5 Free Sales Funnels Templates To Check Out

Imagine a world where you have no idea how many prospects are out there looking for your products or services.

You don’t even know who they might be, what their interests may be and when it’s possible that someone will actually purchase from them! Sound crazy?

That would make any kind of business impossible right?!

Well not necessarily because without strong sales funnels we wouldn’t have access to valuable information about our customers’ behaviors as well as being able to guide potential buyers through the buying process step by step until making an actual sale occurs at last…

A sales funnel is a way of getting information about customer behavior. Salespeople use this information to guide potential customers through the buying process. With this information, they can turn cold prospects into hot leads, and eventually into paying clients.

This article will define a sales funnel and discuss its significance for your business. We’ll also provide you with four free sales funnel templates so you can get ideas.

What is Sales Funnel?

how to create customer support funnel

Your prospective clients will go through a journey that will determine whether or not they will purchase from you. A sales funnel graphically shows the customer journey.

Like a marketing funnel, a typical sales funnel is largest at the top and narrowest towards the bottom. Your potential clients are gradually sorted into qualified leads and converted customers as they proceed through the purchase experience (with those who are unsuitable falling out of the funnel).

The sales funnel has three primary stages:

  • Top of the sales funnel (TOFU): is the stage of awareness and discovery, when your target consumer is striving to learn more about their problem.
  • Middle of sales funnel (MOFU): This is the stage of the sales funnel where your qualified lead is looking for answers to a problem.
    Bottom of sales funnel (BOFU): At this phase, the prospect makes a deliberate, educated buying decision.
    Sales funnels are critical for your business because they show your staff where to concentrate their efforts.

Best Sales Funnel Templates 

1. The Product Funnel Template 

Product funnel templates

The strongest elements of each sales funnel are combined in this funnel template to create a strong funnel intended for additional revenue.

It begins with a trial of your product or a discounted or limited-time offer of it.

Once you’ve got the clients in the door and they’ve taken the time to look over your sample offer.

Now that you have established their suitability as a customer and their interest in your offering.

The upsell follows, and this is where the real power of this funnel lies.

2. Education Funnel

This is a big funnel for marketing your digital products, training, and courses through information.

You spend less time setting up the technical side of your sales funnel and more time getting people to your highly optimised landing page.

After the training, get in touch with them to upsell the product to the trainees or turn the new website traffic into a sale.

3. Automates Sales Webinar Funnel 

Webinars are a great way to get the word out about your company. They work well and are widely used, but many businesses don’t use them enough.

This funnel uses webinars that have already been recorded, so you don’t have to spend a lot of time on the sales process. You may automate it instead. This landing page is meant to get people to sign up for the free webinar, and then it sends them to a page that thanks them and offers an upsell.

A prospect is invited to sign up for the free webinar using this highly optimised landing page, after which they are sent to a “Thank You” page with an upsell and access to the webinar.

4. Real estate sales funnel

A service or agency funnel’s setup is similar to that of a real estate sales funnel in that they both emphasise one-on-one communication and relationship-building strategies.

Real estate businesses, however, frequently lack control over the products they can sell, in contrast to other types of businesses. Real estate agents frequently have to track both potential buyers and available homes for sale because homes frequently come on and off the market.

Because the real estate sales process is so challenging, it is crucial that agents qualify potential clients in order to avoid wasting their time and effort on a lead that will never buy.

5. Affiliate Survey Funnel 

The Affiliate Survey Funnel gets people to commit to smaller actions, such as taking a survey. People may have reservations about doing business with you, so this is a way to get them to commit to more significant actions, like purchasing your product or service.

This is a way to get them more interested in doing business with you. We use this funnel to increase the number of people who buy our product or service. This template has been shown to be successful time and again.


Creating an optimized sales funnel is critical for increasing conversions and revenue in the short and long term. Without one, you risk losing a large number of potential customers as the funnel narrows due to them becoming lost in a sea of complicated, disorganized, or unnecessary steps.

Utilize our free sales funnel templates to improve your sales process, increase conversion rates, and generate more revenue.



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