Top 6 Free Email Marketing Software for Startups in 2024

You may not wish to spend a lot on expensive email marketing software, but you cannot leave that out either. As an entrepreneur or blogger you must be looking for ways of re-targeting your customers and following up with them again after they have made their purchase.

The best option is reaching those users via bulk emails at low costs. In this post, I am sharing the best email marketing software to help you with that.

The first free tool on offer here is Mailgun which gives you 10K total emails per month as well as unlimited sending without any catch!

It does require third party integration though. So, it might be more time consuming than most other tools mentioned below if all features need accessing regularly. Also there doesn’t seem to be much customer support available through chat or otherwise.

MailChimp: Free Email Marketing for Startups



MailChimp is a useful email marketing tool to help small businesses and entrepreneurs with their campaigns. With MailChimp, they can create lists for these groups of people based on your preferences and interests.

While it also has the option to make those emails more targeted by segmenting them further into categories like gender, location or hobbies.

The free plan lasts up until 12000 emails per month so it’s perfect if you’re just starting out.

The free plan with MailChimp also comes with a handy analytics tool for monitoring who is reading what and when they are doing so.

This way, if someone opens or clicks one of my emails but forgets to click on anything else after that. Then I can know that their interest in me has worn off!

Overall, this is a good resource for starting out without much budget and only using 12000 emails per month!

eFlyerMaker: Affordable and free Email Marketing




The FlyerMarker software is a great alternative to Mailchimp. The free plan lets you have 2500 subscribers and you can send up to 15,000 emails per day. Their design and everything seems modern and sleek- it’s all done in-house too!

To get more out of your mailing list, they offer plans for $5-$20/month that provide the features needed by most small businesses.

It offers services at an even cheaper price than MailChimp. So, I will definitely give them a try as well since their pricing starts from just $1/day with no contract required.

If we go even cheaper, we end up with services like Sendy or Mailgun which offer free service tiers but are limited in what they can do.

Benchmark: A MailChimp alternative will less free emails


Benchmark email offers a free tier for all of its customers. You can choose to upgrade from the basic package, but it will still be cheaper than MailChimp and other competitors. It provides more features that are tailored to your needs.

It currently offers new users one month’s worth of trial credit with no obligation whatsoever! Newcomers get their first month emailed out by Benchmark completely on them-a $20 value in total.

We know you want reliable emails without sacrificing creativity or functionality so we’re here 24/7 ready when inspiration strikes-and if not we have some seriously helpful templates at your fingertips (or just click ‘create’!). Not sure if email is the right fit for you? Sign up anyway and test us out for a month.

We also offer some other great perks that can’t be found anywhere else:

Users not only get their first month emailed entirely on us, but we’re also offering two months’ worth of credit to every user as a bonus!

That’s two free months when you sign up today. Benchmark Email prides itself on outstanding customer service and technical support.

Anytime you need help setting up your account or creating an email, their staff will be there to help you in no time. If they aren’t available, that means they’re like 60-90 minutes away from being awake.

Mailrelay: Free Email Marketing Software till 75,000 emails


Mailrelay is a great service for people with large email lists. It lets you send 75,000 emails to 15,000 subscribers per month and that’s the free offer!

You need to like their social media pages if you want this deal though (Facebook). The best part about it? It takes only minutes before your campaign goes out in full force.

This means mailers can get straight down to business sending quick blasts of information without any hassle. More messages equal better results typically speaking!

There are several different kinds of mailers who can take full advantage of this service:

  • affiliate marketers,
  • bloggers,
  • internet entrepreneurs,
  • business owners,
  • list builders and anyone else looking to get their message out there.

It’s quite popular as well and has been around since 2007 from the looks of things! There is also a nice WordPress plugin if you are running a blog or website. You just need an account of course and then you can post messages to your mailing lists with ease.

MyMail WordPress Plugin: Low Cost Email Marketing Plugin for Unlimited Mails


WordPress powers a hell number of blogs and sites, be it professional or amateur. MyMail plugin allows you to do everything an email marketing service offers right from your WordPress admin dashboard.

With over 12,000 buyers and an average rating of 4.6 based on 1366 reviews. This means that there are many happy customers who have taken the time out to rate their experience with this product!

It provides absolute integration with Amazon SES, Sengrid Mandrill Google Analytics, more than any other similar products in its class.

If you’re using WordPress, then head nowhere except for ‘My Mail’. Not only does it offer affordability, but also has lifetime access at $40. Saving money by purchasing once is always a good idea!


Powerful: This plugin is extremely powerful right from the time of installation, integrating with all popular email service providers. The fact is that it has over 130+ configuration options with total freedom to configure how you want your server configurations operated.

These are great for SEO experts who can optimize their own server settings and take full control of their inbox management. It’s also helpful for non-technical bloggers because they can use this simple plugin to avoid getting any nasty blacklists and still make sure that they reach out to their users quickly and effectively.

Easy To Setup: Despite an ample list of features available in My Mail only takes 10 minutes or less to set up if you follow the instructions on the page, which enables you to start using it as soon as it is installed.

The plugin works well for search engine optimization by adding page titles, meta tags, Meta description, rel=”canonical” and more to text links that are created through the plugin.

I was able to set up the plugin and start using it in just ten minutes thanks to the easy-to-follow directions on the Plugin’s homepage.

MailWizz: Cheap Email Marketing Alternative


Last one in the list of top email marketing software is MailWizz. It is a simple to use, efficient and full-featured email marketing application that offers an impressive set of features. You can not only handle your own mailings but also become an Email Service Provider for customers by integrating MailWizz with Paypal’s payment gateway system.

This way you’ll be able to create pricing plans, promotional codes and manage orders created by other people through the user interface at any time as needed without ever having to leave Mailwizz! 

This web-based email marketing application can be easily customized using our drag & drop interface. A real WYSIWYG editor will enable you to create professional templates in no time, without the need to code.

You’ll be able to send emails in HTML or plain text format and integrate Mailwizz with your Paypal account in order to sell your own products or services as an Email Service Provider and get paid while doing it!

With Mailwizz you will not only manage your mailing lists but also have access to a powerful API that lets you integrate all of its features into other applications!

Their free hosted demo allows you to try out all available features before buying any license. Using this demo won’t limit you on anything other than the number of email you can send.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the best email marketing software which is free to use?

MailChimp is the best free email marketing software

How does MailChimp do free email marketing?

You can create a free MailChimp account. Then create an email template for your WordPress site. Collect leads and grow your business.

What are the 4 types of marketing emails?

The four types of email marketing that are conversion focused include Email Newsletters, Acquisition Emails, Retention Emails, and Promotional Emails.


So next time you want to save your money on purchasing an email marketing software, choose any one from the list. Do remember, the free ones come with limited features. Once you are up and running the free software, you can then purchase any plan.

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