This is for the ease of customers having similar queries. In addition to this, customers may also contact that helpline number or directly email them and wait for their response.


  • Geru provides slightly better service in terms of customer support on their website. They are much more prompt in responding and getting back to customer queries.
  •  Geru provides a chatbox to customers in doubt. The additional feature here is that the chatbox has an option to add the image of any faults that may occur in the service. You may take a screenshot of the defect and post it to the team where they can further look into it.

 Here, I suggest that you rely more on Geru in terms of customer support since they are more prompt in their services. The option of the chatbox adds a more personalized touch to this feature.



  • Funnelytics has received incredible reviews for its comprehensive services. They have multiple features that not only include forecasting, but also analysis and simulation of new strategies.
  • However, Funnelytics for this same reason might be pretty complicated for beginners. Their features may become hard for them to grasp. But if you have found your way around it, you can make the best out of all the features.


  • Geru provides its customers with forecasting services to save time and money. They make sure that the customer knows where their money is being invested and what they may get out of it.
  • This way, Geru ensures minimum losses and maximization of profits.

I suggest that you go for Funnelytics if you are a pro at handling these tools. You will get several features which, when combined will give you the best results.

However, if you are just getting started, go for Geru. The basics of Geru are easy to grasp and you will have a trustworthy guide in your hands.

Ability to track funnels on e-commerce platforms


  • Funnelytics will give you a great analysis of tracking funnels on various platforms. However, in the case of e-commerce websites, it becomes a little challenging.
  • This is because there are a lot of steps to track. A customer may go to the category page, directory, order placement, back to the category page. Also, the URL seems to be tricky for Funnelytics since it’s different based on customer ID, order, product, etc.


  • On the other hand, Geru is pretty decent in these terms. It is fast and apt. Since this tool specializes in forecasting and tracking, it will provide you precise results even in the case of eCommerce platforms.
  • The customer need not fear confusing funnel maps as Geru gives a good visual bird eye view of how your clients are treating your products.

I suggest going for Geru if you’re managing an e-commerce website or selling a product on one. Handling Funnelytics might stunt you from getting better results which you want.

Since your goal here is to maximize your profit, it is better that you opt for Geru which will help you track your product in the market in a neat and tidy manner.

Who all can find it useful?


  • Funnelytics is great for client-based work and they offer a huge base for various features. The good thing about Funnelytics is that, unlike Geru, you will find more than just forecasting and analyzing.
  • You will find tracking as well where you can track your product or marketing strategies in real-time. This makes it easier for the customer to keep track, even after they have received a funnel map.


  • Geru provides some agents with its services. Even though they provide us with limited services Geru has a huge base available for various types of clients that can use its services.
  • The services can be availed by Info Product marketers, affiliate owners, eCommerce sellers, coaches, consultants, freelance professionals, lead gen marketers, social media influencers, marketing agencies, Webinar promoters, and Software/SAAS.

If you want an elaborate service and you want much more than what you can expect from your marketing funnel map, then you must go for Funnelytics.

Funnelytics gives you an elaborate plan and tracking system which you can use to further know the status of your products in real-time.

This feature gives Funnelytics an upper hand over Geru due to the additional features and more options to opt for and use for yourself. 

Speed and efficiency


  • Funnelytics have been known for providing speedy services to its customers. Your elaborate plans will not be delayed based on the additional features that are offered to you.
  • They also provide you with multiple options to choose from. This ensures that you opt for what works best for you in order to make sure that the results you gain are the best ones for you.


  • Geru might need to pick up on their speed of delivering services since they take time to give you the required results. I myself have experienced a delay on their part which proved to be a little inconvenient to me as a customer.
  • As a client, you should not be stunted due to these hassles of time management and Geru seems to be struggling a little bit in these terms.

I think you should go for Funnelytics in this as well since along with providing you with a wide range of options and features, they also deliver the results and required products on time. This makes sure that you can pick up speed in your decision-making process and act on time in case you need to make a better plan for profit maximisation.

 Refund Policy


  • Funnelytics offers a provision which is known as a 14-day satisfaction guarantee. It means that any packages that the customer avails has a period of 14 days in which the customer may ask for a refund. This is to ensure that the customer does not suffer any losses.
  • They are also available for any sort of questions or queries prior to purchasing the pack in order to reduce complications of a refund. They do so for your own ease.


  •       Geru may have a better option here since they provide 30 days to let you ask for a refund. Although they suggest being thorough with the plans and their provisions.
  •       They still make sure that you can avail a refund if you are not happy with their services. However, any refunds post these 30 days will not be granted since 30 days is a rigid refund period.

I think Funnelytics is again better in this term. Geru and Funnlytics both have a similar refund policy; however, Geru has a longer period for a refund. Even so, Funnelytics along with this refund policy is also providing you with a 14-day free plan.

Here, you can take advantage of this without spending a penny or being worried about the refund period. Again, Funnelytics has an upper hand due to its multiple options.

Online platform


  • The website of Funnelytics is pretty decent with all Blue and white colour schemes.
  • Their services are listed out in detail and the website makes it easier for the client to guide themselves through the different offers and features available.


  • Geru has a similar review in terms of their online website. However, their website does seem to be slightly more detailed than that of Funnelytics.
  • As a customer, one may want to get as much information as possible to make the best decisions regarding what they need. Geru has done a good job in this context as their website is well organized and seems very easy to operate.

I think Funnelytics and Geru are pretty similar in terms of how their website is. So this feature might not be of huge importance in your decision making as to which one is better.

Both the websites have a good design, detailed outline and ease of use. Geru might be slightly better in terms of the information they provide on the website, but it’s pretty much the same.

 Funnel Planning


Funnelytics Funnel Map- Geru vs Funnelytics

  • Funnelytics starts by allowing you to place a proposal on the table. The unique thing about this is that the customer need not got to boring excel sheets or PowerPoint presentations.


  • Funnelytics provides a detailed outline which is easy to understand with better comprehension factor. The customer can also include their goals and in the end provide their clients with a report on the metrics or outcomes. Even in this term, the metrics are easy to read and not just all numbers.


Geru funnel map- Geru vs Funnelytics

  • Geru is pretty detailed in what they offer for funnel planning. They allow the customer to set an entry point and yes/no pathways. From there they also provide to you the provision to add order forms.


  • You can also include the provision to send them an automated email, generate a webinar and plan the time gap between responding to clients with automated emails. In the end, you can also generate a metric for your outcome.

Geru here seems a little more detailed in their approach of funnel mapping. They provide you with a precise step by step processes with multiple customization options.

However, it should not be overlooked that Geru provides one with the mapping of the process before it is executed, while Funnelytics provides you after tracking opportunities as well. Here, I suggest opting for the tool more apt for your needs. 

Pros and Cons – 

Funnelytics :

Pros of Funnelytics- 

  • Funnelytics is considered a software with many benefits if you know the in’s and out’s thorough. It helps in the free expression of ideas such that they can be shared easily with individuals as well as teams.
  • While counting its pros it is hard to miss the fact that it decreases the hassles of funnelling on paper and whiteboard. While allowing the planning directly on the software, making minor changes along the way. 
  • It focuses more on Individual features and their workings as a collective software.
  • On a personal note, this software can ease out your way in understanding, exploring, and working in the world of digital marketing. Seeing that it is packed to the brim with tools, methods, and various nuances. 
  • This software has the feature of condensing many marketing tools into one simple program to ease understanding.
  • As an added feature, this software is capable of complimenting and framing your work strategy. It can help in analyzing performances, deciding which step to execute, which step to leave.
  • It has a free version for beginners which gives Unlimited canvases, more than  75 marketing icons, 6 free funnel templates and allows you to create custom templates as well.
  • Funnelytics also offers a drag and drop interface for easy usage.
  • With Digital marketing becoming the next trend the community support behind Funnelytics is commendable and the choices it offers as well.
  • The funnels and beautifully designed plans are easily shareable, exportable and it also offers a wide range of wonderful templates to bring the look of a pro.
  • On the last point, not to miss, it is easy, quick to learn the software and it enables revenue as well.

 Cons of Funnelytics-

As many as there are Pros, there are some Cons as well and this can be understood as follows:

  • It is a technology-based software which is somewhat difficult for those who aren’t tech-savvy as it poses difficulty in tracking on-page elements.
  • This software is not available in the basic version and has a very complicated setup.
  • It doesn’t integrate well with payment carts.


Pros of Geru –

  • Geru is state-of-the-art software that brings a large database with it, consisting of previously created To-do lists for every action plan.
  • It requires minimum input and gives maximum output in terms of your business goals and the maths behind them.
  • It offers a unique progress tracker to give a visual insight into the pace of your projects.
  • You can choose from a wide range of models to find the one accustomed to your needs in every manner.
  • It allows you to create complex funnels easily.
  • As an added feature it allows you to examine the current plan as well as create plans along the way to comprehend their implementations.
  • I would also like to add that Geru has various features that allow beautiful and visually appealing graphics, charts, reports, and accurate forecasting as well.
  • This tool plans traffic campaigns from various sources, covering all depths.
  • As an added point it offers a 30-day money-back guarantee and can run on any device from personal computers to smartphones.

 Cons of Geru –

  • This tool requires a consistent effort and a concrete plan on the user’s part because, in the end, it is a business tool but the efforts are yours. 
  • It is addicting software because it helps to create and develop scenarios as quickly as you wish, so if you don’t have a concrete plan of action then you may get lost in its many attractions.

 Pricing: Geru vs Funnelytics


Funnelytics pricing plans and cost

Funnelytics offers its customers three packages of suitable pricing according to the features one needs, the money they wish to invest, and their requirements.

  • Starter – Freely Priced: This plan offers some basic features such as A team project, support in communication, drag and drop for canvases, limited ( usually 6) free funnel templates, more than 500 icons to create stunning graphics and it also allows the user to easily share funnels and export them in different formats including PNG.
  • Pro – $99/ month ( 14-day satisfaction guarantee, cancel anytime ): This plan offers added features such as tracking by email, goal setting and tracking, mapping, and integrating with Facebook for better access.
  • Agency – $99/month + Application required for joining

They offer a usage-based pricing model of monthly plans and shift your model from base tier to upgrades depending upon the number of people tracked. 

On a separate front according to the user requirements, a high watermark annual pricing model is also offered. The cost is a base price of $990/ year which allows tracking 300,000 people over 12 months.

Their pricing is based on the number of unique people who have been tracked in the current billing cycle in all your workspaces.

In terms of pricing, Funnelytics provides its customers with options that they cannot resist. Their starter plan includes no price. If they are unable to get the hang of it, they can easily stop using it without any loss on their hands.

This makes it easier for these new agents to want to try Funnelytics out without the restriction of pricing. In addition to this, they also have a Pro plan which offers 14 day satisfaction and can be cancelled anytime. They have really left no reason for us to not try it out!


Geru pricing- Geru vs Funnelytics

Geru offers the following pricing plans based on the user’s requirements, available monetary investments, and features needed.

  • Standard – $37/ month (billed yearly): The basic features are all found in this pack with Funnel map creator, Simulation Engine, Operator, up to 10 projects and 40 objects per project, 2 different scenarios, Video tutorials, and training for the beginners. 
  • Pro– $59/ month ( billed yearly): This plan upgraded from the previous has added features with UNLIMITED Projects and Objects, 3 Scenarios, Custom branding of Logo, foundation Blueprint library, and Priority support as well.
  • Enterprise – Custom ( For multi-user licensing and organizations on Customer request): This pack can be requested by contacting the company.

Geru has three plans which include- Standard, Pro, and Enterprise. All of them have decent pricing, however, unlike Funnelytics, they offer no free plans for the customers. All their billing is charged yearly with cancellation hassle included.

While we cannot ignore that Geru prices are lower than that of Funnelytics, there is still the issue of cancellation and the possibility of a loss for customers while trying the tool.


In my personal opinion, I suggest you go for Funnelytics. Even though the prices are higher than Geru, we should also note that Funnelytics also provides many more features than Geru.

This advantage makes it worth the price. On top of that, even after the high prices (Which are not as high as it seems, looking at the features), you have the option of cancellation or opting for a free plan to try it out.

Funnelytics vs Geru


There is no local reconciliation with some other outer apparatuses like funnel developers, email showcasing devices, or even Zapier which is a serious astonishment.

In any case, the Funnelytics following content can be introduced on practically all the significant web designers, point of arrival developers, deals funnel manufacturers, shopping basket arrangements, and online class stages.

There are definite instructional exercises on the most proficient method to introduce the following content on WordPress, ClickFunnels, Kartra, Kajabi, Samcart, Thrivecart, Shopify, Ever online course, and so forth.


Forecasting is incredible to figure out what portion of the channel must be centered around the most to extricate the greatest from a mission. At the point when the gauge is contrasted and the real information when running the mission, that is the place where it is so incredible in tweaking and upgrading the entire funnel.

This is an incredibly helpful component for organizations to show what could be accomplished by working with them gave they know the rough numbers the mission would create.


While the free starter plan gives you 6 channel formats, the advertiser and genius plans gives you admittance to tons and huge loads of extraordinary funnel layouts in any specialty or industry.

The under 6 layouts are accessible in the free arrangement,

  • Lead magnet funnel
  • Overview channel
  • Online course channel
  • Application funnel
  • Small class dispatch channel
  • Item deals funnel

These layouts are not simply arbitrarily assembled. Every one of the formats are demonstrated funnel in each specialty that has effectively created a ton of cash.

From nearby organizations to online courses to SaaS item dispatches, there is a funnel layout for motivation you can begin working with.

A portion of the superior channel formats in the Vault incorporate,

  • DotCom Secrets book dispatch funnel,
  • UseProof SaaS funnel,
  • Squarespace funnel,
  • Sam Ovens consultancy channel,
  • Spencer Mecham online course funnel.

Simulation And Optimization Reports

This test system allows its clients to run some amazing reports that may be needed for any funnel reproduction. Geru rapidly make a synopsis outline for any task, and simultaneously make a few things, for example, the Traffic Reinvestment report that will allow one to examine and audit how much benefit are they ready to make subsequent to reinvesting a touch more. Geru at that point gives commendable experiences on how the business will really develop.

Blueprint Library

It has an outline library of pre-created funnel where one can rapidly copy a diagram for speedy recreation. There are plans present for InfoProducts, eCommerce items, organization administrations, lead age crusades, book advancement online classes, and a couple of more things. This saves a ton of time that may go into making a different plan for every reproduction.

Traffic Entry Points

Make various traffic passage focuses with the assistance of Geru and choose where should the traffic really venture into the funnel. There’s no compelling reason to consistently allow the traffic to begin at the main object of the funnel, and with this device, one can undoubtedly fix such things dependent on their decision.

Funnelytics vs Clickfunnels


The Funnel map comprises of either a connection or an activity that associates between the different channels of the Funnel.

For instance, the quantity of guests from a traffic source to a greeting page is a connection and in the event that they select into the email show, it’s an activity. Additionally, a buy made, a structure filled, an item added to the truck, looking on the page, watching a video, or clicking a particular catch are totally viewed as an activity in the channel.

The assortment of symbols is broad and covers a large portion of the page types and traffic sources.

It is not difficult to look through the symbol on the pursuit bar simply by composing the symbol required.

There are two kinds of lines that associate every component of the channel, a strong line, and a spotted line. While the strong line addresses any connection that is identifiable, the specked line can be utilized to design something which would not give followed numbers. For instance, a connection between a membership structure and an email ought to be in the specked line as it doesn’t include any identifiable numbers.

When the channel map is finished, it is excessively simple to impart it to some other Funnelytics client by sharing a connection produced by tapping the offer tab. It is essential to cripple the private access prior to imparting to other people. The client you share with can import the total channel map into their dashboard.

It can likewise be saved as a layout and utilized in different workspaces later.

In the advertiser and genius designs, extra to sharing it is likewise conceivable to welcome colleagues to work with a similar channel. While welcoming a colleague, you can set up the authorization level to see just or read and compose access.


Another helpful component for offices is the capacity to save the channel maps as a format. For instance, on the off chance that you had worked with a neighborhood business customer, the pipe map done can be saved as a nearby business format and can be utilized for any future neighborhood business customer.

Every one of the pipes inside a solitary workspace will have a similar following content. Consequently, it is vital to arrange every one of the channels for a customer or a site inside one venture.

Inside the workspace’s settings, it is feasible to set up IP boycotts and cross-area whitelist where you can set up all the subdomains of your principle site that you need to follow too.

There are two different ways Funnelytics tracks and pulls information from every one of the wellsprings of your channel. The first is by a following content which is a little piece of code that you can undoubtedly introduce on your site or point of arrival.

Note that this content must be introduced on the whole the pages of your channel. For instance, if your channel comprises of a presentation page, enlistment page, upsell page and a checkout page, the content must be introduced taking all things together these pages for following to work appropriately and give amazing numbers.

Sales Pages And Order Forms

With the assistance of Geru, one can add deals pages and request frames any place they need to sell the items or administrations in the channel. There’s a choice to add more than one item for each deal page and one can likewise set their truck surrender rate.

Upsells And Downsells

It is exceptionally simple to add both upsells and downsells in the channel to sell more items/administrations to the clients. These can be added while the clients are on Checkout for the front-end/primary item they’re buying.

Wait Timers

Set up the stand by clocks anyplace in the channel without breaking a sweat since Geru helps in doing that. With this, one can have their pre-planned moves to make place for a more drawn out stretch of time. Say, for instance, one can set it as long as ‘1-day’ so the activity happens for a day extra without them having to physically do it.

Multipath Surveys

Overviews are vital with regards to advanced promoting since it is an ideal method of bringing item/administration according to individuals. Make distinctive showcasing pipe ways dependent on the appropriate responses a client picks in the study.

Customers Review Of Funnelytics On Trustpilot

FAQs On Geru vs Funnelytics: 

✅How are people’ Counted/measured’ for Price determination in Funnelytics?

Funnyltics associates a unique identification with each person and when that person comes on the site the tracking script is triggered. Irrespective of the number of times a person visits the sites he is counted once only. But if that person has cleared cache or removing cookies then they cannot be tracked thus leading to an increment in the count.

💼What are the major functionalities of GERU?

The main functionalities of Geru are Project management, ROI TrackingVisualization and Goal Management, Web traffic reporting, Analysis of Profitability,Flowchart and Graphics

🏆Is live analytics displayed by Funnelytics?

Yes, Funnelytics displays live analytics right from the moment you install the tracking script. It gives live, accurate data and you can also run various simulations.

💥 What is the Best Funnel Mapper?

For uses and funnel mapping, I would want to give much of the credit to Funnelytics. You can easily save money by seeing which traffic sources are driving conversions, and therefore which ones aren't working and you can quit spending money on.

👉 Geru vs Funnelytics: which one is better?

Geru is a good funnel mapping tool, it isn't really good to be compared with Funnelytics.

🥇 Is Geru good for people managing sales funnels?

Geru is a good tool for managing the sales funnel for people. However, not better than Funnelytics, it is for the seasoned marketers.

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Conclusion: Funnelytics Vs Geru (Which One Is Better?)

In conclusion, I think the tools mentioned above- Funnelytics and Geru can be used aptly according to the needs of the customers. If you are new in this Funnel mapping practice, I suggest you go for Funnelytics.

It will give you the ease of use required for you as a newbie. On the other hand, if you are an expert you may want to go for Geru as they do provide you a more detailed step by step process for funnel mapping.

One upperhand that we see in all the features mentioned above is that Funnelytics has more features and options as compared to Geru. That plays a huge role in deciding which tool to go for. Try Funnelytics and Geru and see for yourself. 

Funnelytics and Geru are both exquisite solutions for the users who aspire to make the best out of their complex marketing strategies. When it comes to profit management, these tools will not only tell you the best ways to maximise profits but also help you minimise your losses. 

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