Funnelytics vs ClickFunnels 2024: Which One Is The Best?

Hello, everyone! A lot of us are curious about Funnelytics and ClickFunnels, and I can’t wait to tell you all about it today.

Finding the right tools to create and analyze sales funnels may be really difficult if you’re anything like me. For that reason, I researched Funnelytics and ClickFunnels extensively.

I was a little confused when I first began researching these products. Which one is more user-friendly? Insights from which one is superior?

In this article, I will detail my experience with these two prominent platforms and compare and contrast them.

If you’re a marketer, small company owner, or just interested in funnel analytics, I hope my experience may help you make a better decision. Let’s dive in and see how these two stack up! 🚀💻


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Pricing $199 $147
Best for

Funnelytics helps you in making beautiful sales funnels which can increase your organic traffic and conversions.

ClickFunnels is a one-stop sales funnel builder that is a boon to businesses as it helps them in automating the sales process and selling the products online.

  • Documentation Support
  • Free Version
  • KPI Reporting
  • Analysis & Stimulization
  • Conversion Tracking
  • Campaign Analysis
  • Email Marketing
  • Conversion Funnels
  • Forecasting, Analysis and Stimulization
  • 6 Free Funnel Templates
  • Drag and Drop Canvas
  • 50+ Funnel Maps
  • It is flexible to make edits
  • Very easy to build complete funnels
  • It has a 2-tier affiliate program
  • 14-Day Free Trial
  • No Integrated Tracking
  • Exporting reports is not possible.
  • It can be a little overwhelming for beginners
  • Does not offer a wide range of customization.
Ease of Use

Funnelytics is really easy to use. It has a unique and easy-to-operate user interface.

ClickFunnels is the first choice of marketers because it provides them with the best thing in funnel marking.

Value For Money

Funnelytics offers excellent value for money, delivering comprehensive analytics and funnel mapping tools at a competitive price point.

Clickfunnels is slightly expensive but it has many templates that you can use to make sales funnels easily.

Customer Support

Funnelytics provides responsive and informative customer support, assisting users in analyzing and optimizing their marketing and sales funnels efficiently.

ClickFunnels offers dedicated customer support focusing on prompt and helpful service, providing guidance for utilizing their marketing funnel tools effectively.

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Overview: Funnelytics vs ClickFunnels

Overview Of Funnelytics

Funnelytics is a comprehensive analytics tool tailored for digital marketers, offering a unique visual approach to mapping and optimizing sales funnels.

It enables users to create, visualize, and understand the customer journey, highlighting interactions across various marketing channels.

Funnelytics vs Clickfunnels- best funnel mapping software

With its detailed analytics and tracking, Funnelytics allows for effective measurement and improvement of each funnel stage. Its forecasting feature aids in setting goals and predicting outcomes, enhancing decision-making for marketing strategies.

The platform includes a variety of pre-built templates and a collection of successful marketers’ funnels, coupled with a user-friendly drag-and-drop interface, making it accessible even to those without technical skills.

Catering to a broad user base, from startups to medium-sized businesses, Funnelytics offers multiple pricing options, including a free version.

It ensures data security and provides responsive customer support, positioning itself as an all-encompassing solution for businesses seeking to refine their sales processes and boost conversion rates.

Overview Of ClickFunnels

ClickFunnels is a renowned online sales funnel builder that revolutionizes the way businesses market, sell, and deliver their products and services.

It simplifies the marketing and sales process by offering pre-built funnel options for various business needs, making it accessible to businesses of all sizes.

The platform’s core functionality lies in its user-friendly design, allowing the creation of custom sales funnels that guide customers towards conversion goals like sales or sign-ups.

Clickfunnels vs Funnelytics tool

Its drag-and-drop interface is particularly advantageous for entrepreneurs and small business owners, eliminating the need for extensive technical expertise.

ClickFunnels also integrates tools for email and Facebook marketing automation and affiliate program management, streamlining sales and marketing efforts.

With pricing tiers catering to a range of business sizes, ClickFunnels emerges as a comprehensive, easy-to-use solution for enhancing online sales and marketing, popular among diverse businesses seeking effective digital marketing strategies.

Unique Features: Funnelytics vs ClickFunnels


1. Funnelytics Vault:

Searching for funnels across various platforms can be challenging, but the Funnelytics vault simplifies this task by consolidating high-quality funnels onto a single page. It features an intuitive library of hacks and ready-made funnels that can impress your customers.

Funnelytics Vault


The vault includes funnels created by top marketers like Grant Cardone, Russell Brunson, Tony Robbins, and more, offering over 50 templates for your use.

You can easily share these templates with your customers and identify improvements for their websites. Plus, you have the option to drag and drop these funnels with video breakdowns.

Accessible to all pro plan users, the vault saves you time and delivers top-notch results.

2. Funnelytics Forecasting:

Understanding and managing product risks is crucial to prevent further complications. Funnelytics’ forecasting tool simplifies this process, helping you set goals, budget effectively, and anticipate outcomes.

The forecasting feature includes a dedicated tab displaying all relevant metrics. It provides proactive insights into total costs and revenue, allowing you to adjust strategies based on click numbers. This eliminates the need for time-consuming ROI calculations.

The canvas-wide forecasting tab not only handles conversions but also highlights your business’s breakthrough with an ROI index value, saving you valuable time and resources.

3. Notes:

Customers who are new to funnels may often not get the entire concept in one go and might require additional explanations for the same. Funnelytics takes care of this, too; it has added notes to its features, providing a text editor-like environment for your canvas.

It helps in adding texts, pictures, links, and many more things inside the canvas. It contains features similar to a full-fledged text editor and gives you an extensive toolbar including features like:

  • Text Styles.
  • Bold.
  • Insert Image, Video, Links.
  • Bullets.
  • And many more…


1. Funnelflix:

Online marketing changes continuously, and it becomes extremely important to stay abreast of the latest tools. Where will you learn these tools?

Well, on ClickFunnels.

Clickfunnels funnelfelix

ClickFunnels provides its users with an excellent learning platform that they can use to learn online courses, training modules, and much more. It is a collection of myriad videos and courses that you can access and learn from in no time.

They have an extensive list of courses to choose from, like:

  • Success path training.
  • Copywriting and sales.
  • Traffic training. 
  • Personal Development, and many more.

They do not only teach you, but they also help you be market-ready with various challenges and hackathons.

They host virtual Hackathons, affiliate bootcamps, One Funnel Away Challenges, etc. This helps you give an instant boost to your business strategies and sales funnel.

2. Funnel Fridays:

What better way to know if a platform knows than seeing Russell Burnson using it live? Yes, ClickFunnels presents to you the Funnel Friday features. 

This feature gives you an insight into funnels from a professional’s view. They pick topics each Friday and create a new Funnel within 6 hours. 

Surprised! I was, too.

The hosts complete building the entire funnel within 6 hours and store a copy of the funnel in the platform so you can even further use it. This gives us an overall idea of the ClickFunnels performance as it completes six weeks of work in a mere 6 hours.

3. Actionetics:

Emails are a great way of interacting with your customers, and enhancing them will make your relations better. To help you create wonderful collaboration, ClickFunnels has introduced Actionetics.

Actionetics is just like any other email service but with additional features and support.

This is completely embedded within the ClickFunnels platform and helps you create a contact and an email list.

The list created is a “Smart List,” which filters the contacts of the email receivers based on the rules you specify. Trust me, the list of rules is huge, and you surely do not want to filter candidates on your own. 

It lets you add unlimited contacts to your list, and hence, you can contact more people in less time. It is integrated with ConverKit to help resolve issues during email deliverability. 

4. Shopping Cart:

ClickFunnels is one of the few tools in online marketing that provide features like a Shopping cart. The feature helps to keep track of all the customers, detailed market plans, products, sales, and delivery all in one place.

The cart is highly secured from third-party malware and ensures that you are provided with the best services. It saves you time and gives you a comparison and overall statistics. The shopping cart is easy to set up and use.

Funnel Mapping

A visual or diagrammatic representation of your sales that is produced through funnels is called Funnel Mapping. You can view the traffic sources, landing pages, and much more through this feature.


Funnelytics discounts- Funnelytics Review

You can view the following features through the funnel mapping process –

  • Landing pages- You would be using the landing pages to convince your customers to buy a product. 
  • Confirmation E-mail- For every order your customer confirms, you will receive a confirmation email with the order ID.
  • Traffic source- Once you form a company, you will always want to know how many people are viewing your page. It’s called traffic source viewing. It would be available on your page as well.
  • Website Content- A customer will always be able to view a blog post about your product. This would avail much traffic for the product.
  • Offers- Customers are always attracted to the offers shown on your pages. Once achieved, you’ll see that you can view their contact information.
  • Follow-up mail-  You can observe the customer’s movement along with your page.


ClickFunnels provides you with some features under funnel mapping – 

  • Traffic tracking- You can easily track your traffic sources to find out the best flow
  • Landing Pages- Convince your customers through a customized landing page
  • Bait offering- Offers and discounts are made to attract customers.
  • Email Automation- As a company, you’ll be able to receive emails during every step of your customer’s interaction with the site
  • Website Content- The content you display on your landing page is what attracts your customers.


Funnel Mapping is an important task for every business holder. After such a comparison, I would have certainly used Funnelytics because their customer interaction through funnel mapping is indeed very clear.


You can customize your landing pages without a problem presenting them to your customers.


Funnelytics offers you different funnel designs, vault designs, and much more, all of which are customizable. Customization at Funnelytics is very easy and more than satisfactory. Let us see how to do it –

  1. Locate the templates folder on your Dashboard.
  2. Select the template you wish to edit
  3. Make the changes and save

Are you in love with a specific template you can create and save for future use? Save your time with funnel templates. Just drag and drop the desired template onto your project and start editing.


ClickFunnels sales funnel template

If you wish to create and save a new template, you need to follow these steps – 

  1. Select the page you wish to save
  2. Click on Edit Page
  3. Click on General from the Settings
  4. Save the page as a template
  5. Write a name for the page and click on Create Template

If you have to enable it, do the following –

  1. Click on Edit Template
  2. Click on Enable
  3. Click on Update Page Template


Customization of a template is easy with Funnelytics because of the detailed yet easy steps to complete the process.

Which is more secure: ClickFunnels or Funnelytics?


Funnelytics value your privacy and are also highly conscious of protecting the personal information of users. It extensively works on protecting private data.

They provide details of how they collect data, whom they share it with, and how one can access it, and they are very particular about all the users’ data. Funnelytics tells us how it uses the personal data provided.

To make users understand the privacy policy clearly, the policy is divided as:

  • Knowledge about Funnelytics
  • Funnelytics account opening
  • Usage of Funnelytics
  • Support and help from Funnelytics

Information collected in various situations, from learning about Funnelytics to using it, is all secured. Payment information and credit card details are not saved on Funnelytics.

Only the payment information is stored to purchase another product with ease. The data provided by the user is encrypted safely, and access is provided through a secured VPN.


 ClickFunnels is attributed to various features in place to secure users’ private data. These security features include:

  • Payment options: It encrypts all the payments and cash transactions without interception by a third person. It integrates with secure payment gateways like EasyPayDirect and NMI.
  • SSL certificate: The sensitive and essential information shared between the client and the server is encrypted by the SSL certificate. It provides authentication to the website, therefore making the platform secure.
  • PCI/DSS compliance: It processes secure payments.

They use voluntarily provided information by the users to respond to inquiries and provide the service requested. Personal data is not disclosed to any third-party sources.

Also, there is an option that does not require personal information to enjoy many features.


Both are safe, but I need to declare a winner here. So, I declare Funnelytics as the winner.

There are no safety breaches yet with ClickFunnels; many huge companies use ClickFunnels.

Funnelytics follow the GDPR rules and regulations. Funnelytics is also fully updated legally on this new approach for a private policy.

Funnelytics vs ClickFunnels: Pricing

Funnelytics Pricing 

Funnelytics offers three pricing plans tailored to various needs. Here’s a summary of their plans:

1. Performance Lite costs $199/month

  • Up to 25,000 people are tracked per month.
  • It is ideal for strategists focusing on one main site.
  • Features include mapping traffic sources, pages, and actions, visualizing customer journeys and conversion paths, automatic tracking across multiple domains, and key insights reporting.
  • Additional support includes 100+ pre-built templates, on-demand training, ticketed support, and a 1-on-1 kickoff call.

2. Performance Plus costs $499/month

  • Up to 100,000 people are tracked per month.
  • Suitable for performance-driven teams needing advanced insights from a few sites.
  • Includes all features of Performance Lite, plus measurement of purchases, form submissions, calendar bookings, auto-tracking of custom events, audience segmentation and filtering, and Zapier integration.
  • Enhanced support with live training calls, same-day Zoom support, and priority chat.

3. Performance Max costs $999/month

  • Up to 1,000,000 people are tracked per month.
  • Designed for marketing agencies and high-traffic websites.
  • It offers all the features of Performance Plus, with the addition of workspace tracking volume additions and data passing using custom webhooks.
  • Premium support includes done-for-you setup and Funnelytics Insights Service (by application only).

Funnelytics Pricing plan


ClickFunnels offers a 14-day trial. After 14 days, you can choose between three pricing tiers. You can also get the annual plans to save 20% discount.

Clickfunnels prcing plans

ClickFunnels offers three different pricing plans:

1. Basic plan costs $147/month

2. Pro plan costs $197/month

3. Funnel Hacker Plan costs $297/month

Verdict :

Based on the contrast, ClickFunnels has various functions and advanced features. It has secured software without any bugs.

Funnelytics is best for entrepreneurs and startups with sales funnels, whereas ClickFunnels is used by many huge companies to grow businesses with more leads and many perks.

Pricing is higher when it comes to ClickFunnels, which entrepreneurs cannot afford.

Customer Support


Have questions? Funnelytics is always ready to answer your queries and doubts and give requested feedback. Users get the most benefit from the support team.

Any Funnelytics user can contact them through email during business hours. Customer support is not provided 24/7 hours but is provided from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm.

There might be some issues with international users. They also have a live chat feature by which queries can be cleared instantly.

They extend their support toward technical support requests, billing or payment queries, refund requests on the products, and invoice requests. The support team also resolves account settings issues.

They also have clear articles and videos about features that might help the users a lot.


They encourage customers to contact them. You can go ahead with questions and comments on their products and services.

ClickFunnels users can contact us by sending an email to [email protected] in case of queries on terms and conditions.

Customer Support- ClickFunnels

Also, they provide support through different email IDs for various issues like compliance, spam or abuse, affiliates, and general queries and support.

They also have a support chat service where customer support responds immediately.

ClickFunnels also contains videos, guides, training videos, podcasts, and blogs about searching for documents and using the features. This blog guides you through the whole procedure.


Both provide great service and customer support, but Funnelytics’s working hours are low. ClickFunnels chat support and email support have quick responses, but refund requests for ClickFunnels products take almost 30 days.

In my opinion, ClickFunnels has a sizable and effective customer support team. Funnelytics may encounter timing issues with international users, which leads me to declare ClickFunnels as the preferred choice.

Funnelytics vs ClickFunnels: Pros and Cons 

Funnelytics Pros:

  • Easy to use for new marketers.
  • Checklist and notes on each stage.
  • Easy access globally.
  • Free version for mapping and planning features.
  • Drag and drop canvas.
  • Sharing funnels as much as possible.
  • Impressive revenue tracking.
  • Excellent visual representation of the funnel steps.
  • It guides traffic flow and suggests potential changes.
  • It can help track ROI, profits, and other important requirements.

Funnelytics Cons:

  • Price can be a subtle issue for small businesses.
  • Does not integrate multiple payment methods.

ClickFunnels Cros:

  • It is easy to create landing pages and sales pages.
  • Environment for mobile optimization.
  • Cross-platform integration.
  • Actionetics autoresponder email.
  • Create a Membership in no time.
  • Easy data tracking.Intuitive video webinars for learning.
  • Multiple payment options.
  • Constantly updates its services.

ClickFunnels Cons:

  • Expensive for small businesses.
  • Does not offer a wide range of customization.

Conclusion: Funnelytics vs ClickFunnels

According to different requirements of the customers.

If you are very much concerned regarding the privacy policies of the tools, I would suggest you take up Funnelytics since their privacy policies are comparatively better.

But when we have a look at customer support, we always try to get the best of it since it is required to help customers. The chat section and the timings for customer support all seem very well maintained in Clickfunnels.

If you are willing to start your business, Clickfunnels might come in handy since it has many features, but the pricing might be a bit high when compared to Funnelytics.

But in my opinion, Funnelytics is superior to Clickfunnels.

After reading this article, we hope you get the best tool for your business and develop it.

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