Funnelytics Affiliate Program 2023: Is This Program Worth It?

Funnelytics Affiliate Program


Funnelytics Affiliate is a fantastic program that allows you to earn money by simply promoting others’ products you believe in. Funnelytics’ affiliate program has a simple process that must be followed before you can get going. To experience all the benefits this program has to offer, try Funnelytics Affiliate for yourself.

Out of 10


  • Handpick Your Partners
  • Huge Amount with Pay per Sales and Commissions
  • Low-Risk Marketing
  • Lifetime Commissions
  • Payment Schedule
  • Reduces Your Time Consumption
  • New Products can be checked
  • Increase Brand Awareness
  • Low Refund Rates
  • Amazing Tracking & Reporting


  • Some Hijacking may take place
  • Higher Commission
  • Some Affiliate Marketers Produce Spammy Content


Price: $

This article deals completely with the Funnelytics Affiliate Program. Everything about this article makes it worthy to use.

It helped me build my company and rank up to the top.

No worries, if you are an old client or a veteran, this is going to help you likewise. I will give you much detailed information about Funnelytics affiliate marketing program in this article which makes you decide to go with which affiliate program.

It ensures you to get the ideal amount in your hands in just simple ways. People all over the world are trying to give a whirl in every domain and department. Since the shortcuts seem very attractive, often they don’t seem to be true enough or even false. Affiliate is getting attached Ss3to a big group of an organization. 

I think that investing in the Funnelytics Affiliate Program would solve all of your problems. Let us have a look at what this program has to offer. We will be dealing with the requirement, how to, pros and cons, commission, payments and types of payments, refunds, steps involved, and all the details you would require to start a new journey through the Funnelytics Affiliate Program.

Funneytics, mapping-tracking-analyzing marketing software is built for e-commerce establishments to track their sales and customer purchases. A funnel is a major employed for tracking the follow-up to system conversions.

Marketing giants like Amazon, Flipkart, eBay, Snapdeal, and much more use these funnels to get alerts for activities like when someone signs up on the site and searches for a product, purchases it. You, as a company can also watch where your customer left the conversion process.

In this article, I will give you detailed information about:

  • An overview of Funnelytics Affiliate
  • It’s unique features
  • A step by step guide on how to get started
  • Tracking the affiliate program
  • Some information about the affiliate agreement
  • Ease of using the Funnelytics Affiliate program
  • Funnelytics Affiliate customer service
  • The affiliate commission
  • Should you give it a shot?
  • Pros and Cons

Bottom-Line Upfront: Funnelytics Affiliate is a fantastic program that allows you to earn money by simply promoting others’ products you believe in. Funnelytics’ affiliate program has a simple process that must be followed before you can get going. To experience all the benefits this program has to offer, try Funnelytics Affiliate for yourself.

About Funnelytics Affiliate

Funnelytics Affiliate program review

We can earn huge commissions using the Funnelytics Affiliate Program. You can signup to get access to earning money. The process includes signing in and getting referrals so that you earn money every time they purchase something through your link. 

Firstly, you have to apply for the program. After applying, you are required to have access to PayPal and promote Funnelytics. After this, you have to now promote this! Promote it the way you want. Share the website with your friends, your classmates, batchmates, or even your colleagues. Go live on Instagram, Facebook, etc. Keep a meet to promote this, a presentation, a group discussion, and the options are infinite. 

There is a certain amount of time for the refund process, you may demand a refund if you are interested in getting the refund. After this certain amount of time, you will start receiving your payment, the amount of work and time you’ve invested is now all worth it. There are many more good affiliate marketing programs like Amazon associates, CJ affiliate,  Awin, Share A Sale, Click bank, JVZoo and many more.

Funnelytics Affiliate Program

Affiliate marketing is the process of earning a commission by promoting other people’s products. You will need to find a product that you like, promote it to others and earn some of the profits for each and every sale that you make.

Funnelytics affiliate program allows earning huge commissions when users use your funnel maps and sales funnel links to sign in as member paying or to buy a single specific Funnelytics product. Affiliate marketing program provides partners blogging with rewards to refer to customers purchasing products.

Funnelytics affiliate program includes:

Type of program: 

Cost per sale (CPS), earning a commission when a merchant makes a sale. This converts your prospects for weeks but Funnelytics processes it as quickly as possible so that you make sales.


Funnelytics is a single-tier affiliate program.

Earnings or Commission:

$28, starting commission per active user. You will earn 30% per sale on each user singing in. Funnelytics products range from $97 to $847, huge perks of the amount can be made by promoting Funnelytics offers.

Payment schedule:

After the 30 day trial, commissions are paid after the refund period is over.

Payment method:

PayPal is the website for making payments with Funnelytics.

Cookie life:

Lifetime cookies, not only the process of earning a huge amount on products that you promote but when the person you referred orders any other product, then you will get paid. As Funnelytics have their own upsells, downsells, and promotions, your referrer when buys something from any of the sales funnels, you shall get commissions.

Affiliate marketing materials:

Offers emails, banners and social swipes, videos to promote the program.

There is no financial investment required.

Low refund rates:

Refund rates are really low as they create top-end products and tools. The refund rates are low due to low return rates. At times there might not be refunds offered. 

Funnelytics Affiliate Program Features

Funnelytics Affiliate program features

  • Unlimited Earnings – The products at Funnelytics Affiliate Program range from $97 to $847. You earn a profit of 30% per sale on every user that signs up on Funnelytics. How it happens is elaborated below – 
  • Provision of unique ID/URL to you by Funnelytics.
  • Publish the link on your landing page (website)
  • Clicking on the link would lead you to a cookie dialog box which you need to accept. (The cookie lets you know of the user purchase)
  • Purchase by the user would lead the cookie to tag the purchase onto your affiliate.
  • A regular check would be kept on your ID by Funnelytics.
  • You get the credit for the purchase made.
  • You, after 44 days, would receive a 30% commission of the sale made.

 Funnelytics, being a monthly mapping, tracking, and analyzing software, pays you every month the user remains a customer.

  • Sales Cycle – Funnelytics Affiliate offers you –
  • This marketing software offers you a 7-day sales cycle which is the average cycle
  • Your profit cycle would range from $14 to $210 or more than that because it depends on your sale/purchase
  • Every sale gets you a 30% commission in 44 days of the purchase
  • No requirement of financial investment for your program subscription

1. Reliable Lifetime Commissions –

Remember the 30% commission and inclusion of cookies on your affiliate, Funnelytics has this feature in its strongest hold. You might be offered a lifetime or 365 days cookies, which according to me, should be kept at 90 by the user. Offer cookie life increases as their bonuses. 

You get commissions after the free trial program when your subscribed program initiates and you get a 30% commission for every purchase.

Instances like non-receiving of payment by Funnelytics results in you not getting your commission. If a user refunds the payment and your commission has already been paid, the bonus of this product would cut from the next commission you receive. 

Fraudulence in payment or any violation is found, the payment amount would be reduced from the future commissions you are paid.

2. Customer Support

Want to make an awesome amount of money like I did, certainly sign up for this software. If you encounter any problem during your business process, always contact the Funnelytics Affiliate Program to resolve it. The support team is always at your service at Funnelytics. 

3. Low Refund Rates

No one wishes to lose their commissions because of refunds of purchases. Funnelytics provides you with a 14-day free trial which lets you assess the software and enquire whenever a problem creeps up. The refunds for this software are very low because of low- return rates. The quality of the product determines the return rates.

No refund when you upgrade to a Pro-Annual plan, but you’ll be offered constant notice on plan up-gradation.

4. Amazing Reporting

You would be able to access the tracking details of your users and their purchases. You get a view of your sales, email follow-ups, commissions, refunds, financial statements, and many more at your Partner Portal. Your dashboard shows impressions, clicks on your affiliate link, and the conversion process of your sales.

5. Conversions

You need to know what you are doing and also what you are selling, how would you make money. Every signup and sale made on your portal sends you a notification. Every process of marketing, called conversion, is evident to you while you work. No worries when it comes to Funnelytics Affiliate Program, as it has been carefully built by top experts in online marketing. 

6. Awesome Sales Tools

With some mind-blowing tools by your side, you can also build your marketing funnels with a wave of a wand. The funnel mapping tool is the newest and most improvised addition to the software. 

Feel free to construct and edit your canvas; and create new designs for your templates. 

Track your results, know how you are making money, compare and learn from the forecast.

Your funnel map would have all information organized for your comprehension and ease. 

Steps Involved in Funnelytics Affiliate

Funnelytics Features- Funnelytics affiliate program review

Funnelytics Affiliate uses the following steps:

  1. Click on the Funnelytics Affiliate site and locate ‘Apply Now’
  2. Click on ‘Apply Now’ and fill in your details
  3. Enter the email ID used for PayPal

(You just received all assets required to Promote Funnelytics)

  1. Refer your link to your customers. Broadcast using the Facebook tool, host any webinar, and much more.
  2. Watch your customer make their first purchase. You’ll get your commission with that in your PayPal account. (Make your money)

Tracking in Funnelytics Affiliate Program

  • Funnelytics will provide you with a unique ID or URL when you join the affiliate marketing program.
  • Later you will publish the link on your site.
  • The Funnelytics product buyers click on that link and accept all the cookies.
  • Buyer purchases the product and cookie tags the sale with your affiliate ID provided initially.
  • Funnelytics affiliate program checks for your affiliate ID on the sale.
  • Funnelytics then gives credit for the sale and also pay per sale.
  • 44 days later you will be paid your 30% commission.

Affiliate Agreement

This affiliate agreement sets forth your rights, terms and conditions as a Funnelytics Affiliate. As you agree to all the terms and understood the agreement by clicking ‘ I agree ‘.

Funnelytics may cancel the account any time due to violating the terms and conditions in this agreement.

Whenever the Funnelytics cancels your affiliate agreements, a 30 days written notice will be received through the email address that is provided to Funnelytics and is associated with the affiliate profile.

If in case a person has multiple affiliate cookies, the most recently acquired cookie will only determine which affiliate is going to be credited with the sale.

Commissions and bonuses are paid only for the transactions that actually occur between the Funnelytics and a sale or a legacy sale. Marketing and recruiting terms include truthfulness, disclaimer, non-dis-paragement, Inventory loading or rebates and income claims.

Funnelytics intellectual property:

The logo, tagline, trademark, patent, copyrighted material or any private information owned by Funnelytics cannot be copied or reproduced.

Funnelytics has the right to terminate this agreement at any time of the following activities are performed:

  • Harmful acts: any dishonesty or illegal business plans.
  • Spamming or unsolicited communications
  • Offensive Communications: any communication posted by you including without limitation postings that violate the intellectual property rights of another are open to cancel this agreement.

Ease of use

When every detail of your customer’s movement from signing up to purchasing is shown to you, you won’t be finding anything difficult. A lifetime commission, along with a 7-days sales cycle is what makes this service easy to use. You get to edit your canvases, templates and much more which evidently makes this service of the best use. 

Customer Service

You get the best customer support system at Funnelytics affiliate. Always at your service, the team would reply to your appeals in a flash. Every email and every call to the customer support is noted and taken care of by the team. Troubleshooting problems, refunds, invoices, any problem would be taken care of by the support team.

Funnelytics Affiliate Program Commission

Affiliate program- Funnelytics affiliate tracking

Every affiliate program offers you commissions and bonuses for every sale and purchase that takes place. Once you click on ‘I Agree’, you receive a unique ID/URL when you sign up. The customer would get a cookie that would tag your purchases to the Funnelytics ID. 

This helps you track your sales and purchases. You get paid with commissions, once a transaction happens. But, the commissions would not be paid if payment from Legacy Sale or Sales does not reach Funnelytics. Once the cookie tags your ID, the account would be called Sold Account. 

A payment to Funnelytics, commission for you. 

30% of all amount received by Funnelytics, the commission would reach you on or before 30 days after the payment reaches the website. On taking every factor into consideration, an average affiliate commission must be ranging between 5 to 30%.

If the payment for a Legacy Account or Sold Account is refunded, but you already received the purchase’s commission, then the bonus would be deducted from the future commissions you receive.

Funnelytics would find out if some kind of fraud occurs during the transactions. Such a fraudulent activity leads to the cancellation of the commission for you. There are no commission payments paid for personal use sales of the product, if joining this Funnelytics affiliate marketing program only to get commission only on a sale for the personal use of Funnelytics, that is not at all entertained.

If the Affiliate Agreement is not followed and is found violated, the payments of such kind would be deducted from the future commissions you receive.

You haven’t signed up still? Do it now, and start getting paid crazy.

Should You Try Funnelytics Affiliate?

It is a challenge to decide whether investing in any program would be worth it or not. But let me make this clear to you, I have studied all possible details of the Funnelytics Affiliate Program and can ensure you that this would be one of your best investments if done right, 

Our article specifies every important detail that you may require to earn through the Funnelytics Affiliate Program. Trust me, the amount that may come back to you would be doubled or even tripled. Some people have got around 1000 bucks!

This software is very simple and lets you organize the Funnels. Many people won’t know what a Funnel is, but the Funnelytics Affiliate Program is extremely useful for such people since the layout is comprehensible as well. The Funnelytics reviews are all positive for the Funnelytics Affiliate program. Most people claim the FunnelPro package to be the best investment of the whole year. Now that are some heavy words from the users. This program is recommended.

When there are an enormous amount of software/affiliate tools, it gets harder to select the best one, but wherever the competition comes in, there always seems to be that one best of the market and we think we’ve got you back on this one. 

What are you waiting for at this point? After reading the article, just go and click on the apply button immediately to join this Funnelytics Affiliate Program!

Pros and Cons


  • Handpick partners: can pick partners with whom you want to work.
  • Make a huge amount with pay per sales and commissions. Funnelytics Affiliate marketing payout the users when a sale is made and products are purchased.
  • Funnelytics affiliate marketing is a low-risk form of marketing.
  • This affiliate program requires a low investment of finance and time.
  • Increases brand awareness of small and large companies to grow by increasing exposure to the people.
  • Go on a long way to aiding SEO through many backlinks to the site through the affiliate blogs, social pages, and websites.
  • Funnelytics affiliates reduce your time consumption allowing users to focus on other significant things.
  • Allows improving the business at a speed and minimum cost.
  • New products and market places can be checked through affiliates.
  • A cost-effective and efficient way to crack into the global marketplace and also team with affiliate networks globally for providing products.


  • You might come to terms with some fraudsters who do cookie stuffing. Cookie stuffers affiliate cookies into your customer’s device in secret.
  • Affiliate marketing has got a lot of competition. Websites like ClickFunnels too offer affiliate marketing at a high commission rate.
  • As I said that it is a huge pay per sale based on the performance might not be as expected at times.
  • Some small affiliate marketers produce spammy content. Spammy marketing affiliates break trust.
  • There are also chances of hijacking the Funnelytics affiliate marketing so that the fraud gets the commission. You can just hope that you won’t get targeted by the fraudster.

FAQs Related To Funnelytics Affiliate: 

✅ How do I track on Funnelytics Affiliate?

The URL or the unique ID that would be provided to you from Funnelytics Affiliate Program. Every sale/purchase would be tagged by a cookie to your ID. Tracking is done!

💼 Where will I find a marketing kit?

Signing up for the program leads you to open your mail to receive some idea on how to get to the program centre. The mail has everything in it. Go bonkers.

⚡How will I get my commissions?

You need to have PayPal for transactions. Your PayPal registered email-ID would be submitted at the signup.

💼 Who are Funnelytics?

Funnelytics is a mapping tool that was created by the marketers to create map funnels and turn mapping funnels into profit.

🎉 How can I join the Funnelytics affiliate program?

For now, anyone can join the Funnelytics Affiliate program. However, you will need to be a pro marketer before thinking of promoting because it is a competitive keyword.

Conclusion: Is Funnelytics Affiliate Program Legit Enough?

We have covered every promised topic. You can see what features are there suitable for you, commissions paid, steps to reach the end, and also about the pros and cons of the affiliate marketing software. Even though many other affiliate websites are available, Funnelytics Affiliate Program is the best. Access to PayPal makes it very helpful and also is used in the transaction in Funnelytics Affiliate. 

You’ll be able to track your sales on your pages through the URL assigned to you through Funnelytics. The tag a cookie sends would lead you to name the user as Sold Account. Get your commission of 30% after sales occur.  

Waiting for something else? Yeah! The FAQs. But still, do not ever hesitate to use the platform and this article’s going to benefit you heartily.  

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