Food Blog WordPress Themes For Recipe Cooking Bloggers

Think of food blogging like the opposite side of a coin from normal blogs. In some ways, it’s more difficult than traditional blogging but in other ways. Let’s find out food blog WordPress themes in this post to help you with food blogging.

For example with shortcodes and widgets that allow you to represent recipes or menus beautifully without any hassle. People will tell you they can’t imagine WordPress without their favorite features.

One of the most important things for a food blogger to have is an attractive and interactive blog design. And, as it’s one of our top priorities in this industry here at WordPress themes garden we spend hours looking through all various designs until we find something just perfect!

That way you can make your content stand out even more with some amazing visuals that will satisfy readers’ appetites without having to cook up anything new themselves.

That is why we’ve compiled this list featuring 10 best Food Blog themes which are sure to suit your needs no matter what type of content you’re looking for on your blog.

In today’s post I’m going to share 10 awesome free Food Bloggers WP Themes. These themes not only give you good looks, but also great functionality like SEO optimization, social media integration or recipe formatting features.

So enjoy these creative templates and get started now with the top food blogs WordPress themes.

List of Best Food Blogs WordPress Themes For Recipe Cooking Bloggers

Daily Dish Pro by StudioPress


First in the list of best food blog WordPress themes is StudioPress. It is one of the most trusted names in the market of WordPress theme developers. They offer Genesis platform which makes them highly customizable to suit your needs as well being SEO-friendly for optimum search engine ranking and visibility online.

For bloggers who want their content presented beautifully, StudioPress offers a Daily Dish Pro food blog WordPress theme. This theme can be customized with ease so you have more time to focus on what matters- Your delicious recipes.

StudioPress has been providing high quality themes since 2006 when they launched the first ever FREE Theme Club (and premium memberships).

Today, not only do they provide beautiful templates, but also powerful tools like Aspect Ratio & Pixelation Generator. Also, The Ultimate Headline Toolkit Premium Add-on, all available at incredible prices.

It is a very simple WordPress theme to use and easy to use. It’s been coded using HTML5, Bootstrap 3 and most advanced jQuery plugins.

Daily Dish Pro contains lots of widgets which can easily control your website content and download option for people who don’t want to edit their websites by themselves.

In this theme, you can create your own custom menu using Daily Dish Pro’s built-in menu manager. This feature is specially for them who want to make their food website very elegant and featured.

MyCuisine Restaurant WordPress Theme


MyCuisine Restaurant WordPress Theme is the perfect theme for aspiring restaurateurs. With a full bundle of 67 themes at one single price, MyCuisine includes all you need.

There are numerous features that can bring your restaurant and cuisine website vision to life with stunning visuals. This includes food menu layouts, weather widgets displaying current temperatures on location pages, and in-depth blog templates.

All of these provide visitors an interactive experience inside your culinary world. Whether it’s Cantonese or Creole cooking that inspires you, there are plenty of beautiful mobile responsive designs waiting for you here!

A full-featured eCommerce solution, MyCuisine is a delightfully simple to use WordPress Theme with the best online store in town- WooCommerce.

Satisfy your customers’ culinary demands by offering them a plethora of items including food, drinks, wine and cocktails, home appliances, furniture and more.

With complete control over your stock levels on each individual product page just like Shopify or Etsy – offline always available.

Whether you are starting out from scratch or looking to set up a resale business, MyCuisine provides you with all the built-in features needed for setting up an online business that will run smoothly.


Watch as your potential customer base expands to multicultural audiences globally through:

  • language translation technology integration,
  • specify your payment and shipping methods,
  • start selling online or even sell from your own store.

All with a host of features that will benefit you the most.

With no setup fee, no monthly charges and absolutely zero hidden costs, MyCuisine frees up your time for more important things in life as far as starting out an online business is concerned!

Experience running an e-commerce website through embedded technologies designed to put you ahead of the game without much fuss.

Let us do all the work while you focus on what’s really important, building upon a strong customer base that will grow exponentially over time.

Neptune –  Food WordPress Theme


Neptune, a ThemeForest creation that has captured the hearts of many bloggers. It is beautiful and sleek with an affordable price tag for all those food bloggers out there who love cooking and sharing their recipes to help other people.

Neptune even offers you the option to build your own online community of fellow foodies using this amazing WordPress theme!

Neptune comes with many amazing features like:

  • great design, easy to use and customize,
  • multiple blog layouts,
  • smart breadcrumbs navigation,
  • related posts option at the end of each post (great for increasing your SEO),
  • built in widgets tucked away neatly under a page called “My Widget Area”,
  • custom menu system that lets you choose from different places to add menus or even no menu at all!

Neptune is definitely one of my top five themes on and it plays well with the most common plug-ins.

Here’s an excerpt from this beautiful WordPress template:

“Neptune is a beautifully designed food WordPress theme which suits perfectly for blogs about cooking and recipes. It has recently been updated to integrate with the powerful Essential Grid WordPress plugin for better and faster performance. This theme has several gorgeous pre-made home pages, extended customizer options, premium sliders and social icons.”

Foodie Pro –  Food Recipes WordPress Theme


Foodie Pro is built on the Genesis Framework by StudioPress, thus having so many features very similar to the very first Food Blog theme of today’s Top 10 List.

Our favorite feature is the overall design. It is very clean and also simple. The colors are also easy on the eyes, and make your images pop out.

There are 4 gorgeous color schemes available for this theme, Classic, Green, Red & Blue, you can see them at their demo page as well.

When it comes to food, who doesn’t want something new and exciting? The Other great features included in this Foodie Pro theme are its minimalist style, color options and the typography.

It is a flexible theme made exclusively for food blogs that should be cleared from its name as well: “Foodie.” Yes, it’s a fit for more.

We’re not surprised that the theme is very responsive. It has an awesome touch when it comes to mobile and tablet devices. The theme runs smoothly on all browsers even on Internet Explorer 7.

The best part of this food blog theme is its price tag: $45 (regular) or $59 (for lifetime updates). 

Foodica –  WordPress Food Theme


Foodica, a simple and elegant design which looks spectacular in high resolution, almost seems too good to be true for something as niche as the world of blogging about what you eat!

But there’s more than meets the eye with this clean visual style makeover. Just like all other web projects out there these days, Foodica uses responsive designs so your site will look great no matter how small or large screen size.

It also supports WooCommerce customization options (you can use features such as product sliders) if you’re into selling merchandise online to complement your content marketing efforts. But, have been hesitating because coding knowledge is required for most other online shops.

The Foodica theme by the company WPZoom is an excellent choice for food blogs. It took fifth place on our list and has many creative features to make your blog stand out from the rest of them in terms of design. This includes a slider that automatically updates with recent posts or new recipes just after you publish one.

You can also upload photos straight into this WordPress theme’s system.

  • This theme provides you the ability to upload your own logo. You are able to choose from hundreds of fonts in order to make it match your current style!
  • With this theme’s compatibility with WooCommerce plugin that allows you to sell products through your blog or website, WPZoom is an amazing choice for those who are selling their delicious food creations online!
  • Using this theme you will be able to create products that can be purchased by anyone around the world!
  • You will have access to some incredible features by using this free WordPress theme for Food blogs as it has a responsive design. The theme automatically adjusts itself according to the device.

Chow –  WordPress Recipe Theme


Chow Theme is a food blog WordPress theme with some awesome features! It supports Google Recipe View format and Micoformats to get reasonably better views in Search Engine Results.

The theme includes:

  • special Foodiepress Recipe Editor for your recipes,
  • search with Advanced Options that allows you to find the recipe by type of dish or ingredients used,
  • and an incredible User Dashboard where all your blog settings are at one place. So you could now customize things without digging around on different pages.

It has an awesome full width main image displayed in a lightbox or slideshow and the featured image on the home page can be set to fade into view smoothly with several options for the effect.

Find recipes using Google Recipe View format, and then switch over to WordPress native format with one click! The search box is also amazing because it supports Advanced Options.

This means you can find your recipe by type of dish or ingredients used. With a built-in Foodiepress Recipe Editor, all your text will look beautiful.

Add as many recipes as you want from the CSV file and have them all under one category automatically! And much more!!

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Which theme is best for food blog?

StudioPress offers the best WordPress theme for a food blog. Chow, Foodica, Foodie Pro are some more themes to help you create a food blog easily.

Where do food bloggers get their recipes?

Those who like to make new recipes and have craving to taste different kind of food become food bloggers. Food bloggers can get recipes from friends, relatives, and by reading other food blogs.

How do I create a food blog on WordPress?

Its easy to create a food blog on WordPress. You can choose a domain name and host your site on a reliable hosting platform. Install WordPress, food blog themes, and plugins. You are good to go!


It does not matter what theme you choose, you should use the theme wisely. Also, you should look at the features that the themes offer.

In most cases, free themes work the best. There is not always a need to invest in a premium template. You should explore everything and then decide which is a better option for you.

Is there any food blog WordPress theme that you would like to recommend to our audience?

There are plenty of free and paid food blog WordPress themes out there, but I have shared only the best ones.

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